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BBY Team member assistance

Hi BBY Team members,


Have a little bit of a dileema, I have Geek Squad Protection Plan on a Desktop that has been recently frequently having video issues (Appears to be the GPU) and I know generally, the computer would be sent out for repair, though the problem being is I use it to work from home. Checking to see if there is something that can be done Smiley Happy 

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Re: BBY Team member assistance

Back in the day when I owned a Gateway computer, I had frequent issues with the GPU fan, it was actually a Geforce DDR with Pentium 3 733 mhz! 


When I called Gateway to troubleshoot I asked them if I could fix it myself since I know how to put the part in. They agreed to it and sent me a replacement with a prepaid label to return the broken one. I had to do this 2 times as they sent me a faulty batch of cards. 


Fast Forward when a computer goes in for repair, as part of your GS benefits, the whole unit would be sent in for repair. I don't think they have a program that would allow you to repair the part as Best Buy has to do it to sign off of it for QA. 


Now if you are looking for in home repair you might want to visit your local store and see if this is possible. But in general you'd have to have the unit sent in. 

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Re: BBY Team member assistance

Hello, Mustakrakish,


Thank you for reaching out on our Forums today. Working from home is comfortable and convenient, however, it can be stressful when our equipment is not working properly. I am pleased to hear that you have a protection plan on your Desktop, as it entitles you to expert service and a huge savings. With that said, without a full diagnostic, I am not able to provide you with accurate details of how long your repair will take, or if the repair can be done in store, or will need to be sent to our repair center. Best Buy does not have a loaner program. 


My best recommendation would be to schedule an appointment with the Geek Squad at your local store, and be very clear about how you use your computer. You may schedule your appointment by using the following link;  


I hope this information was helpful to you. Please feel free to reach out anytime you require support.



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