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Best Buy refuses to address the fact that they broke my laptop

I'll try to give the brief version since I'm sick of laying it out and if a BB rep decides they actually want to help, I'll provide more info. 

I bought a Dell Inspiron 2-n-1 7506 at a Best Buy store on 9/17/2021 in New Hampshire where my primary residence is. A few days later, I plug an external hard drive into it and it dies on the spot. Geek Squad can't explain it, and the laptop is returned and I "repurchase" a replacement on 9/22/2021. It's good at first, not long after, it's overheating, fans whirring nearly constantly. I know this isn't right, but I didn't have time to deal with support and I loved 2 hours from the nearest Best Buy store--I was in my senior year of my undergraduate studies taking 18 credits and I just needed to finish. After that, I had a month to move to Virginia for my masters and needed the laptop for an internship--no time to deal with the underperformance. Really that's all it was, was underperformance, overheating, and the screen would change orientation on its own--yes I had it locked in the settings (oh and spotty touchpad--I use a mouse 99% of the time). I figured it just needed a "tune up" of sorts, malware removal, whatever. 


Once im able, I make an appointment with Geek Squad and they send it out to Geek squad city for a touch pad replacement. The laptop is under the original manufacturer warranty at this time--this is the start of an excruciating process that makes me regret ever walking through the door. This nightmare began 8/13/2022.


I was assured by geek squad techs that if they couldn't repair the laptop they could replace or refund the price so that I could get something different since (certainly by the end of this, that this model is faulty)


1st time: I check in the laptop and they run diagnostics and say the touchpad needs to be sent out for replacement


2nd time: they make me come back to the store for some reason and check it out and back in to be sent out


3rd time: I get the laptop back from the repair center--touchpad got replaced AND they end up replacing the motherboard--it's shutting down on its own and I get BSoD 


4th time: I bring it back and I don't fully understand what the issue was there but they replaced the windows key. I take it home and I use ot for a few minutes and it just freezes, touchpad and keyboard unresponsive, and shuts down. At this point I'm enraged and just want the working laptop that I paid over $1600 for


5th: I check it back in to be sent off to the repair center. I end up canceling the appointment to explore options with Dell who tell me they will simply replace the touchpad and motherboard again which has proven to not be the proper remedy. So I go back to the store to check out and re-check in the laptop to be sent out. The motherboard was replaced again as well as the hard drive. Geek squad tech says to go through startup at the counter to save me a trip (this is the last day of the warranty until I realized that I actually had a few more days because of the first replacement method of return then repurchase) and the same issue persists, keyboard and touchpad freeze and laptop shuts down. Geek squad tech witnesses this, and says it's probably just on low battery so they get a charger and plug it in. It keeps happening and they say take it home and install all the updates. I asked if warranty service would be an issue if I were to have to return the next day and they said no. I take it home, install updates, and the issues persist. I also notice some strange sounds it's making as well. This is on 9/16/2022. 

At this point, the manager has been aware of the situation since the 2nd or 3rd repair and is aware that I want a replacement should repairs be unable to solve the issue. He informs me that such authorization comes from Dell Technicians at geek squad city. Before it was sent out the second time, the geek squad tech at the store ran an in store diagnostic test and it came back as a motherboard issue even though it's new, so I'm superbly confused at this point. 

I speak with the general manager of the store on 9/17/22 and informs me no warranty service can be performed since it is not under warranty and that I need to deal with Dell (who had their go at giving me a super hard time--sent me a box to send them my laptop to repeat repairs and then again after I said it was not in my possession because it was at geek squad city, waiting for "managers" to call me back that never did). I file a Better Business Bureau complaint to try to get somewhere.


additionally, I spent countless hours on the phone with Best Buy customer support, geek squad support, tech support, you name it. I was told different "information" by 20 different people so I still don't know what's true. 

So between 9/17 and 9/22/22:


I go back to geek squad and say the repairs didn't work and that I'm ready for my replacement. The manager is actually cooperative and says she will help me do that but she's not sure how to do the paperwork and to come back the next day to speak with another manager--I even say what time I'm coming to make sure that manager will be in. I do just that and the manager I needed to speak with had to leave early for personal reasons, and I waited 30 minutes to be told to pound sand by a different manager, even after I told them they were violating my consumer rights. I was refused the district manager's contact information, and given the "corporate contact" number--just a another 800 number. While waiting, I sat next to someone else experiencing the same issue as me actually. I return the next day and the manager that originally said she would help went completely 180 and said there was nothing they could do. I printed out the laws that required the product I purchased be merchantable and fit for purpose--laws that are not able to disclaimed in NH unless done explicitly with a signature (which was not provided to them and was not asked for at the time of purchase). I was kicked out of the store for this.


so I made the Better Business Bureau complaint which is how I was finally able to escalate the issue (a complaint ticket by a lovely customer service tech submitted a upper management complaint for me that was never addressed). Best Buy Executive Resolution Team contacted me and I provided them with additional information and they say they have to get information from the store too. Okay fine, so I wait a few days and I'm completely brushed off by executive resolutions. I had bought an extended warranty with Dell because I knew either Best Buy or Dell was gonna try to pull a fast one. The reason executive resolution team didn't help was because of this extended warranty (that I never tried to use at Best Buy). 

Reasons I was denied replacement that had nothing to do with the original warranty or the violation of my consumer rights:

outside of the return period

I didn't have a geek squad plan (just total tech)

I have an extended warranty with Dell

I was also told:


I could get a replacement through my total tech plan

That I could buy a protection plan for it before my warranty was up (I know this is not true past 60 days, but the fact that I was told this is beyond alarming and fits in with the rest of the misinformation I was fed)


Christina from the Best Buy Executive Resolutions Team said I could reply with any questions. So I sent her the consumer laws that were being violated (with sources of course) and got zero reply. A couple weeks later, I sent another email to remind Christina that I was still waiting for a response--and I'm still waiting now.


I needed to take a break from this issue for mental health reasons because I was getting such migraines from dealing with this, not to mention I had full time graduate studies to direct my attention to. I've been getting by with an iPad and the laptop I've had since 2015 (very slow, but works better than the new one since it actually stays on). I try again to use the laptop and it runs for a few minutes and off it goes. It stays on for 10 seconds at a time after that.


I want Best Buy to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR BREAKING MY LAPTOP. These ISSUES DID NOT EXIST BEFORE GEEK SQUAD TOUCHED IT. I want the replacement that they told me I'm entitled to and I want them to follow New Hampshire consumer laws of warranty of merchantability and fitness of a particular purpose as well as telling me false promises of replacement when they clearly never had any intention of doing.

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Re: Best Buy refuses to address the fact that they broke my laptop

Before my message gets taken down for spam, I wanted to take down the first two because I think I put the first one in the wrong section and I needed to add something g to the second. There is no option to delete posts.

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Re: Best Buy refuses to address the fact that they broke my laptop

Out of curiosity did they ever replace the charger? A charger not putting out the correct power is 99% of all touch pad issues.
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Re: Best Buy refuses to address the fact that they broke my laptop

No they didn’t. The touchpad was my least concern honestly because I primarily use a mouse. I decided to let them send it out because the warranty was almost up and I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a working touchpad. Jokes on me, that’s where it all began.
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Re: Best Buy refuses to address the fact that they broke my laptop

Hello, jfink,


I have reached out to you through your private message, and do look forward to your response there.



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