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Airpods with charging case does NOT work after 6 months

Dear Customer Service,


I purchased two sets of airpods for Christmas. One for me and one for my mom. My mom's airpods and charging case work perfectly. However, I am unsatisfied with the quality of my pair of airpods and charging case. I will leave them in the charging case for more than 24 hours, and the left ear will be at 100% while the right ear is at 0%. This glitch started happening after I had them for 2 months; However, I thought it would stop. The issue is getting worse where this happens majority of the time in the last few months. I have tried cleaning the case and right earphone even thought they are clean and taken great care of, and it will still not charge a lot of the time. This is very frusterating, because I will get them out for a run and the right earphone will be at 0%. Let me know if you are willing to refund or exchange me for the disfunctional product. 



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Re: Airpods with charging case does NOT work after 6 months

Outside of the return period, it would fall to the manufacturer's warranty or AppleCare if purchased.  I would reach out to Apple directly, they were very prompt with issuing a replacement to me when my left Airpod Pro began to fail to charge. You can start that a few ways, but I used their chat service which works very well and feels almost like using iMessage to chat back and forth with Apple Support.    

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