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Buyer Beware - Deceptive Open Box Sales

*Writing this as an extremely disappointed Elite member for over 6+ years*


I purchased an LG 65" E8 OLED television from a local Best Buy. The condition was "Satisfactory, missing remote, TV stand, some scratches on the rear" -- OK, no big deal right? Wrong. 


I brought the TV home, factory reset, installed software updates and boom there was unrelenting Image Retention right in the center of the television. I ran 2 Pixel Refresh cycles in 48hrs and it didn't do a single thing to help. So I call Geek Squad. (I bought the 2yr protection plan for it, at the recommendation of the Magnolia Home Theater Supervisor who said something to the effect "...this is going to cover everything except you taking a hammer to it...")



Geek squad came out to my house on Wednesday to diagnose the TV and confirmed that I have significant Image Retention problems and he traced it back precisely to the "Fiji" Demo Video stored on the local storage of the TV!! He said, "this store should not have even sold this to you..."


The Agent called his Tier 2 support team, who identified issues with the order (the store sold it as a "New" TV, not as an open box but it clearly has a license plate on it). Tier 2 Agent called a manager at the store to try and sort it out and told me to wait for a call from them on Thursday (yesterday).



Fast forward, I went into the store and met with Magnolia Supervisor, Asst. Manager & Store Manager and nobody is willing to honor the protection plan, saying the "repair costs more than I paid for the TV, and we'll just refund you". I don't want them to replace the TV, I just want them to fix the issue, for which I PAID for the protection plan for! It's not my fault that the television was discounted, I didn't ask them to price it that way! But now, it's basically just a way for them to absolve them of responsibility for any major issues with a television. 


That's not good enough! I'm not just some passer-by shopper who occasionally pops in for a phone case -- my family has spent almost $24,000 at Best Buy in the last 7 years!!! I've only called Geek Squad 1 other time -- and this is how they repay me? 

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Re: Buyer Beware - Deceptive Open Box Sales

I found a separate instance of this exact same scenario played out somewhere in Maryland. Another user "ChopShop2" reported that he was sold the exact same television by a Best Buy associate there and ran into the exact same issues with the store & GS not honoring the Protection Plan. 


That person's post has since been removed + the comment that I had originally posted alerting that user that I too had experienced the same thing, has been removed as well. It's almost like Best Buy doesn't want people to know that this is a more common issue than people may think! 

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Re: Buyer Beware - Deceptive Open Box Sales

Welcome to our forums, stefanslattery,


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.  Open-box items are a great way to save money when upgrading tech in your home, so it’s disappointing to hear your open-box TV purchase has led to such a sour experience.


With that said, I am thankful to hear you’ve purchased Geek Squad Protection (GSP) when you purchased this TV.  While it sounds like there may be some confusion surrounding how your GSP will be fulfilled, I hope to address any concerns you may have.


The terms and conditions of our GSPs discuss how your plan will be fulfilled, in the event of your covered product no longer functioning as expected.  While you can view the full terms and conditions here, I’ll include the specific verbiage regarding how your plan is fulfilled below:


c. Fulfillment of Plans. Our obligations under your Plan will be fulfilled in their entirety if:


III. For all other Covered Products, except when covered by a Continuous Monthly Plan, our obligations will be fulfilled in their entirety if we replace your Covered Product with a new product or if we issue you a store credit or gift card for its current market value not to exceed the original purchase price of your Covered Product including taxes.


If your local store has offered to fulfill your GSP by replacing the TV you’ve purchased, or offered you store credit, this would be within the terms you’ve agreed to at the time of your purchase.  I hope this helps, and if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.



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