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Broken return policy for defective device (xbox one x)

Got an xbox one x as a christmas present.

Lasted < 2 days, won't power on.

Thought that I was glad it was purchased online through bestbuy, since I can take it back to a local best buy and get it replaced, vs going through a lengthy microsoft repair on a brand new item, which would mean more than a month down time right off the bat, and who knows whether or not they would repair it or perhaps replace it with some refurb unit.

Took it into a bestbuy store, all was well, but then they couldn't exchange it.  Apparently it was purchased for 399, but bestbuy only carries the "bundle" version right now at 499, so they would only replace it if I pay the extra 100, even though I don't want the bundle.  I said, just ship me a replacement then.

They said they couldn't.

This seems really broken to me, e.g. I have a brand new defective device, and best buy won't apparently honor their defective replacement policy for it, because, best buy chose to sell it at 399, then stop selling it for 399?

What does that have to do with me?

Needless to say, I was unhappy and had them credit the purchase price to the original buyer, and take the unit back, because at that point I didn't want best buy to make any money off of this transaction.


Guess where I will get my next big box item?  Or, guess where I won't would be easier.


And I like best buy and generally look to purchase electronics from them because of their stores.