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Appliances - missing receipts and invoices

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I am very frustrated in that even when contacting the store at which I bought the appliances and going online in chat, they have NOT been able to find records for all of the appliances which I purchased in the last few years!


I found some info online, but hard to believe that it does NOT have model numbers.

For example, Purchase Date: Jul 15, 2018 Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines}

Only shows:  LG - 29.6 Cu. Ft. French InstaView Door-in-Door Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator


I purchased from Pacific Sales Pico Blvd, LA, CA: 

LG refrigerator  LFXS30796 (?)   Purchase Date: Jul 15, 2018 Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines}

Samsung range  

Bosch dishwasher


I purchased from Pacific Sales, West Hollywood, CA: 

LG dryer  DLGX8001V (?)  salesperson: Nick   invoice (?) {removed per forum guidelines}


I think I purchased this from Pacific Sales, West Hollywood store.  If not, then it was from Pico, LA store: 

LG washer  WM8000HVA (?) 


1  Please send me pdfs of all invoices and all receipts, which show purchase dates and install dates


2  Does the extended warranty period begin on installation day?


Also, there are so many records for items that I only made deposits for and never bought.  Those should have been cleaned out so that ONLY the appliances that I took delivery on are remaining! 

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Numerous appliance issues still not addressed: LG refrigerator

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I have gone to Pacific Sales at the Best Buy on Pico in LA, CA in the past with a list of issues with my appliances purchased there.   I was told to contact the manufacturer, and I was given a form for food loss claim. 


I just posted another message in which I asked for receipts and invoices for my appliances since it is hard to find them online, and there are so many on there for items I only had placed deposits on, but never bought.  


One that I am pretty sure is the correct information is LG refrigerator  LFXS30796  Purchase Date: Jul 15, 2018 Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines}


Among all the problems, I have lost food over and over again from failure of this unit, due to variations in temperature far outside what is acceptable.   I contacted LG executive support after my frustration being told by Pacific Sales to contact LG instead of having Pacific Sales deal with the issues. 


The LG executive rep has been very good in keeping up correspondence but the result: NOTHING!   I documented and sent them numerous problems that we've encountered from day 1 with the fridge.  I asked for a replacement.   They insisted on sending a tech to assess the problems.  The tech showed up without the list (in spite of a guarantee from the rep that they would have the list).  The tech only had a solution for ONE of the problems.  He did NOT provide any solution for any other problem than times when the dispenser intermittently spit out ice on its own.  The solution was to replace that unit.  I declined since the fridge is NOT safe or dependable due to temperature issues. 


In addition to the fridge problems AFTER installation.  I had issues with the installers which I mentioned in person to Pacific Sales, but they did not follow up with me.   I believe the installer was SAV or SAAV or SAVV which I was told handled the high end appliances.  Even though ours was not high end, my recollection is that the sales rep at Pacific chose to send them because I had delivery and install concerns.    They did NOT follow the directions for install provided in the manual.   They did NOT inform me that I needed to follow certain flushing guidelines about the icemaker and water dispenser.   They left without testing either of those.    They did NOT level the fridge so that the doors close properly.  They left with the doors misaligned.   They ran over the electric cord and smashed it while rolling the fridge.  I cannot recall if it actually compromised the safety of the cord insulation.   When I asked them to please adjust the fridge so that the doors closed properly, they claimed the floor was uneven.   Thats a lame excuse, that's the whole reason that the unit has leveling feet.   


That install company was also involved in our Washer Dryer delivery bought from Pacific Sales, and they did improper things with that as well.   For example, they smashed the exhaust tube against the wall between the units and the wall, and they remain smashed still, as I gave up trying to get any resolution.  However this is AGAINST proper installation.  The fact that they would do this, shows they are terrible contractors.   In addition, they gave the same lame excuse about why they couldn't adjust the washer dryer level.... because the floor was uneven.  I watched them do all installation and they never even tried.   To this day there is a lot of wobbling and floor shaking because of their improper installation. 


You may ask why I have not dont more sooner about these issues.  I care for my 84 year old mother who became ill after almost dying from West Nile Virus.  Once I took over for her, I bought all these appliances as many of her previous appliances were failing.   


I purchased from Pacific Sales Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA: 

LG refrigerator  LFXS30796 (?)   Purchase Date: Jul 15, 2018 Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines}

Samsung range  NX58H5650WS (?)  Purchase Date?

Bosch dishwasher SHEM78W55N (?)  Purchase Date?



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Re: Appliances - missing receipts and invoices

I don't see any replies addressing my concerns.  please advise

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Re: Appliances - missing receipts and invoices

Hello, sgp1038, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting for support on our forum. I can understand wanting to obtain records of important purchases you've made over the past few years. I should be able to assist with tracking down receipts and sending you the information we have on file. In addition, coverage under protection plans would begin on the day you receive your product. Our Geek Squad Protection FAQ page should be able to address any additional questions you may have about this.


If you'd care to send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number, I can begin looking into your account and purchase history. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.



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