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32” I sign ia Roku tv screen way darker after power out

have a 32” Insignia Roku Tv that has never had screen issues and I have had it a few years. Today the power turned off by itself and when I turned it back on the screen was pulsing dark to lighter and then just ended up super dim. It has had the same settings forever so that’s not the issue, it’s a roku tv so cords not being plugged in not an issue, wifi going to it is great, power is plugged in to wall fine, there was no big recent update that may have made it happen. I already unplugged it and waited half an hour and plugged back in didn’t help, system restart multiple times no help, did system reset on audio and visual off menu no help, tried the video settings and changing them around and i could just make it bright enough to watch but not actually fix it I have no idea what to do next and am on a medical leave from work so I have no money to get another tv and this is my only tv so I would appreciate a fix very much. Thank you,
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Re: 32” I sign ia Roku tv screen way darker after power out

If you have not, I would consult with Insignia Support to see what your options are to fix the issue. You can email them with the information located here:


Should this be a recent purchase and you are within the return and exchange policy here:


You can exchange this TV for another product if you like. 


If you are out of the return policy but the TV is still under warranty, you can bring the TV to Best Buy for repair options as they do honor their in house brands in store for the warranty. 


Should you be out of warranty, you can take the TV to Best Buy for an evaluation and they would advise you of the repair costs. In the end you may have to ultimately buy a new TV. If money is an issue right now and you don't have one yet I would try to apply for the Best Buy credit card so that way you can get a new TV to replace your old one if all else fails. 


They also have other financing options as well you can take advantage of. Here is a link to their credit card:


The other financing option is a plan called ZIP where you pay over time. 25% of the item is due up front with the ability to pay over time. You can go on a computer and learn about this when you view a product. The information is usually on the right of the screen where the price is displayed. 



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Re: 32” I sign ia Roku tv screen way darker after power out

Hi there, bgates1974, 


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our Forums Page! From what I can see, it looks like hockeycanuckjc's response is the best answer. 


In the event that you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to send us a Private Message detailing the assistance you're looking for. 


Thank you!

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