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ASUS GPU - Store refuses card as does ASUS

I bought a GPU last year, and it's still under warranty until Apr 3rd via ASUS's site. It worked until recently when it sparked, briefly caught fire, and then ... obviously stopped working. There's a very clear bulge under the shield / heat plate where it looks like something exploded or warped with some amount of force. I have no idea what happened and since I'm still under warranty I would like the thing looked at, at least. 


ASUS tells me I need to go through Best Buy. I made an appointment last week, went to the store, and they said they don't service ASUS equipment and even if they did they don't service or replace any GPUs.


I tried to go back through ASUS and every channel tells me I have to go through Best Buy.


So I'm back here going through BB - what do I do and who do I contact because I sat at my local store for nearly an hour waiting for them to talk to managers and figure out what was going on only to be told they can't service my card. The card was purchased online (through the Best Buy website) and picked up at my local store. Please don't tell me to go make an appointment on my own because that clearly doesn't work! (: 

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Re: ASUS GPU - Store refuses card as does ASUS

Hello, frogboy 


Thanks for connecting with us. I can certainly understand your concern around your ASUS GPU and want to get this concern resolved as quickly as possible. I’d love to look into this further to see if there are any other options. 


Typically purchasing through Best Buy you have the manufacturer's warranty you may use directly through the manufacture if any issues arrive, with that being said the manufacturer has the ultimate say as to what is and is not covered under their limited warranty.


Manufacturer Warranty Information 


If you chose to opt out or there was no Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plan offered, Best Buy is limited to a standard 15 day Return & Exchange promise. 


Return & Exchange Promise


With the time that has passed I can certainly check to see if ASUS has anything in place with their manufacture warranty to ship this product out through Best Buy, if not, you are strictly working through ASUS for any further resolution. 


Please private message me using the blue link next to my name with the following information. 


  • Full name 
  • Email 
  • Phone number 
  • Order number 


Kind regards, 

Mark|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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