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Bill for shipping

Just had a run in with BestBuy - was I correct ? Sent away an HP Chromebook for repair (purchased at the store, still under warranty, no extra coverage purchased, had already been sent away and repaired  once for the same issue - not powering up).


Anyway, I called for an update on the repair last week and they said the HP had signs of water damage (I have no way of verifying this) and it would cost in excess of $390.00 to fix. Of course I declined the repair. Going in to get the item back today they wanted to bill me for shipping - over $34.00. I refused to pay. Made worse by the totally obnoxious staff member manning the repair desk. I stayed completely calm and he walked away to get the manager without saying a word - seems he was used to this issue.


And after some back and forth they let me take the laptop back. Still, I had to really argue to get my machine without the payment - but they gave it to me.

Is this an isolated incident ? The Manager agreed with me I should not have to pay even though the previous revolting customer service guy I dealt with said I had to. I had asked the manager - would you sign this form saying you owed money for shipping when you don't ? He said he would not - and I asked then why should I ? It was at thsi stage he said - ok, you can take it....

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Re: Bill for shipping

Good Afternoon pleiades!

Thanks for joining our community here on the Best Buy forum!  I wish you had joined us under happier circumstances, but we’re glad to have you here.

The Chromebook is generally a great laptop, and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a couple problems with yours. In terms of manufacturer warranties and what is covered, they often do not include water damage, which is why so many people love Geek Squad Protection with Accidental Damage from Handling.  As you indicate that you stuck with the standard manufacturer warranty, if they found indications of water damage when they sent it out for service, they would not be able to service the product under that warranty.  

When they find something that disqualifies the item from warranty coverage, such as water damage, they would then give you the cost of fixing the product without warranty (in this case, the $390).  If a customer chooses not to fix the item, it is then shipped back to the store for you to pick up.  

In terms of $34 they said was a charge for shipping, here is what may have happened.  If an item is covered under warranty, the shipping cost is covered by the manufacturer.  As you’re saying it was disqualified from service due to the water damage, they would have updated the order in our system to not having manufacturer warranty coverage, so the $34 fee would not be covered.  Technically, the employee who told you about the charge was not incorrect, though usually, something disqualifying like water damage is identified before shipping out so they would not run into this problem.   It sounds like the employee you spoke to did not approach the situation in the best way, and I apologize that your customer service experience with that person was not pleasant. 

I’m glad that the manager at the store was able to take care of you, though, as you said that they waived the shipping charge due to the circumstances.  Our store managers can sometimes make in the moment exceptions to help out customers. That manager, like myself, likely understood how upsetting the fee could be as it was most likely not discussed when you shipped out the item since they thought it would be covered by your warranty.  

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via a private message by clicking on the blue “private message” button next to my signature.  

Thank you!

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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