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Best Buy 5 year TV warranty - 1st year repair

I looking to buy a Hisense UH8 55" but I'm seriously concerned that if it fails during the 2 year Manufacturers warranty I'll have to package it up, pay for shipping and wait. At 70 and disabled I just don't need this stress.
So I'm trying to clarify whether or not Best Buy will handle this in home vs this nonsense of shipping it somewhere?

Or should I buy a more known brand (e.g., LG a same $699.99 price) with less features than the UH8 but with potentially better reliability? I don't like the Samsungs under $1,000 and Sony is priced to high. I need to stay under $800 and preferably under $700. Help... Confused Tom
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Re: Best Buy 5 year TV warranty - 1st year repair

Good Afternoon, tcookmaynard.


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Community Forum. I certainly understand wanting to understand your options regarding warranty work on a future purchase. As a clarification, the manufacturer's warranty is a one year period. Regarding services under the manufacturer's warranty, each manufacturer will have their own methods of repair that they utilize. Some of this can change depending on the specific model and the specific issue with the television. You would need to contact the manufacturer directly to learn more about how they would plan to service your television in a hypothetical repair scenario. 


If you choose to add the Best Buy Protection plan to your purchase, this is what authorizes the Geek Squad to work on the device. In the case of a 55-inch television, you would be able to arrange for a home visit. The Geek Squad Agent would come to your home and perform some troubleshooting and diagnostics on the television to determine the specific repair needed. They would likely need to order the parts and schedule a different day to complete the repair. There is no need to package and ship the television on your end. This is the same service the protection plan will offer, regardless of the brand of television that you purchase. 

I would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please feel free to send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, so that I can continue to help.


Kindest regards.

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Re: Best Buy 5 year TV warranty - 1st year repair

Thank you. PM Sent.
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Re: Best Buy 5 year TV warranty - 1st year repair

I've owned a Hi Sense 55" LED TV with Google built in for quite a few years and never had any issues with it. The only thing I do not like is once in awhile when you turn the TV off when you're leaving your house and then turn it back on, sometimes the device will boot back to the Google Home Screen on the TV resulting in having to use the remote to go back to the input you want. 


I'm sure that HiSense has fixed these issues since in future television model revisions and so forth. 

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Re: Best Buy 5 year TV warranty - 1st year repair

Awesome. I've made up my mind on the U8H. Supposedly they a Turnable Subwoofer in this class (What a hoot). So I'll wait on a soundboard for now. Or U7H and cheap bar but no. Thanks for the input