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Avoid Best Buy Mobile Insurance!

I’m so disgusted by Best Buy. I went to buy a new Samsung phone from them a year and a half ago. I heard great reviews about their mobile protection plan in the past and was happy to buy through them. The rep told me the insurance plan was almost identical to assurion’s, which is the biggest lie. My phone screen ended up turning green and eventually blacking out. I paid $200 to receive a replacement and all seemed good. Then, 75 days exactly after I filed my replacement phone claim, and only 71 days after I actually received my phone, my phone went black and got stuck in a boot loop. I brought it to Best Buy and they told me they could not fix it in store and I would have to go to either one of the two locations near me which were either an hour and half or two hours away to see if they could help me. My other option was to go through insurance again. I contacted Best Buy mobile insurance and they told me that there is only a 60 day warranty on replacement phones and I was past the warranty period and, therefore, I would have to pay another $200 for a replacement phone. I fought hard with them and they eventually agreed to just send me the replacement. They filed my claim quickly and I had the phone by 10 a.m. the next morning. “Yay!” At least that’s what I thought. I attempted to turn the phone on to get it going and it wouldn’t turn on. I charged it for almost an hour and still wouldn’t turn on. They obviously don’t test the phones before they send them out. I called them and they told me it was going to take another 1-2 business days to get a new phone and they needed my credit card again. Then, I asked the rep before she even processed it to remove the delivery signature requirement as they did with the first one and she told me “ok, no problem”. She processed the claim and came back and told me that it was processed with the signature requirement and if I wanted that removed I would have to call back in 1 to 2 hours to have it removed. Seriously? And I don’t understand the reason why because she didn’t speak English very well. That means I would have to call back, go through the automated system, and re-explain my situation to a new rep. Needless to say, I’m an extremely disgruntled consumer and I have zero intention of ever purchasing anything from Best Buy ever again.