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Asus laptop ADP, Geek Squad incompetence


Best Buy tried to charge us over $800 to replace a motherboard on an Asus laptop that was covered (for free) under the manufacturer protection plan. Luckily they couldn't get the parts (they said the laptop was "too new"!?). I approved paying this money under totally false pretenses.


We bought from Best Buy for the personal touch and 'service' but Geek Squad only cost us time and pain. They made more than 5 mistakes on a single repair order.


Is Best Buy in-store purchase really the only one *excluded* from Asus' ADP? Are employees informed *not* to tell buyers about Asus' own protection plan so they can charge you unnecessarily?


This seems like a clear example of where physical stores should be better than online purchases but was totally the opposite.

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Re: Asus laptop ADP, Geek Squad incompetence

Ok, no Best Buy reply thus far. I'll add more detail on one of their issues:


A month after drop-off, Track Your Repair showed that they'd "received the parts we need to complete your repair", followed some hours later by "We've completed work on your device". A few days later they shipped the device and it was "ready to be picked up".


We arrived with my 11yo son to pick up the fixed laptop. He was very excited after more than 6 weeks of waiting, and I had prepared to pay the $800+.


Then, actually, no. They had not done the repair. Standing there was when we heard they "could not get the parts", all of this had achieved absolutely nothing, the laptop was "too new" and we should call a local repair shop, maybe they could get the parts.


Great. How does this feel Best Buy? Any other way you can help?

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Re: Asus laptop ADP, Geek Squad incompetence

Hello, User903540,


Welcome to the forums!


I appreciate you joining us on the forums and writing us about your situation with your MacBook and visit to your local Best Buy store. I know I’d be reaching out to someone if this were to happen to me as well, and I am here to help where I can. Having The Geek Squad look into your issues, is supposed to make these types of situations simple. This is not the experience I want for you and I’d like to look into this further for you.


Please, private message me with your full name, phone number, e-mail address connected to your, and the store location you visited. To send a message, simply click on the “Private Message” button next to my signature. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Kind regards,

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Asus laptop ADP, Geek Squad incompetence

Interesting.. accorded to Asus web site

The following Retailers are excluded from the ASUS ADP program*

BestBuy USA (In-store)

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Re: Asus laptop ADP, Geek Squad incompetence

Nick, that's true and confirmed by both Best Buy and Asus. If you buy an Asus laptop in store, it's excluded from the Asus ADP. So my recommendation:


** Do not buy an Asus laptop at a Best Buy store **


Second, Best Buy confirmed that they could not lookup manufacturer coverage. So it's basically 'normal' for them to charge me $800+ for a covered repair. This leads me to my second recommendation:


** Never ask Geek Squad to do repair on an Asus laptop **


If price is your only decision, you buy from Best Buy online and don't expect service, I can see how you (not me) might still buy an Asus laptop from them.


I don't know how far this extends - is their policy similar for other laptops, computers, electronics, ...? Beyond my scope so you may want to check carefully before making these decisions.


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Re: Asus laptop ADP, Geek Squad incompetence

Also, I'd mentioned more than 5 mistakes overall. Here's part of the message I sent to them, hoping it helps you avoid the same (like believing what you see in Track Your Repair)...


Here's a quick catalog of how things should have been in a world with good policies and proper training:
1) When we were in store and wanted to buy the Asus laptop, the sales support person should have told us that if we order online instead of buying in-store, Asus includes an accidental damage protection plan for free. [Note that we did not buy in-store because the Zephyrus laptop was out of stock. We just got 'lucky']
2) When we brought the laptop in for repair, the Geek Squad staff should have checked - was this purchased in-store or ordered online and discussed the ADP policy with us. After all, we had made an appointment and had dedicated time with your staff.
3) Geek Squad staff should have known how to update my email address so that communication between us worked. You told us we needed to call an 800 number - told us after 7 weeks of poor communication, and many attempts via phone and email to update this.
4) When your service center discovered accidental damage, they should have checked whether Asus' ADP was active and if so, offered to replace the laptop or fix it for free. Or, when we originally brought the laptop in, your Geek Squad staff should have said we would only get real service if we sent it to Asus ourselves.
5) The Best Buy Track Your Repair service should actually indicate what's happening. If you did not fix the laptop, did not receive the parts, it should not indicate the opposite.
6) In a situation like this, you should make sure the communication is working. Your staff did not make sure we knew the laptop was not fixed. We should never have arrived at the store expecting to pickup a fixed laptop.
7) Your handling of the situation at pickup could have been much better. We were devastated - this was a big purchase for us and we were obviously expecting a different outcome. You could have said, "I know it makes no sense to say that your laptop is too new to repair, I'm checking with service to see what we can do. I can't offer you a replacement but since it is so new and this process has not been great, I'll see if we can offer you a discount on another laptop".
8) You did pursue this afterwards and check again with service - this is great. But how did that process not find out we *did* have ADP coverage!? It seems strange that nobody is informed about the basic facts of this coverage.
** Policy **
Some of the above would not be necessary if Best Buy policy was proper.
A) If ADP policy remains the same, Best Buy should simply not sell Asus laptops in-store. If sold in store you should offer a Best Buy ADP for free - one that's equivalent to that provided by Asus.
B) Staff should be trained on:
i) How to update an email address and,
ii) Basic Asus policies and,
iii) When to tell your customer you are better off sending things for service yourself (because of Best Buy policies).
** For us? **
I think these are very serious issues. A customer should *never* be asked to pay $831+ for something that is *already covered*.
That nobody told us about ths policy seems designed to hide the reality that Asus includes this coverage. This is wrong in the most basic sense.
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Re: Asus laptop ADP, Geek Squad incompetence

Finally, a word about this Forum. It seems to be a "Customer Last" process.


Over 10 days I sent 8 private messages to Deysha, the Social Media Specialist above. The replies were friendly and seemed helpful but we were left to coordinate things with the store, even though the major issues were much broader. In the end, their policy is "this gets handled internally", so we're not updated about any resolution.


We also exchanged messages with the Geek Squad Manager who was likewise courteous. They admitted the communication error above. As they saw nothing else wrong they offered a small gift card for our troubles. This was not very satisfying - does not really even cover the time spent in the Forum.


Hopefully this at least saves others similar troubles. Cheers.