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Best Buy Store 503 Terrible manager



I went in today to my local Best Buy store to resolve a geeksquad issue with my TV. I had been told that it could not be repaired and it needed to be exchanged in store. When I arrive the geeksquad associate was very kind and helped me through the whole process. When we were finishing the transaction I was told that I would not be receiving a new product as I had been told both by the geek squad technician that had come by my house and the employee who sold me the TV but would instead be receiving a store credit card for the value of my TV and the remainder of the plan. I asked why and at this point I was directed to a store manager who began to attempt to bully me and pressure me into accepting the store gift card. I called him out and told him that he as attempting to intimidate me and that I was unhappy. He then told me that if he wanted to, he could go back there and pick out the worst TV he could find and force that upon me. He said that he could do as he pleased and that if I didn't accept the store credit he would do just that. I begrudgingly accepted. This man never identified himself, he never gave me his name, and he treated me as if I were ignorant to the products we were discussing, I have never been treated so poorly in any store and do not plan on returning to this location and will have to think hard about the chain as a whole. If the plan had been explained to me when I purchased the TV I would have had no issue accepting the store credit and moving on. But between the false advertisement and the poor treatment I received in store, I can't see myself coming back anytime soon. 

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Re: Best Buy Store 503 Terrible manager

Hi AndresVazquez,


Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums to share your story with us.


The behavior you describe is not at all the kind of service we want to offer in our stored. Depending on the coverage on your product, and the reason for it being swapped out, sometimes we will provide a gift card in place of a replacement. That said, we should have taken the time to explain this to you and helped you to find a good replacement television to use that store credit on.


I’d like to take a look into this for you so that I can at least document your trip to the sore so we can use it to help prevent this kind of thing from happening again in the future. If you could please send me a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post, with your phone number, service order number, and the customer service PIN from the bottom of your return receipt, that will get me started.



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