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Best Buy broke my lenevo laptop.

I sent my laptop to get fixed at the local Best Buy in Ithaca, New York. It came back two weeks later and when opened the box and turned the computer on it was not working and was damaged. Pieces from the laptop where chipping off from the case but was held together with a piece of TAPE. So I called geek squad how to start the laptop to ask how to operate my computer becuase it was broken, it wouldn't work properly. The person who I talked to told me to bring it back to Best Buy to get it fixed again. They said the workers in Best Buy would tell me how to turn it on. So I went back to talk to a geek squad member and I requested for them to grant me a new laptop to compensate for the damages they caused my laptop in their care. Then he had the manager whoes name is CJ to come talk to me. I told him that my laptop was damaged in his care and that he needed to replace it with a new one. He said since I baught the laptop form Walmart he cannot do it, he would only replace it if I baught it from Best Buy. And he said that he would send my lap top to the escalation team and they would decide wether or not to replace my computer. On 05/09/19 I recieved a phone call to get my laptop, so the next day on the 10th I went to Best Buy again to pick up my laptop. They gave me back the same laptop and it had some small scratches, had stains around the key board area, stickers on it, and it looked dirty. I was not happy that it was not replaced, and I discovered that the top part of the laptop was CRACKED. Once again my laptop had been damaged while in Best Buys care. I went back the geek squad member and said to replace me with a new laptop. She said she can't do because she's not the manager, she then took my laptop to fix it again. She blamed all the damages during the shipping. They blamed it on UPS, which was a little shady. She told me the manager was not there that day and to come back the next day to talk to CJ. The following day on the 11th I went back to Best Buy to talk to the manager CJ. I told him that he needed to replace my computer since it was carelessy mishandled by geek squad. He said he was responsible and if I had baught this laptop form Best Buy he would replace it. He also said that he didn't know the location of my computer, he didn't know if it was shipped or was in the store. I wanted take it back because of geek squads incompetence and he even said if this were his laptop he wouldn't want it BACK, since it wasn't fixed acuratey three times and damaged twice. He wouldn't want to take his computer back either. He showed me the statement on the contract that because of the damage caused by UPS, Best Buy wouldn't be repsonsible in replaceing it. Who really did the damage was it really UPS or is Best Buy just saying that so they keep me running in circles. They told me to go tell UPS to replace my damaged computer. How could I have UPS replace my laptop when it was under Best Buy's care, why do I have to do that when I don't know who really did this. All that I know that ALL the times Best Buy has given me back my laptop it's been damaged. It sound like Best Buy my computer and blamed it all on UPS so that they would not have to replace it. If feels like they can do whatever they want to my laptop since I didn't buy it from Best Buy and they don't have to be resposible for it.

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Re: Best Buy broke my lenevo laptop.

Hi there, leanne9988! 


Welcome to our community and thank you for posting with us! We like to hope that all of our customers have a pleasant time dealing with Geek Squad, and it disappoints me to hear that you are not happy with your repair. This definitely doesn't sound like the kind of experience we want for our customers, and I would be more than happy to take a look into this for you and see what's possible at this time! If you will please send me a private message that includes the following, I’ll do my best to help:


  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number


To send me a private message, please click the button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below.



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