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Best Buy Does NOT Honor Extended Warranty

I purchased a new LG French door refrigerator from Best Buy in March 2016. Getting it delivered was a nightmare that resulted in damage to the refrigerator. Because it was an open box display model, Best Buy would not replace it, but assured us the 5 year extended warranty I purchased would cover all necessary repairs, including future replacement if something was unable to be repaired.


Geek Squad made the first repair within the first month. Since then, a tech has been out multiple times for a variety of problems. 


7 weeks ago a tech came to fix the freezer & ice maker after both stopped working properly. Since then, he has been out almost weekly with multiple new parts to try to correct the problem. Today he came out with 2 additional techs to see if they could determine why the repairs haven't worked. They couldn't, so a claim was filed for replacement instead based on the length of the open claim, multiple instances of duplicate repairs & an inability to correct the problem.


When I called the number provided to coordinate the replacement, I was told that instead of replacement I'd be given a credit towards a new refrigerator based on the current value of my non-functioning, supposedly fully warrentied model. Of course that current value is less than we paid & is actually $1400 LESS than the current price of the exact same model before taxes. When I informed the representative this was not acceptable, I was transferred to a supervisor who condescendingly said maybe I should have read the warranty before buying it. I informed him that I had & that I had also had in depth conversations with a escalation team about this exact scenario after the original delivery debacle. I also informed him I had a copy of the warranty & read him the following statement from it:


If my product is replaced, will I get a new or refurbished product?

We will normally repair or replace your device with a new or refurbished product that will be of like kind and quality, and of comparable performance to your original device. Parts or replacement products that are refurbished will meet original manufacturer specifications


I was then told it was not his problem & I should call back when I decide how I want to proceed. I could understand some out of pocket expense if I was requesting an upgrade, but $1400+ for the same exact model? A replacement that would not have been necessary if Best Buy had accepted their responsibility for their negligent delivery causing damage to the appliance 3 years ago. 


Needless to say I have contacted the tech to order all new parts yet again. Hopefully he can fix it. Meanwhile, I'll be crossing my fingers that the very expensive LG stove, dishwasher & microwave I also purchased from Best Buy with extended warranties in the past 2 years don't have problems as I clearly gave my business & trust to the wrong retailer.


Best Buy may not think this is their problem, but the level of ineptitude & callousness with which it has been handled is very indicative of their feelings towards customers. It will be their problem as buyers share their experiences & take their business elsewhere. It will be their problem when they start laying off employees because they've ruined the business reputation by treating loyal customers like dirt.


If Best Buy will not stand behind it's extended warranty on high end appliances, why would anyone expect them to honor starter end product warranties or anything else for that matter?

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Re: Best Buy Does NOT Honor Extended Warranty

What did you pay for the open box fridge, not included taxes and the warranty? They will not give you credit for more then the original purchase so more then likely it would not be enough to replace it with a new one, when you originally purchased an open box.
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Re: Best Buy Does NOT Honor Extended Warranty

Nckhammond is spot on, also included in the terms and conditions is how the value is handled and it calls this out specifically. That notwithstanding, the associates should provide that information in a professional manner and should not make statements like the ones you mentioned above.
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Re: Best Buy Does NOT Honor Extended Warranty

Hi, JenniferMoore,

Thanks for writing to Best Buy!


Our Geek Squad Protection plans are a great way to keep your devices covered, should something unexpected happen. I apologize for any confusion about your coverage options under your service plan, and for any unprofessional behavior that you experienced on the phone.

My understanding is that, should a credit or voucher be provided for your refrigerator, the value provided would not exceed the original purchase price (not including taxes and additional services). The terms of the plan state that, in the event that credit will be provided, we should be "Reimbursing you for replacement with a voucher or gift card equal to the Covered Product’s current market value, as determined by us, not to exceed the original purchase price of your Covered Product including taxes." Is the amount you are being offered significantly lower than the amount you originally paid for your Open Box refrigerator?


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Re: Best Buy Does NOT Honor Extended Warranty

Best Buy routinely changes the terms & conditions of the warranties it offers. As an employee you should be well aware of that. The one I purchased with the refrigerator is a 5 year warranty that is no longer even offered, however the language is EXACTLY as I wrote previously, word for word.


Best Buy offered SIGNIFICANTLY less than what we paid for this nightmare appliance. The current sale price is only slightly more than we originally paid, but Best Buy offered us $1400 less than that. I do have the receipts and the original warranty. I agree that in its current condition the refrigerator is essentially worthless, but that is a reflection of Best Buy's well documented negligence from the start, including their own admission of causing damages. Depreciation is one thing, screwing loyal customers is a different matter all together.


When I called again at the repair tech's request to have the exchange cancelled so yet another expensive repair could be made, I was told by 2 separate reps that it would simply cancel itself "in a few weeks" if it wasn't fulfilled. Both of those reps made it very clear they did not care how long I had to wait for a repair in lieu of accepting their ridiculous replacement offer, reinforcing the attitude of ambivalence & hostility towards loyal customers. It took 45 minutes to reach a supervisor who was able to accomplish this simple task & create a new work order in less than 5 minutes.


Since then I have been informed this is a known issue with French door style LG refrigerators and a service bulletin was posted several weeks ago causing massive backlogs in getting new parts. Something Best Buy should have been aware of. I have also been told by their third party repair company & LG itself that I am far from alone with my Best Buy experience as they seem to be pushing customers to make expensive upgrades to increase their bottom line rather than honor warranties that were purchased in good faith.


Under the current market conditions where major retailers are disappearing left & right, Best Buy's hostility & attempts to extort further, unnecessary expenditures from previously loyal customers will only serve to accelerate it's own demise. 

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Re: Best Buy Does NOT Honor Extended Warranty

Good afternoon, JenniferMoore,


Thank you for taking the time to get back to us. I'd like to take a deeper look at the case history for this refrigerator so I can better understand what is going on. Can you please send me a private message with your:


Full name

Email addrews

Phone number


To send a private message please click the button at the bottom of my post across from my name. I look forward to hearing from you so we can continue to investigate this.

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