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Best Buy/ Defective TV

Hello I hope all is well with you today. For myself? Not so much. I'm very disappointed with Best Buy. I bought a TCL 55inch R615 tv set from Best Buy in North Riverside, Illinois. After installing the TV it seemed to work fine. The next day as I was watching the TV it turned itself off and went to a Roku screen as if it was rebooting itself. I thought that was odd but figured it might not be a big deal.
Now as a man who works 2nd shift my TV viewing is mostly limited to weekends and some mornings. So the following weekend I'm watching TV then in the middle of the game it shuts off again and reboots itself back onto the ROKU screen. I called TCL support and they told me to unplug the TV then plug it back up to reset the TV. Well that worked for a while until my son was playing his XBOX video game and an hour into it just like clockwork it shuts off and seconds later it reboots back to ROKU screen.
Now at this point I'm upset I feel like I've bought a defective product. Best Buy would take care of their customer right?
So I went to the North Riverside, Il Best Buy where I purchased the TV and explained to the manager the issue with it. She asked me did it run pass the two week period I told her it did but only by a couple of days due to me working and only able to get the 55inch television to the store on the weekend when I'm off.
She said "Get it to me as soon as you can" I figured awesome problem solved, I'll just bring it to the store on the weekend and exchange it.
Not to be! The weekend arrived I got the 55 inch TV in my friends truck and we took it up to Best Buy.
Jorel a Best Buy rep told me "Just take it to Customer Service and we'll exchange it for you but the TV will have to be either the same price or greater"
Awesome I figured Jorel understands my pain. TEN MINUTES LATER.
I'm at Customer Service desk with their Customer Service Rep lady who seemed to treat me like I was more of a nuissance than a Customer. She tells us "The TV is working just fine right now"
As if I made the story up I responded "Turning it on isn't the issue. The television shuts itself off after a while then goes to the ROKU screen. Watch a movie on it"
Instead of trying to resolve the issue she just told me the television appeared fine and that manager who told me I could exchange it was on vacation.
I never felt so disrespected by a store.
Honestly I was upset because before I took the big 55inch TV off the mount and into my friend's truck and drove up there to North Riverside Best Buy, I was told by an employee in the Television dept to bring the TV up to the store. This was 40 minutes before I got there. It was explained to me it could be exchanged only to get there and one Customer service lady, who had nothing to do with who I spoke to or the manager I spoke to shut it down.
So I had to take the defective 55inch TV back home.
Mount it up again turn it on and now it CONFIRMS its defective. Now there are lines in the middle of the screen.
A simple exchange. The word of a Manager. A disappointed customer. No resolution and a Customer Service Employee who didn't respect the customer. Now I'm with a defective TV that was $698 out of my pocket. Hopefully corporate can get involved.
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Re: Best Buy/ Defective TV

Good morning Derrick,


Welcome to our forums, albeit under such unfortunate circumstances.  As someone who recently upgraded my TV, I can only imagine how frustrated I would feel if my new TV was experiencing some of the issues you’ve described.  I can’t say I blame you for wanting to explore your options in getting this resolved, and I’ll be happy to offer any assistance I can.


I’d like to review your purchase further, however, I’ve been unable to locate any TV purchases using the information you’ve provided upon joining our Support Forums.  While I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to provide a different outcome than what your local Best Buy has provided, I’ll be sending you a private message shortly to gather what additional information I’ll need to explore what options may be available.


To read my message, be sure to click on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


Speak to you shortly,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Best Buy/ Defective TV

Issue has been resolved.