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Best Buy Repair Issies

Facts: Bought Refrigerator from Bestbuy online had delivered on July 23, 2018


At the installation noticed dents in door and handle, was told that they would order parts and get it fixed.


Months go by...I call in September...was told parts on back order and that they are ordered and because coming from Germany, bought a Bosch, they would take time, plus holidays upcoming....spoke to a Bill N and was told an Alison had the parts on order.  Would hear back from them.




Holidays past us by....paying for a fridge that has damage, granted we love the fridge.....but crickets...


Called today. Feb 1. 6 months later, was home today, figured was going to all day, True.


First person i speak with, Dominques B, very aggressive to me on phone, challenges me to try to return unit, to far out of return policy, says she needs all information on unit, dont you have that already if you ordered parts 4-6 months ago?  I tried to escalate to different customer service rep, as I know were this is where fast....she proceeds to tell me she is in charge of the whole group and can decide all.  She is already overly agressive to me, no i am not going to get help, ask for escalation get nothing but a hang up.


I am upset.  I  call back talk to a great rep, Cari, who does the research the last person would not do, come to find out I have been left out in cold, Best Buy, has never ordered parts for me and she needs all information to try to get parts out.  I am even more mad, she says that person was out on Medical, and nothing has been done.  Ordered parts, I ask at this point to see what can be done, she says she cannot do anything because i ordered from .com and not a store, need to call them.


Called Best buy again. I am now on my fourth call of the day 2 hours and 30 mins speaking or waiting on hold and was told they would give me a gift card for 100$


I am even more upset.  I tell him i have been patient, overly so, and that this is not sufficent.  He pushes me back to the "Warehouse" case managment team again whom put me back to .com to resolve issue who says they can do nothing else.....


I may just take the whole unit back and buy from Home Depot or Lowes.....I am upset/unhappy and no one there seems to care.  Did not get an sorry or an apology from anyone but the last .com rep whom recognized my frustation and at least gave his max compensation amount upfront, fully acknowedging the lack support given and telling me he did not believe it was enough for my problems.....


What do you all believe?  I am leaning toward returning the whole thing and starting over, we love the fridge and will re-buy the same model......can i at least get a sorry.....if not more....