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Appliance protection plan or scam?

I bought a brand new Samsung washer and dryer 4 years ago. I paid way too much for the 5 year protection plan on both. Two months ago my dryer got stuck in the wrinkle prevent cycle so I called to have it serviced. Unfortunately Geek Squad does not have a service provider in my area so it goes to a third party. The third-party Appliance repairman has been to my house three times and replaced three major components on my dryer and now the dryer won't even come on, so it is in worse shape than when we started. I have spent almost $200 and way too much time at the laundromat over the last two months. Every time I call the service center the rep (different every time) says they will get to the bottom of my case but no luck.The repair man keeps saying he has tried everything and has no idea how to fix it but after talking to the service center they order yet another part, which so far hasn't worked. When does this insane cycle end???????? What is my next step? Do I have any options?
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Re: Appliance protection plan or scam?

Good Afternoon scammedbyyou,


Thank you for joining our community to share your frustrating with your dryer repair. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to join our community to get our assistance. Being without your dryer is surely frustrating, and can certainly make normal chores more of a production. I’d be delighted to see how we may be able to help.


Options may be available to further assist you at this time due how long you’ve been without your dryer. You’re welcome to view the terms you agreed to at the time of purchase here. Please know there is an option for laundry reimbursement under your plan. This articulated as the following in the terms you agreed to:


Washers/Dryers and Combination Washer/Dryers:

-Up to a $25 reimbursement for laundry cleaning services per qualified service repair if your product is out for service for more than seven (7) consecutive days once service has been scheduled.

-You are required to complete and submit a claim form. This form provides space to itemize each laundry reimbursement claim. Along with this form please include copies of the work order and original Best Buy sales receipt and either:


The form that you can fill out can be found here.


Can you please send me a private message with your phone number, and your name as it appears on your plan? You can send me a private message by choosing the blue “Private Message” button next to my name at the bottom. Once I have those details I’d be able review your repairs in further detail to see what options are available at this time.



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Re: Appliance protection plan or scam?