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Best Buy warranty is a joke

We bought a washing machine through best buy and the warranty was offered.  We normally don't buy warranties because the companies always find a disclaimer to void what you want fixed.  As is the case here.  We were told how good the warranty is and how our entire machine is covered.  One important detail left out.  Our washing machine has to not be running at all. The definition is failure. This was not conveyed to us by the salesperson. We remember specifically asking about what's covered in the warranty.  He said, if anything goes wrong with the machine, just call warrantech and we were given the pamphlet with the information. 


A few months ago the washing machine leaked during operation and mildly flooded the laundry room.  We ran it to try and find the leak, but it didn't leak again.  We watched for leaks but continued to use it.  About a month later, it leaked again and flooded the laundry room.  We've been running the machine and now it has a loud metallic squeek everytime it agitates.  We remembered the warranty and called.  We reported the squeeking noise to customer service and they made an appointment to come out.  Before hanging up, we told them to note that the machine leaked twice.  He said I'll note it down.  We called back to confirm that the service call is totally covered, A different person answered and said noises aren't covered. We told them that it also leaked twice, but the person said the first person to take our call didn't note that it leaked.  She went further by saying all calls are recorded, inferring that if we're lying about adding on about the leak, she could listen to the conversation and find out. She did go back and listen to the recording.  She came back and changed the tune of the conversation to, "The washing machine has to be leaking when the tech comes out, or you'll be charged for their service." So we cancelled the appointment and we'll just live with this piece of $h!t washing machine that Best Buy sold us. The machine works.  It has a loud scraping metalllic squeek everytime it agitates the entire wash cycle, and we're on constant flood alert. 


Because we were sold a warranty under false pretenses, and we are not going to be covered for issues the sales rep said we would be, we're just asking for a refund of our warranty.  Is there anyone from Best Buy, willing to step up and handle this issue for us?


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Re: Best Buy warranty is a joke

Hey there,


That is not the experience ANYONE should have when purchasing new appliances! I'm so sorry to hear about this. Please send us a private message with your full name, email, and phone number and I'm happy to take a further look into this, and see how I can help. You can send us a private message by clicking the blue button in my signature below. 




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