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Best Buy sells damaged merchandise and refuses to honor Asus warranty

I purchased a new Asus laptop on Jan 3, 2019. It goes to white screen when I attempt to watch a video. Asus says the laptop is under warranty and Best Buy is the authorized repair center. Best Buy says they are not a repair center unless I purchased an extended warranty. I highly recommend to everyone to NEVER BUY FROM WORST BUY AKA BEST BUY. NEVER. Best Buy does not honor agreements with thier vendors. They have non existent customer service. Why would I pay $800 for a laptop that doesn't last two months and then pay Best Buy even more for the faulty merchandise. I see Best Buy buys the damaged product in bulk, sells it off and then profits on the damage items. 

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Re: Best Buy sells damaged merchandise and refuses to honor Asus warranty

A bit of clarification; Asus provides the warranty on their own product. Best Buy is an authorized service center for Asus. Best Buy is allowed to repair Asus products and bill them for doing the work. However, they are definitely not required to repair your product, nor does their agreement work that way.
Best Buy sells service plans that shift the ownership or the repair process to them instead of the manufacturer. If you purchase one of the store plans, you now have a service agreement with Best Buy and Best Buy will repair your product and bill the insurance company that backs the service plan. You no longer need to deal with the manufacturer and send it back to Asus for repair when you're only covered by their warranty.

The last part is a bit silly and based on anecdotal evidence. People seem to think that Best Buy WANTS to sell damaged/broken products and that this is somehow profitable for them. Products are manufactured in such high volume that there will always be a percentage of failures that make it past internal QA. Every retailer/e-tailer is getting these same products and all of them have roughly the same failure rate. Whoever sells the most of one product will also have the highest amount of failed units.
When you bring back a broken laptop, it will most likely be repaired and sold as a refurbished unit for a lot less money on top of the cost of labor involved in the repair. Some products just go straight back to the manufacturer and Best Buy is comped for the cost of the unit. Even this is a loss of money since you have to pay employees to process these returns.
Even if we assume that Best Buy is totally evil and are purposefully selling damaged items to profit on the repair. They're still left with an unhappy customer like yourself who is now upset with Best Buy for selling them a broken product. Will that person come back after buying 1 or 2 "damaged items"? How is that profitable?
I am not a Best Buy / Geek Squad employee. All comments and opinions are my own.