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Bad Service

i called the Best Buy located in Roanoke, VA regarding an issued with my son’s phone 7. i had called Apple earlier and the issued with the phone is a known error with phone 7. after calling the store to see if they could help us, i was informed that they would replace the phone. my son goes to the store and they tell him they need to ship it off. i called back and was told they ran diagnostic Which they did not, then I was told they checked his phone for the Meid # and serial number which they did not. I asked to speak to a manager and after asking 3 times I was finally transferred. She was no help at all. My son made a trip in 20 degree weather to change out the phone but that did not happen and we got one excuse and lie after another. I am sure this is a waste of time too but it will be here for others to see. I am also copying this to post on Social media. You need to stand by what you employees tell customers. Horrible to treat people this way!
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Re: Bad Service

Where did they ship it off to?


Your warranty or exchange could have also been done with Apple in their store, or if you are within the return and exchange period you might be able to do it that way too.

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Re: Bad Service

Hello, Hodgesx5, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for connecting with us regarding your son's iPhone 7. I know it's never convenient for my iPhone to act up, and a quick resolution is always ideal. I'm sure you were quite relieved after speaking with both Apple and the Roanoke, VA store to hear things would be solved quickly by replacing the phone. As such, I can imagine how caught off guard you and your son may have been to find it would need to be sent out. 

There are a lot of factors that could be in play here, as it is not at all uncommon for devices to be sent out to be repaired or before being replaced. Generally before doing so, we would review details on the device such as a serial number, or in the case of a cell phone, the IMEI, and may run diagnostics. I would love to dig further into this with you to see what may be going on. Please see that I am sending you a private message and keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page. 


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