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Best Buy will not replace my failed laptop which is in warranty. I rely on it for my job search.

I will be hard pressed to ever buy any Electronic equipment ever again at Best Buy. I have had good experience with them in the past but recently bought a laptop with a B&O premium sound system as a key feature of the laptop.
In warranty period (4 months after purchase) the sound stopped working, no sound for anything on the machine. After Geek squad help, no joy... still no sound. Geek Squad tech says he has seen alot of issues with the Realtek sound driver for this and other computers. He recommends to his boss that we replace my computer with a new unit.
In short, management at the store denies my request and recommendation for me to get a new computer. I tell them repeatedly that I cannot afford to be without my computer as I am unemployed and heavily rely on my computer for my job search activities which are of course a critical part of my existence right now.
To this appeal, both managers in the store (Geek Squad commander and the Store manager seem to not give a crap and just say, well that is all we can do. The store manager says I should buy (yes, I should buy) another computer if I want one to use while mine is off being repaired. Then of course I could return it later when and if I get mine back..unless of course, it gets damaged while I have it, in which case I could not return it.
Bottom line: Very unacceptable customer experience. I highly recommend that if you buy any major electronic device to Look elsewhere such as Fryes, Video Only or even Fred Meyer. Or buy a Mac from the Apple store... just do everything you can NOT to buy anything from this Best Buy store in Bellevue. It is quite obvious that they do not even realize what a Customer experience is, let alone care about the Customer Experience.
Can anyone at Best Buy help this customer get a a good customer experience outcome regarding this issue?  ie. I want my laptop replaced, one for one, in store.
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Re: Best Buy will not replace my failed laptop which is in warranty. I rely on it for my job search

Just for clarification, are you under Geek Squad Protection or just the manufacturer warranty? This makes a huge difference as if you’re only covered by the manufacturer Best Buy isn’t even part of the decision-making process for issuing a warranty RMA. Oftentimes this gets confused because while we are an authorized repair center for the brands, the actual warranty is handled by the manufacturer of the product.

If it’s protected by Geek Squad, then they can request it while it is off at repair. Ultimately that decision is made by the service center based on cost of repair/availability of parts/etc.

Like the store in question, I have also allowed a laptop to be purchased and offered to extend the return period as long as the computer is at the repair center as a customer service gesture.
I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Re: Best Buy will not replace my failed laptop which is in warranty. I rely on it for my job search

Thanks for the response.  I do not know what is the criteria for "under Geek squad protection".  The first Geek squad help I got was nearly an hour spent on my machine for no cost, does that mean anything? The Geek squad supervisor was just repeating that the ONLY thing he could do was to send it in to the manufacturer and seemed clueless about any option to give me a replacement while I waited, and stated he could not exchange my computer for another.


In contrast, the geek sqaud technician who I worked with the night before, he said they usually send them in with this probelm and that they likely would not be able to fix it anyways, per his understanding and said that sometimes they do give the customer a new computer instead.  He was recommending the new computer option to his boss, I think on the basis of my extra special need for the computer as my main job search mechanism as I am out of work.

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Re: Best Buy will not replace my failed laptop which is in warranty. I rely on it for my job search

In this case, "under Geek Squad protection" means that you've purchased an extended service plan through Best Buy when you purchased your computer. It will be a separate line on your receipt with a Geek Squad plan number and coverage length.

If you didn't pay for the additional service plan, you're covered by the manufacturer of your computer. The manufacturer will essentially reimburse Best Buy for performing authorized repairs on your computer. This also means that the manufacturer has the final say on what they consider authorized repairs and if your computer can be replaced or if it has to be repaired.

As far as getting a loaner computer while yours is sent out for service, I don't believe that there is an official procedure for that. Most stores/managers will be willing to work out an agreement with you where you can purchase another computer and then return it/get a refund once your computer comes back in. They might offer you an open-box or display model if they have one available. I know that you're using the computer to find a job, so I assume that money is tight -- but they're probably not just going to give you a computer. However, these options are all at the discretion of the manager.

I am not a Best Buy / Geek Squad employee. All comments and opinions are my own.
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Re: Best Buy will not replace my failed laptop which is in warranty. I rely on it for my job search

Thanks for the response.  Apparently no, I do not see a geek squad line item on my receipt.  By the way, my computer is fixed now.  How might you ask? I called HP and the customer support rep took 2 minutes and downloaded a latest driver from Realtek.

Why might you ask? because a latest Windows update has a conflict with the old version of the realtek driver.


Failure 1: Your Geek squad manager not having the technical competency to be up to speed with something as basic as a WIndows update conflict\defect with a key driver on the HP laptop and probably other laptops with the same soundcard.

Failure 2: Your Geek squad manager being so inflexible as to only have the option to take my computer for 3 weeks and not understand\care, that is not an option for the customer.

Failure 3: Your store manager or policy, not simply allowing me to do a instore return and exchange for a correctly functioning computer... not asking to be as you put it "Given a computer" asking for my customer experience to be respected and for your store to hold up there end of the transaction, where my end was giving your money for the product.


Overall Failure: Best Buy not caring about the customer experience and thinking a poor customer experience is ok.


Result: This customer will no longer by any major electronic items as Best Buy, based on this very salient and revealing experience with your store.  This customer will go to Costco or any other store possible for any future laptop, tablet, or TV buying and be rest assured that if something like this goes wrong with their purchased product, they can simply return it and get a new one.  No Geek squad ineptitude, No store manager trying to sell me another computer that I can use (ie. take responsibility and liability for) as my originally purchased computer gets shipped off for three weeks for what in this case, was a 5 minute level of effort fix for a basic OS, Driver incompatability issue that has been around since before Windows was ever a OS.


Apparently you guys do not care about this, but I do and I will share this experience with as many people as I can on social media and whenever the opportunity arises beyond my initial share.  Opportunities such as somebody on facebook asking... hey, where should I buy my TV, or tablet, or Kindle... I will tell me that whatever they do, do not buy at Best Buy.  They may even just ask, what TV should I buy... I will tell them whatever they do, do not buy it at Best Buy.  I will then also, offer them the name of places to go, other than Best Buy.  I think I have made my point.


Not caring about a good Customer experience is so 1990's... you guys really need to work on that. Or not.. your choice.


Take care,


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Re: Best Buy will not replace my failed laptop which is in warranty. I rely on it for my job search

Good Afternoon johnjaymullins,


Welcome to our community! I’m sorry to hear that your new laptop isn’t working as expected and it needed a repair just after few months of owning it is certainly frustrating. Thank you for your patience as you had waited for our reply.


As jodd836 and deusexmachina mentioned that limited options would’ve been available to assist you if you didn’t have a Geek Squad Protection Plan. Sending your laptop off for review at a Geek Squad Service Center was the best option available. I’m happy that that manufacturer was able to step in and help you with a fix promptly after contacting them. Our Geek Squad agents do their best to be on top new information, but sometimes knowledge gaps can occur. We appreciate that you brought your concerns to our attention.


Can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and the Service Order of your laptop repair? I’d be happy to ensure that your concerns are completely documented here at our Corporate Office for further internal review. A private message can be sent by choosing the blue “Private Message” button.



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Re: Best Buy will not replace my failed laptop which is in warranty. I rely on it for my job search

I’m confused. Why would you expect Best Buy to replace your laptop if you did not purchase a warranty through Best Buy, and it’s been 4 months since purchasing the laptop? No other electronic store would have replaced the laptop. In fact, no other store would have tried to even fix it for free. Sounds like you have unrealistic expectations, and no you are planning to slander Best Buy because those expectations were no met. Sure, the Geek Squad members could have updated the sound driver, but to their point, the problem was a software issue so they definitely should not had just replaced the computer, even if you actually did purchase a Geek Squad warranty. I think you need to take a second to reevaluate your expectation, and maybe research Geek Squads protection plans.
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Re: Best Buy will not replace my failed laptop which is in warranty. I rely on it for my job search

Thanks for sharing your opinion on my customer experience.

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Re: Best Buy will not replace my failed laptop which is in warranty. I rely on it for my job search

Exactly, I don't know where these ideas come from.