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BBY sent me a locked phone as a warranty replacement and now they won't unlock it!! GeekSquadRipOff

I bought an iPhone 6 16GB in Gold on 6-6-15 and made the colossal mistake of purchasing a Geek Squad protection plan.  Paid my deductible and ordered a warranty replacement on 11-8-16.  Geek Squad sent me a phone that was locked to Tracfone when I've only ever used Verizon as a carrier.  This went undiscovered until now - my daughter took the phone with her overseas and purchased an Orange sim card to use in her phone.  She got the dreaded carrier lock message; we called Verizon and they denied the lock.  Their level 2 tech support helped us get on the phone with Apple - during this conversation, we discovered that the phone was locked to Tracfone and the date lined up with the warranty replacement date.  Since BBY caused the problem, we called them expecting them to be able to fix it - colossal mistake #2.  Turns out even though BBY apparently has a habit of selling customers locked phones, they are unable (or unwilling) to remove said lock.  Tracfone won't do it because we're not their customer, BBY who caused the problem won't do it because "its not something we do", Apple doesn't have the ability to remove a carrier lock, and Verizon can't remove another carrier's lock.  All of this adds up to my child being in Spain with a carrier locked phone, which as you can imagine does not make me happy.  Filing a complaint with the BBB and FCC but that won't immediately help my daughter communicate.  Let this serve as a warning to others never to buy a phone from BBY - or if you are stupid enough to buy a phone from them, at least make them demonstrate that it's unlocked before you leave the store with it.  

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Re: BBY sent me a locked phone as a warranty replacement and now they won't unlock it!! GeekSquad...

Hi there shakmancd, 

Welcome and thank you for reaching out to us regarding the replacement iPhone 6 you received in 2016! Our Express Replacement option is a great way for customers to get a replacement phone fast when life goes awry, so to hear your experience has been less than stellar is disconcerting. 

Finding out your phone isn't a Verizon device as you thought it was would be frustrating to begin with, much less at such an inopportune time as when your daughter is across an ocean in Spain. I'm curious how this went under the radar for so long, presuming you have been using it with Verizon's service up until your daughter bought an Orange SIM card. 

I would like to dig into this, so I am sending you a private message. You may check your messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 


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