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Best Buy not taking responsibility for known problems upon repair.

Upon retiring from the Sarasota County Fire Department I decided to treat myself to a 15" MacBook Pro with the awesome Retina display.
The cost was $2,800 - the same if I purchased straight from Apple, or Best Buy. As I live on a boat, and Best Buy had an extended warranty available which covers water damage, which Apple warranty did not, I decided to purchase my computer at Best Buy. While there I also purchased another MacBook for my son.
Thankfully my MacBook was under the Best Buy extended warranty when it was splashed by a few drops of water. 
The MacBook worked the day of the incident, yet quit with the question mark of death upon start up the next day.
It should be noted that the retina screen of my Macbook was perfect and showed no symptoms of "staingate" at the time.
The Macbook was brought to Best Buy where upon they attempted to repair it, and I eventually received it back after waiting weeks for it's return, It came back with a repair order that listed everything was replaced with exception of the SSD hard drive. It worked for a couple of days. I again I received the same question mark of death icon.
I returned it for the second time to wait for another few weeks.
When I finally received the MacBook back from it's second repair, the SSD had been replaced, and it had what appeared to be a transfer of some type from the keyboard to the screen.
I complained about this to the store manager, thinking the top wasn't spaced right, or something had caused this during shipping. A store employee attempted to buff the screen out, (the worst thing he could have done) and was not successful.
The computer was at that time eligible for Best Buys 3 try replacement, yet when I mentioned this, or even sending it back for a new screen - the Manager was standing hard-fast  - "I'm not replacing the computer because of that, it doesn't show when it is turned on, and there is no problem".
The screen continued to get worse over the next couple of years. 
I recently became aware via the internet and Facebook groups that this computer screen was in fact defective upon it's return from the second repair. What I had spotted was the very start of a "staingate" problem, and probably known to the manager at the time! Third try rule? No way - Best Buy doesn't stand behind it.
The screens have been an ongoing problem with Apple since before my repair was made, and had I been aware of this - I would have never accepted the repaired MacBook back with a bad screen.
It has recently come to my attention that the screen "staingate" is a manufacture defect of which Best Buy was well aware of when they returned a defective computer to me! I am extremely upset with both Best Buy and Apple.
I contacted Apple upon discovering the "staingate" problems aren't just my computer, and was told in a e-mail to bring the computer in to one of three service centers in Puerto Rico for repair.
As I am a loyal Best Buy customer, having bought three MacBooks from them, I brought it to Best Buy and they contacted Apple.
Apple, after over a hour of conversation on the phone with myself and the "Geek squad" tech just says - "We have no record of your repair, or any complaint after the repair." Because this is a Mid 2012 MacBook, Apple simply says repair period for that computer has been closed.
The store manager is no longer the same manager and Best Buy now just washes their hands of the matter as "it's a Apple problem". They won't even accept that their manager stood fast and wouldn't rectify a problem the public was yet aware of.
This trip to the store required missing a day of work, renting a car, and standing around a store for three hours only to be told my $2800 is worthless. 
First - Had I been aware of the problems Apple sold these computers with, I would have never accepted it back. 
Second - had Apple made it public that there was a "staingate" problem, I would have brought the MacBook back well within the authorized repair time to be repaired. 
This is a poor case of not accepting responsibility for returning a defective computer after repair. 
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Re: Best Buy not taking responsibility for known problems upon repair.

Apple extended their warranty to 4 years on the screen issue, however sense yours is pushing 7, no one will cover it that I know of.
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Re: Best Buy not taking responsibility for known problems upon repair.

That's like putting out a recall on a known defective product, setting a date in which the customer has to complain by, and NOT telling anyone so hopefully they don't complain - This is exactly what Apple did.

The fact is still - Best Buy returned a computer to me that I stated had a problem when it had just "been repaired" because it fell under the three time rule- all the while KNOWING it had the staingate problem. Rather than fix it or replace it, which is supposed to be the policy,  they refused to deal with the issue and gave it back - with me complaining - just to save them money.

The computer has had the problem since it's repair - it had a perfect screen before the repair. The manager REFUSED to deal with it at the time. I even complained on this site and there are no longer records here. Very convienient for Best Buy!

Apple has decided not to cover a known defect by setting a date, yet my complaints were well within that date - again, both Apple and Best Buy saved money by screwing the customer.



Simple - I own three MacBooks, and have purchased them for my children. I have a $2800 MacBook Pro that Apple won't stand behind. I own another MacBook Pro that has an expanding battery that can no longer be used. I own yet another MacBook with SSD failure.

I guess I'm a slow learner.

My daughter is needing a computer for nursing school.

I vote with my wallet - I will NOT be buying another Apple product, and I will no longer shop at Best Buy - especially since having been handed a KNOWN DEFECTIVE computer, while stating there was no problem with it.  

That is not "customer support" - It is out and out theft!


Buyer Beware! 

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Re: Best Buy not taking responsibility for known problems upon repair.

As the "stains" are actually the anti-reflective material stripping away due to acidic exposure (cleaning solutions, oily skin), this is considered a "cosmetic only" issue. This issue is unfortunately not covered under Geek Squad Protection as cosmetic damage is not included.  Apple initially held the same stance, until it was uncovered to be a more widespread problem than initially reported.  At that time, Apple chose to offer a Repair Program exclusively through Apple Retail or by service via mail in.  Best Buy was unfortunately not part of the refurbishment program.  


Like you, I had a 2012 that was exhibiting the "stain" issue.  This was due to my keyboard making light contact with the screen while in my backpack and the oils on the keys eating away at the screen.  I also missed the window Apple provided, and while I won't share the details here I will say there are ways of clearing the rest of that coating off.  My old MacBook screen looked great before selling so I could trade up.  I will say that should you choose to look into that do so at your own peril.

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Re: Best Buy not taking responsibility for known problems upon repair.

I'm not saying I don't agree with you regarding Apple products. They do this all the time for all kinds of issues. I macs bad motherboards, mac pros bad video chips, etc. Also I've seen more expanded batteries in apple products then any other brand combined. I don't agree that best buy is in anyway responsible or should take any kind of action on your behalf in this case. It's definitely a cosmetic issue.
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Re: Best Buy not taking responsibility for known problems upon repair.

As I live aboard a sailboat, my MacBook is secured in a $800 watertight, sealed container. It was specifically designed for it. It is used as a navigation and weather computer while underway, and resides in that container at all other times.

Before being repaired in 2015, the original cover that the screen was fitted with as it was shipped from Apple went back on - every singkle time. Sealed, safe, and protected, and NO SIGN of "staingate" coating intrusion.

During the repair, I brought it to Best Buy with cover in place. Upon it's return, with the line across the middle of the screen - the very start of "staingate" - I asked what happened to my cover, and told the manager that it was scratched by Best Buy in shipping, probably because the cover was missing.

Seriously, no protection during shipping?  To make matters worse, then a employee attempted to "buff it out"! 

I couldn't understand why after a couple of months in it's container, upon taking it out, the screen would continue to get worse.

Upon returning to Puerto Rico, I finally have unlimited access to the internet, which allowed me to research the problem and find out what was causing it - "staingate" - In my case it is a continuation from the original breakage of the covering that happened when Best Buy neglected to protect the screen during shipping.

YES - Best Buy is responsible.

I don't know about you, but if I borrowed a car and scratched the clearcoat, I'd be responsible - and having it fixed.

Again - This is a $2800 computer trusted in their care, and recieved back with the staingate started, and then amplified by Best Buy, and when confronted with it, I received the "That's only cosmetic, and there is nothing we can do about it".

Must be easy to go thru life without taking responsibility for your actions.


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Re: Best Buy not taking responsibility for known problems upon repair.

Hello, Sailmed,


I appreciate you taking the time to write us about this experience. Even if it’s outside of the time frame where we could assist, this is not the way we want you to feel. First, I want to apologize for the delayed response due to the massive number of messages we received this holiday season. We are trying to respond as quickly as possible.


I want to get this documented for you at a corporate level for internal review. We take our customers feedback seriously and rely on it to find ways to improve our processes. I am going to need some more details from you. Please, send me your full name, phone number, and e-mail address connected to your account. I look forward to hearing back from you so I can continue assisting you. Let me know if you have any other questions as well.



Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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