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ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Warranty Issue

It's extremely frustrating to try to get my laptop fixed under manufacturer's warranty. I bought an Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop last August and i have display issues with it. I tried to get it fixed through GeekSquad, and I was told to go through ASUS. When I try creating a warranty repair ticket, they say I can only go through Geek Squad. I dont know what to do now. I'm under warranty yet, neither the manufacturer nor Best Buy Geek Squad is helping me out. Someone help me get out of this mess.


Further details:

  • Laptop purchased at Best Buy.
  • The display keeps going blank randomly, I suspect a hardware failure.
  • The laptop was never dropped, nor has any accidental damage.
  • Other than the display, the laptop works. I'm currently using it with an external monitor.
  • I did not opt for Geek Squad Protection Plan.
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Re: ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Warranty Issue

I have had the EXACT same issue with the exact same laptop regarding warranty issues. I have contacted ASUS support, and received this email:


"If the issue still persists, we recommend having the unit serviced. Even with the high importance ASUS places on quality, at the end of the day our units are very complex technical products, which can sometimes require repair.


The good news is that we show that your unit is under warranty through 2022/11/16 and since your unit is a Best Buy Exclusive model, you can simply visit your Best Buy location for repair on your unit under our manufacturer's warranty. BestBuy is an official affiliate of ASUS and is authorized to service our units once they are within warranty. If you took the unit to BestBuy and you are having issues, please reach out back to us with the name of the agent you spoke with and the contact number and address for BestBuy you went to as this is mandatory for you to send your notebook to us to get it repaired.


Please rest assured that if you are unable to gain resolution when contacting Best Buy, we will be glad to provide further assistance in getting your unit repaired. We will just need to confirm the information below so that we may issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) to start the repair process:"


I visited a best buy location and was told they could not troubleshoot or repair in store, but they would instead send it to ASUS for repair. If I wanted them to troubleshoot the item in store, it would be $150. 


I called tech support through best buys 1800 GEEK SQUAD number and after speaking with two employees I was told that I was only able to send it to ASUS to have the warranty covered under the "manufacturers warranty." when repairing laptops. 


I am beyond frustrated with the disconnect between the two. It sounds like it will be over 3 weeks to send it in for repairs and although ASUS states bestbuy CAN repair them, they arent even willing to take a look. 


I hope you get some answers soon. Il be posting another post regarding the same issue. 



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Re: ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Warranty Issue

They generally don't work on hardware failures on laptops inside the store and have to send it ether to where the manufacturer tells them or to their own service center. Generally a 3-4 week turn around.

If you have purchased an extended warranty when you bought the laptop they may be able to at least look at it in the store, however even then a hardware failure would be sent off for repair. If you did not purchase an extended warranty they can only do what Asus allows them to do which would be to send it off.
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Re: ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Warranty Issue

I had the same issue but I decided to give the laptop for repair at BestBuy and wait for three weeks, I just got the laptop back with the issues fixed in a week, covered under manufacturer's warranty.

So, I'd suggest you to give it to BestBuy to get it fixed. I know the wait time is painful but I found a time slot where I could manage without a laptop for a few weeks and it worked out. Hope you get yours fixed soon.



My laptop was not sent to ASUS, Geeksquad fixed it in one of their service centers, not at the store. It took around a week for them to fix (this may vary). In my case, the laptop spent most of the time reaching the service center and back, it was only at the service center for a day or two before they returned it.

I was not charged for the repair or shipping since the issue was a hardware failure covered under manufacturer'r warranty.


Hope this helps!