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Bad experience

Bought a refrigerator at Best Buy Holmdel and had it delivered 9/8. Had a dent was supposed to get $180 gift card, never came. Come 10/6 it's making a horrible noise. Call Best Buy they say they think it's the evaporator, they say they are ordering the part and I will have it that Monday and repair man will be there on Monday to repair. Monday comes repair man comes, but no part delivered. Call Best Buy regarding the part, they have me call their parts supplier regarding the part, parts supplier says this part not coming in until Jan. 2018. I go up to the store and explain that this is not going to work obviously but manager says that he will be able to get the part. He can not call to confirm that because "he only has an email to work with" I explain again that Best Buy had me call the parts supplier and they are saying that it won't be in till 2018. He's asks me to be patient till the next day to get more info. I agree, he takes my number. Meanwhile I go to my car and check with MULTIPLE suppliers that this part is out of stock. I wait for the call the next day, nothing. I have to go into the store again, where I am told that the part will be in three weeks (no one else has but sure they can get it). I ask if they actually have it, why do I have to wait three weeks? No one has an answer for that. I ask ok if part isn't in in three weeks, what then, "we will have to figure it out then" Decide that I can not take that chance nor do I want to have not have a refrigerator in my kitchen for that long. Have to make the swap to a smaller and more expensive unit. Asked multiple times about working on the price as I am getting a smaller unit "we can't ok that, another unit will contact you" Was told I would be contacted within 24-48 by the unit that handles that, yes that was three days ago. I had stopped shopping at Best Buy years because of other issues and it was obviously a huge mistake giving them another try. I will not be making that mistake again based on the extremely poor handling of this incident. The only time I got a call back from Best Buy Holmdel was once I agreed to take an exchange rather than get my money back, then all of a sudden a manager was able to call me, other than that, I had to go to the store each time to try to resolve this is.

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Re: Bad experience

Hello tinksmama,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your experience with us. It’s discouraging to here that your refrigerator arrived damaged, and then a months in it isn’t working as expected. I apologize that your local Best buy didn’t follow-up as promised.


Purchasing an appliance is a huge investment I’m happy that you provided Best Buy another opportunity to give you a better experience. I’m very disappointed that your local Best Buy, and our agents over the phone were unable to fulfill the promises they made to you. Using the details you shared you upon joining our community I wasn’t able to locate your purchase. Can you please send me a private message with your order number? I’d be happy to ensure that your concerns are properly documented here at our corporate offices. You can send me a private message by selecting the blue “Private Message” option next to my name at the bottom.



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