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Best Buy Damaged my Laptop

To Whom It May Concern,

I have total tech support and gave my dell xps 13 for installation of new hard drive.  They said would be installed by Sunday and said it was ready today so I went to pick up my laptop.  When they gave me the laptop, they informed me everything was transferred.   I was looking at the laptop and noticed the lid wasn't closing properly which was odd.  As soon as i picked it up, I noticed that there the bottom part was completely unhinged.  I immediately informed the geek squad rep and stated she would show the manager.  The manager took full responsibility and said that he wasn't sure who dropped it but that they will repair the cosmetic damage w/ new parts.  However, they said as I didn't buy it from them, they wouldn't be able to give me a new laptop. 

Two things that don't seem right; one is that they never informed me that it was damaged and if I hadn't noticed it and stepped out, they would have absolved of any responsibility.  I understand accidents happen but to not inform the customer and it wasn't a small damage.  The whole top and bottom part was damaged.  This is terrible customer service.  If I hadn't noticed it, I would be out of luck and would have been my fault.  As it was damaged by you guys should you not give me a comparable laptop as now I don't have a new laptop but a damaged one w/ different parts.  Also, as it suffered major cosmetic damage which I don't understand what type of damage could have damaged the top and bottom part, if the screen or pixels fail after a few months; who is responsible?  I feel the laptop I bought which is a comparable laptop should be offered as a compensation for clearly damaging my almost brand new laptop that I bought just under 8 months ago. 

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Re: Best Buy Damaged my Laptop

Hi aakashdaga,


Welcome to our forums.  My apologies for the delay in our reply to your post, as we’ve become a bit backlogged over the past few days.  I really appreciate your patience while we work to reply to our customers as soon as we can, and I’ll be happy to assist you further.


I’m sorry to hear the Geek Squad repair service of your laptop ended on such a sour note, and you’ve been unhappy with the way the store leadership has handled your concerns.  I’d like to research your repair service further to explore what additional options we might have, and for me to do so, I’ll need to gather a few pieces of additional information from you.  Most of this information will be your sensitive data we’ll want to keep out of the public view of our forums, so I’ll be sending you a private message in a bit to gather the information I’ll need.  To read my message, you’ll want to be logged into your Support Forum account, and click on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


Speak to you soon,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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