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2-month old Sony Bravia X900F dead in Family room over a month

I purchased a Sony X900F 65" TV in February 2019 with the 5 year protection plan. Awesome TV, for 2 months. Then the screen went haywire for no apparent reason. Jumping images with ghosting, basically unusable. Contacted Geek Squad, who scheduled an in-home visit. 


Visit 1: The tech seemed to know what he was talking about, and quickly noticed that I had isolated the problem to the TV itself, rather than any devices connected to it. I only use ONE input, an Nvidia Shield with a brand new Sony receiver in between via HDMI. He took pictures, talked to someone on the phone, and determined that it was probably either a main board or a t-con board. He said they had to be ordered, and scheduled another appointment in 1 week for the repair.


Visit 2: Two techs arrive this time, which is worth noting because if you have a large TV and only one tech shows up, you're not getting a repair that day. First they flip it on and immediately see it's not working right.They take the TV off the stand, take the legs off, lay it face down on what looks like a blanket, and crack it open and go to work. First they try the t-con - no dice. Then the main board - still not working. Then they get on the phone with another 3rd party (this appears to be common), send more pictures. Now I'm told "if this weren't a Sony TV, they would probably just exchange it, but Sony has a new policy that makes us attempt repair for 30 days". Apparently since this is under the 1 year Sony manufacturer's warranty at 2 months old, they have to abide by what Sony wants them to do. They tell me that the guy on the phone wants them to try to replace 2 separate cables, so they order them and schedule another visit in 1 week.


Visit 3: Two techs arrive again, one is the same from last time and one is different. I gave them the envelope that arrived earlier in the week (they ship the parts directly to the customer location). Only 1 of the 2 requested cables arrived. They do the same process again of opening the TV and changing the one cable that did arrive, no luck. Then I'm told that they have to try the other cable, so the re-order it and schedule another appointment a week later. At this point my family room is basically a ghost town for nearly a month.


Visit 4: Two techs arrive, the same two from visit 2. I give them the new envelope with the other cable. The tech then asks me where the first cable is, even though he KNOWS that they take all of the failed repair parts with them after each visit, and they put the old back in. They swap out the cable. Now, in addition to the original problems, the TV has horizontal lines through the entire picture, and the colors are distorted from left to right. One of the techs said "Well, at least it's watchable now", which it wasn't. He then tells me that they will probably authorize a return, but it has to be approved by Sony. He takes a bunch of pictures with his phone (keep in mind, some of these issues are difficult to see on a photograph), but is having trouble sending them, so he requests access to my home wi-fi. He then says that it usually takes 24 hours for the approval process, and that i should contact Geek Squad the following day. They leave me with a still non-functioning TV.


The next day (Saturday): I call, they say it was submitted but haven't a response. Same thing Sunday. Same thing Monday. Tuesday, they now say that we have to wait for the tech to call. No call Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. My wife calls Sony. Sony transfers her all around to like 10 different departments. Then they say that the request appears to have been submitted, but incorrectly, as they didn't have the appropriate pictures. They have my wife take a bunch of pictures and submit them, and that we should receive a call when it is approved.


Friday - nothing. Saturday - nothing, Here I am on Sunday still no response from Sony, Geek Sqaud, or the tech. Every time we call, they point the finger at the other party. It's as if they are stonewalling.


At this point, I'm really questioning the value of purchasing this 5-year coverage. Best Buy clearly does not want to issue a return, reguardless of the warranty of the fact that I have been a Best Buy customer for better than 15 years. I'm shocked that they've not close to nothing to make this right, considering it is an expensive item that is clearly a lemon. More than that, I really miss having a TV in my family room, and there is no way i could afford to eat this cost and buy another.  

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Re: 2-month old Sony Bravia X900F dead in Family room over a month

Hello, Geoffster, 


Thanks for your post to us here on the Best Buy Forums. I can see this is your first, so welcome!


We always hope that being able to utilize our Geek Squad Protection is a pleasurable experience without any issues. I hate to hear that this experience has not been what you, or we, had expected when we come out to repair a TV. I would be expecting a working television quickly and would be quite upset if I had to go without for a month like you've explained. 


I know that having to call in every so often to get some updates about the status of this repair can be frustrating, so I'd be happy to look into it for you to see what we are able to uncover. If you can send us a Private Message with your full name, email address, and phone number, we can certainly begin. To send a private message, you can click on the blue button next to my name. 


Hope to hear from you soon,

Cameron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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