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At wits end! Please honor the Protection Plan you sold us.

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On July 12, 2014 Best Buy informed me that my Black Tie Protection Policy on my JVC DLA projector purchased on 8/25/10 was not repairable and they would offer me a gift card to use towards a new purchase. So I purchased the new model on 7/12/14 and paid the difference. Because the unit I was replacing didn’t last 4 years I also purchased a new 4 year protection policy.


The Magnolia sales rep. informed me that I could purchase a 4 year policy for $500 or 6 year policy for $750. I wanted the 6 year coverage but was not wanting to put out this much cash that day. He said no problem, when the policy is close to expiration, I will automatically receive an email from Geek Squad asking me if I want to extend it for 2 more years. I could add the coverage at that time. With the previous policy I received a free replacement bulb and I asked about that as well. He said yes, I will still receive the free replacement bulb with the new policy. However, he said the new policies work DIFFERENTLY than my previous one. He said that now the Extended warranty policies don’t kick-in until after the manufacturers policy EXPIRES. He explained that the manufacturer offers the same coverage for two years, so now the Best Buy Geek Squad Protection policy begins the day the manufacturer policy expires and runs for two more years.


The sales rep opened up the Geek Squad Protection Plan Terms & Conditions booklet (effective 7/6/14) and read to me this line on inside cover: “The Plan enhances and, depending on the length of the Plan you selected, protects your Covered Product from defects in materials and workmanship AFTER EXPIRATION of your manufacturers warranty and provides certain other benefits as described ….” See, he said, this policy doesn’t kick-in until after the manufacturers policy has expired. I asked him if he was sure, he said yes, its in the system that way and that’s how all of them now work. He said I could purchase a 2+2=4 warranty, which was just like the one I had on previous unit, or I could purchase a 2+4=6 year policy. Based on his comments about receiving an automated email from Geek Squad offering me the option to extend my warranty out another two years before the 4 years ended, I opted for the 2+2=4 year. It made sense; it was $499.00 which was the same price I have paid for the previous 4 year policy. That policy said on page 3 “Your coverage under this Plan is effective beginning on the date you purchase your product or on the date your original product was delivered to you as stated on your purchase receipt.”


Ah ha, I had the two booklets in my hand and I could read them and see that this new protection Plan was different than the old and it EXPLICITLY said “The Plan enhances and, depending on the length of the Plan you selected, protects your Covered Product from defects in materials and workmanship AFTER EXPIRATION of your manufacturers warranty and provides certain other benefits as described ….”


The salesman knew I wanted the 6 year policy he was trying to sell me, but I settled for the 4 year policy knowing I could extend it before it expired. There was NEVER any discussion of a two year policy period. He never brought it up, and I never mentioned it. Why would I want a short policy when I just had to spend over $1,200.00 because my unit when bad at 3.5 years?


Now let’s skip up to the present. It is June 28 and the projector had been flashing bright to dim and back and forth. It goes out, screen goes black. I take unit in immediately because I was leaving for a 3 week trip to Uganda the next day. They pull up my policy and inform me my policy expired in July 2016. I said that’s not possible and I explained what you read above. I said, besides, I would have received an email from Geek Squad asking if I wanted to extend my warranty if what they were saying was true and I would have received the email instructing me on how to get my free bulb replacement. Neither of which have happened.


They called the corporate office of Geek Squad, after getting to the right person, the phone rep told the store Geek Squad person that Best buy did indeed sell that type of protection plan in the past, but my account didn’t indicate that it was sold to me. The store manager said he’d have to contact head quarters. I left the store. After many, many phone calls, emails the store assistant manager said until someone contacts him he can’t do anything.


Skip to August, the Best Buy store and Geek Squad are still not responding to us. We make another plea. Brad {removed per forum guidelines} (assistant manager) says he doesn’t have authority to honor warranty sold to us. He said he would send it in under store warranty for repair. Not what I wanted, but I sent it in. It is at repair place for two months. I receive it back, hook it up, turn it on, and it is doing the same thing it did before it went out. Even worse, it will not show image in 1080p, but just a low resolution. After a few minutes it shuts off with all lights flashing. I let it rest and tried again, same thing happens 4 more times. In menu if I click on 1080p it automatically shuts off.


I looked at the paperwork from the repair shop and it indicates that the only thing they did was replace the bulb. Nothing else.


Below is the last email I sent to the assistant store manager (yes, the tone is full of frustration, the truth is we are very, very frustrated / Help us!):


Brad the projector I originally brought to you on June 28 is still not repaired as of Oct 19. The 4 year extended warranty I bought from you is still not being honored because you claim the 2 year manufacturer and 2 year extended run parallel, but this was not what was sold to me. The paperwork I possess does not indicate that verbiage in any way. I raised that very question with the sales rep and he assured me that this extended warranty would begin after the 2yr manufacturers warranty had expired, he showed me the verbiage in the warranty booklet, he walked me through it word by word. I showed that booklet to you and explained exactly what he said to me. Then while standing at the Geek Squad counter on June 28 one of your employees (on the phone with higher office) affirmed you did have warranties that functioned in just that way. They validated what the rep sold me. 


We have $30,000.00 worth of sales in your store attached to our names/addresses over the past 10 years. We have been great customers. We will be making another $20,000.00 in future electronic and appliance purchases in the next few years with somebody. 


Do the right thing. Take care of this. 


We want a refund for our projector that is still under the warranty your store rep sold us (for another year). We want a refund for selling us a warranty under false pretenses. 


Brad, you said to me this summer that the warranty we bought in effect wasn’t actually supposed to cover anything but a power surge. You explained that the manufactures warranty covers everything and what you (Best Buy) intended to sell us was only designed to cover what the manufactures warranty didn’t cover, and you used the example of the power surge. You’ll remember I said that I would have never have agreed to pay $500 for a extended warranty that didn’t really cover anything but a power surge because I have Monster power surge protectors on everything already, in fact I said, who in their right mind would purchase a warranty at $500 that basically provided nothing to the buyer. The main point here is that your sales rep communicated something drastically different to me. He either lied and purposely deceived me, or, he was badly training and misled me unintentionally, or, he spoke the truth and sold me the policy the folks at Geek Squad affirmed over the phone you did have at that time, and maybe he somehow mis-entered it into the computer system. The other option is I am lying. I am not.


The reason I was purchasing this new 1080P JCV (upgraded to 4K) projector in the first place was my previous model went down at 3.5 years into my 4 year extended warranty. Because of my experience with the first JVC I was planning to buy the 6 year extended warranty. Your sales rep talked me out of it. 


He said I had two options. I could buy the 2+4=6 year warranty for $750, or buy the 2+2=4 year warranty and when the 4 years ran out I would receive an email from Geek Squad asking me if I wanted to extend it. Then I wouldn’t have to front the extra cash right then. He also said I would receive my free replacement bulb after the manufacturers warranty expired and the Geek Squad extended kicked in. I opted for the 2+2=4 and planned to purchase the 2 year extension when I received the email. Never happened! Never received any emails, period. No bulb instructions, no offer to extend (of course I still have a year remaining on the 2+2 that you are not honoring).  


Brad, we shouldn’t have to chase you down, by phone, by email, or in person. I brought this projector in to you on June 28. Today is Oct 19. It still doesn’t work. Please respond and take care of this.


Rafe {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: At wits end! Please honor the Protection Plan you sold us.

When it says depends on the length you purchase that it extends after the manufacturer warranty ends that means to me if you bought a warranty that lasts longer than manufacturer warranty you still have coverage for remaining period. So if manufacturer warranty is two years and you buy a two year they end the same day they run at the same time now if you bought 4 years you would end up with coverage for two years after the manufacturer since it's for four years.
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Re: At wits end! Please honor the Protection Plan you sold us.

Hello RafeWright,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your JVC DLA projector repair issues with us. I’d be happy to see how I can assist you further.


I was able to locate the terms which were associated with your purchase date of 7/12/14, and I apologize if the agent’s in-store may have provided incorrect expectations. According the Terms you agreed it at the time of purchase it states “The term of your Plan is stated on your purchase receipt.” Your purchase receipt clearly shows an expiration date of 7/12/16 for you plan.


At this time I’d be happy to partner with your local Best Buy to see what options are available at this time to assist you further. Please note I’d be unable to guarantee they’d be able to help you more than they already have. Once I have more information I’d be happy to follow-up with you privately.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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