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In October we purchased a GE dishwasher from Best Buy. We have purchased all of our electronics, phones, large appliances from Best Buy with confidence and always purchase the extended warranty, as we did with the diswasher.  The dishwasher quit draining and GE sent out A&E Repair and he did not show up for the first three appointments and never cancelled any.  Finally they showed up and repaired the dishwasher. A little over a month, once again it would not drain.  I again called Best Buy who made me an appointment with A&E, who made an appointment for today 2/1/22 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. They never showed, never called, never texted.  Then later in the afternoon, I received a text from the technician stating that the service had been completed, when in fact, he never came to my home at all.  I then received a text stating that the technician stated that I had put grease/oil down the dishwasher drain, and that he supposedly had pictures of it.  How could he have pictures when he never came to my home?  Why did he feel it necessary to lie?  The text also stated that that due to my "ABUSE" of the dishwasher they would not honor my waranty even though it is less than four months old.  I then got an email message from Christina at Best Buy stating that due to my negligence in allowing grease/oil to be put down the drain that they would not honor my extended warranty which was quite costly.  They did not ask for my input, and they stated that they had pictures but as of yet no one has offered to let me see them.  Sadly my disappointment in Best Buy is overwhelming in the fact that they took the word of this technician, when if you look at the reviews on A&E Services, you will see that they  have many complaints and yet no one has bothered to look into the complaints on this company and the innocent continue to suffer due to this.  I cannot let this matter go knowing that I did nothing wrong, and do not even use grease/oil as I airfry everything as it is healthier.  I intend to pursue this matter as A&E cannot continue to cheat individuals.  

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Hey there, sutherncomfrt,


I want to welcome you to our forums and thank you for reaching out to us here. I understand dealing with an appliance that isn't working for you is one thing, but this sounds like an entirely different animal so I understand why you're reaching about it. I would like to learn more about this so that I can look further into the matter of this issue with your repair appointment. If you would, please send me a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email and order number for the product or repair. That should help me find any relevant information regarding the situation. To send that message, you can utilize the button to the right of my name below.


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