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I dropped off my brand new (2 week old) laptop at geeksquad 6 weeks ago and picked it up yesterday... but nothing was fixed despite the status updates stating the exact opposite!  I don't know where the wheels are falling off in the process, but your site stated on:


3/29/2021   We've requested a part for your repair. Good news - it's in stock.  
and... Your device is undergoing extended testing.
4/21/2021    We've completed work on your device
Imagine my disappointment when I picked up the device and was told nothing was fixed because they couldn't get the part!!!  I can somewhat understand not being able to get the part in stock, but holding onto my laptop for 6 weeks, telling me the part is in stock and then not delivering on your promise is quite simply unacceptable.  
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Re: status updates were completely INACCURATE???

Welcome, rumpz,

Thank you for taking the time tor each out to us here on our community forums. As someone who relies on a computer, I understand that not having a computer for even a few days can have a major impact. I appreciate you letting us know about your experience with this repair and would be glad to see how I can best assist you.


Did the Geek Squad provide any more details on why this repair was not completed? I'd like to take a closer look at your repair history to see what options may be available moving forward. I will need to gather a bit more information to get this process started.


Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. I look forward to hearing back from you. 

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: status updates were completely INACCURATE???

Thanks for the quick reply.


>>  Did the Geek Squad provide any more details on why this repair was not completed?


Via chat and on the phone the geek squad agents never mentioned anything about repair issues or the part not being in stock. I approved the est charges a month ago to fix the screen but it wasn't until I went to pick up the laptop yesterday in person that I was told nothing was done as they weren't able to get the part. 


Further, when asked he couldn't give me any advice on what I can do next to get it fixed, if I can even get it fixed?

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Re: status updates were completely INACCURATE???

Model number? Brand name? Sometimes the manufacturer will fix it for a few also.
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Re: status updates were completely INACCURATE???

It's an HP Envy 360.  But at this point I'm going to get it fixed elsewhere no matter what.


But to be clear, the issue reported here is that BestBuy on repeated occasions told me the part was in stock and my laptop was fixed, and then SURPRISE!  We lied to you and here you go, we held onto your laptop for 6 weeks, didn't do ANYTHING and can't even offer any advice on what to do next.  


In all my years dealing with crooked car shops, I've never had one try anything like: "Sorry I know we told you your car was fixed but we couldn't find you a new part (even tho we could have gotten a generic one) so here's your unfixed car back after a month and a half".


Just a horrible experience. Do better BestBuy.

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Re: status updates were completely INACCURATE???

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I am rumpz.  My original account seems to be irretrievably disabled.


But I wanted to let the community known that I am writing an update from my now fixed laptop. I found an original OEM HP part, ordered it, installed it and have a fully functional laptop again after 1 WEEKS' time and for a fraction of the price.


BestBuy, as a shareholder (and possible future customer) I want you to be better.  If you are even reading this, you need to:


- Be able to fix the products you sell (especially common issues)

- Be able to fix things in a timely fashion (preferably locally)

- Make good on your promises. When you say you have the part, you should have the part.  When you say you've fixed something and it is being tested, you should have it fixed.

- Improve your communications and status updates.

- Acknowledge you have the above problems, apologize and promise to do better.  That is what good companies do.