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Improved curbside procedure

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by on ‎11-25-2020 06:49 PM

Current curbside procedure:

  1.   Click on a URL,
  2.   Fill in attributes about the car, your parking spot,
  3.   Get a verification code on your smart phone's web screen
  4.   Text and email are sent saying that staff will be out shortly
  5.   Show verification code to the person and get your stuff.


Proposed change:

  1.   Click on a URL
  2.   Fill in attributes about the car, your parking spot,
  3.   Verification code sent ONLY to the listed email and/or text number listed by the purchaser.
  4.   Text and/or email has a means to indicate that either a) you are ready for the pick up or b) that the pick up is a bogus request.
  5.   If selection (a), the clerk confirms the verification code and hands over the item.


Here's the case that inspired this suggestion.  My part arrived - something trivial that I was going to pick up in a day or two.  Some random person typed in the correct URL. Since the verification code was sent to their browser, they were able to take my goods.  I received a text telling me that my goods were being stolen, and there was no way for me to alert the store of the issue.  I falsely assumed that a lack of a correct ID would prevent the store clerk from giving away my purchase.  I then received a text saying that the item had been given away.


The current system assumes that a specific URL is sent to the customer - that they have exclusive ability to submit the URL.  I have no idea how this person got the URL for my purchase, but the fact is that they did.  Once they have that, there is nothing to stop them from stealing the item.  I was informed by the store that they were no responsible since the URL had been provided.  I can see from the manager's point of view that the issue is not worth pursuing.  I'm hoping that someone at the corporate level will realize the vulnerability inherent in your current procedure and fix it.  

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Thanks for the suggestion. What does anyone else think about this idea? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Call Center Service Fails

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by on ‎11-22-2020 06:03 PM

The stores are suffering in customer service.  When a customer calls the local store they are routed to a call center and never sends the calls to the local store.  I waited on hold to ask a simple question about an order and waited 59 minutes and was never answered, so I hoped in the car and went to my store to complain and get answers, my call was still on hold.   The store manager was very kind and understanding and explained the call-in strategy is failing.  I hope someone that can correct this will see this message. Help your stores and associates be their best.

Status: Tell Us More

Thanks for the feedback on this! I'm fairly certain how these phone calls are routed depends on the market you are in. Does anyone else have any feedback on this? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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As an Elite Plus member, I really appreciate that Elite/Elite Plus members get early access to Black Friday deals every year, and is one of the biggest reasons I continue shopping at Best Buy to reach the spending limit each year.


I think this should also apply to high demand, hard to find items like PS5 and Xbox Series X. I will gladly add either console to my yearly Black Friday haul if BB reserves a certain number for early access Elite/Plus members.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the feedback. We truly do appreciate it, and hear you!

I'd like an "alert me" link under sold-out items that we can click that will pop up options to be e-mailed, texted, or both when the item becomes available.  


Also, within that message have a link to the product saying something like, "Buy it now."

Status: Tell Us More

Interesting. Would anyone else like to see this? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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150 points instead of 250 for $5

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎11-11-2020 10:16 AM

Right now you must spend $250 to get $5 in rewards, which is pretty crazy except for people dropping $250 all the time. Most consumers don't do that, but I know I'd certainly spend more if it is easier to get rewards.

Status: Acknowledged

I doubt any member would disagree with idea. We are not changing our My Best Buy program at this point in time.

The XBOX Series X and PS5 pre-orders were a total disaster. The pre-order was plagued with bots ordering multiple systems, and prevented consumers from making the purchase. The item status would go from add to cart, to sold out, to coming soon, and eventually, all sold out.


Launch day was a total debocal too. I was insanely angry because I stayed up late, the timer expired, status of coming soon did not change until at least 5 minutes after the countdown expired, then immediately goes to sold out.. WHAT? how does something sell out in 1 second? Either the bots won, or there was absolutely no stock, and we all waited for nothing.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... put in place captcha and 2 factor for launch days, limited items, major holidays when actually making the purchase. Make people not only sign into their My Best Buy, but also captcha, and 2-factor when actually checking out.


If not for special events, holidays, etc...Then make it for any purchase exceeding a certain dolar amount like say, $199 and above require captcha and 2-factor at checkout

Status: Acknowledged

From what I understand we will not be changing how these are processed at this point.

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Customers can use multiple cards, gift cards, and cash in store when making purchases, but not online. You should allow for people to use a combination of more than one credit card, and or gift cards when paying for items online. This will bring in more sales, especially with how COVID is affecting when people want to make purchases.

Status: Acknowledged

We appreciate the feedback. We will not be mkaing this an option at this time.

Scalping has been a big issue so I'm happy that Best Buy has been taking action so that more legitimate customers instead of bot farms have been able to purchase hardware. I think the current system may not be adequate for how advanced software has become. The random nature of release times for hardware means that places like are the only hope for regular customers.


Lottery System

In Japan they use a pre-order lottery system to sell high demand items. How this works is that customers can opt-in to a pre-order lottery. From that lottery, emails are sent out to winning tickets that allow them to make the purchase. 


How this can help combat scalping and be a better buying experience

  • Purchases will be distributed randomly instead of concentrated within a release window.
  • Even though some bots will get through, bot/scalper purchases will be limited naturally by random selection.
  • Right to purchase is determined randomly rather than speed of clicking or noticing when a button lights up, which bots are now able to do. 
  • Prevents massive server stock requests from bot farms scraping inventory. 
  • One ticket per account/per item/ per household limits physical scalping
  • Winning accounts will be flagged for purchasing, and customer will be emailed
  • Customers can then be allowed a wide window (24 hours) to purchase the item. Otherwise a new lottery winner will be chosen and that stock can go back into the general pool.
  • Reduces stress and stock tracking for customers and is more convenient based on their schedule.
  • By having a large lottery opt-in window (about an hour) more people can at least have a chance to purchase the items.
  • Lottery numbers are not chosen on the day the tickets are available, but rather later. This allows accounts to be flagged for botting or scalping.
  • The buffer for purchases created by a lottery will let Best Buy announce when new stock is received/email notifications to customers that won't be made false by rapid purchases minutes later. 

Let me know what you think. I've been trying to get a 3070 and 5600x for a while. I think a lot of people are frustrated by the current situation and would like more to be done about the situation. I wonder if something like a lottery could be tested out. 

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. At this time we will not be implementing this.

Have a preferred store option

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎10-29-2020 07:34 PM

Hi! It would be really great if we could select a preferred/default store so we don't have to change it every time we log in. (I know that is supposed to be a feature, but it doesn't work. I select a preferred store, and it immediately reverts back to one about 30 miles away.) 


Status: Tell Us More

Nice Idea! Would anyone else like to see this as a reality? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it!

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I would e-mail this direct to Best Buy corporate, but no e-mail exists publicly for that. I've read that the BB Corporate does read the forums. So...


I would like to suggest that Best Buy add some more benefits to the membership levels as an incentive to reach them.


For example...

Increased default hold time for pickup. Standard is 5 days. Give Elite maybe 7 days, Elite Plus 10 days? I know you can extend it manually with a click of a button on your purchases page, but it would be nice to know that from the start you have more days than normal.


Reward redemption rebate maybe? Amtrak gives you a points redemption rebate when you make a ticket purchase with points.


Lower denomination of rewards? E.g. redemptions down to 50 point denominations vs 250 ($1 vs $5)?


Return of rewards certficiates if you return your purchase for a refund (the certificates you get every so often for hitting a spending minimum on the Best Buy Credit Card that are not returned to you if you get a refund)

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion! We truly do appreciate the feedback!

Its been a very hard for the avrager perosn to get there hands on a Nivdia 30 series GPU. Giving My Best Buy Elite/Elite Plus memberse a timed window, lets say 5~8 hours to buy the stock before the general public could when new stock becomes avalible when be a novel way to: fend of scaplers, given more of an avrage working joe time to get a card, grab some postive prasie from the from the online communtiy.and help encorage shopping @ BBY to keep youre level up.


Can definitly say, Evga implamernting there queuing system has bought a lot of good sentiment to the company during this crazy release. 


Feels bad to miss the drop for the cards by 30 min~ and then turing around and see them imidelty relisted on eBay agian.... 


Would assuyme also there would be some limit 1 30 series card per houshold / account during this timned window and if you hand already oreded 1 you would no longer be eligable for hte timed window during hte next stock drop.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. We truly appreciate the input!

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Elite Plus Benefit Suggestion

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎10-01-2020 12:16 PM

I'd like to make a suggestion: similar to the Black Friday Early Access, I think this round of pre-orders and ongoing graphics cards madness has made it obvious that it would be a huge benefit if Elite Plus members were given first shot at pre-orders for in demand items.  It would also combat the number of bots scooping up these products when known customers with a track record of spending money at Best Buy could have access to them.  Obviously, limit one per Elite Plus account, and say it's a 24 hour window before remaining orders are opened to the general public.

Status: Tell Us More

Interesting suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Editing reviews

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-30-2020 12:05 PM

This obviously is not a new idea, BUT ... I really would like to see BB allow reviews to be edited.


I recently reviewed a Google Pixel 4a, and I since have learned that my one very minor complaint about the phone is something that easily is resolved by going to Settings. I sure wish I could add that to my review.

Status: Acknowledged

I hear you on this, but at this time we will not be allowing edits of reviews.

Product pages used to list which stores had which products out for demo; this has seemingly disappeared and I'm now in the market for some new noise-cancelling headphones that were recently released and there isn't an easy way to see which store has actually already put this newer model out for display as well as the other brand I'm trying to compare these with. 


I'll be honest, initially I didn't see the value in this, but when it comes to new releases and product refreshes it can be a very valuable asset to have, especially if you're wanting to comparison shop and you want to make sure the store has all the items you're trying to compare. 

Status: Tell Us More

I hear you on this. Would anyone else like to see us bring back the On-Display tag on for product pages? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Update Filters for SSD

Status: Tell Us More
by Valued Expert on ‎06-22-2020 01:04 PM

SSD is becoming more and more common.

one of the important factors when shopping for an SSD (or any expansion) is the interface

Currently BB shows (for SSD) USB (various types), SATA. Wi-Fi and Other.

Arguably NVMe is a more desirable interface because it is very fast. But it is lumped under Other. There should be a filter for PCI Express

Status: Tell Us More

Does anyone else want to see us expand our filters for Solid State Drives? Rember to vote for an idea if you like it.

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I would like to see boolean search capability added to the web site. Say for example I want a monitor that is either UHD or QHD The ability to put things in quotes so it searches for the exact string example monitor and (uhd or qhd)
Status: Tell Us More

Thanks for the suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Docking station filter

Status: Tell Us More
by Valued Expert on ‎05-27-2020 10:15 AM
I would like to see a filter added for Docking Stations Specifically Type of input connection USB USB-C Thunderbolt etc... Number and types of outputs
Status: Tell Us More

I would like to see this as well. Would anyone else like to see this as a filter option? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Purchasing Online off BB web page

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-28-2020 10:44 PM - last edited on ‎04-29-2020 09:17 AM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist

Your purchasing program has a big ... huge ... flaw. Once we pay through our credit card the page goes back to original and there is no invoice to print .... we can't figure out if the payment went through .... it says a email will be sent to your email address ..... I go there nothing..  nada .... also nothing in the deleated and nothing in the spam deleation..... I had to call the local store twice to find out if the purchase actually went through...... what a usless waste of hours of my time and your emplyees time and labor just because you can't hire a decent web page designer. GET WITH IT FOLKS... .We all want to be able to print and see proof of our purchase AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. Yes, right then and there 

I picked up my computer that  I purchased yesterday in front of the store but then today , I look at my bank statement and see two computers were purchased , I mistakenly bought two , the second now being sent to me by UPS .... just because there was no way to see if my purchase went through the first time I tried .... So now .... I'll be returning the second computer for a refund ..... a total priceless waste of everbodys time and the companys money. If I was back running my business again .... oooh .... yes ... this type of thing would be cured in a heartbeat and if not then the heads would roll. Best Regards Steve {removed per forum guidelines} in Sun City Artizona

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the thoughts on this. You should be able to do this as bobberuchi described.

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protect your customers

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-24-2020 01:11 PM

Hello, I've been having an issue. For the last few weeks I've been attempting to buy myself a Nintendo Switch for my upcoming birthday of isolation. This seems to be impossible, as they sell out the moment they become available anywhere. Nobody is allowing me to pre-order it, and I can't beat the bots that are doing the actual purchasing because their sole purpose is to wait and purchase immediately. I'm a business major in school, and they keep telling me, "If you want to make money, find a need and fill it." Right now your true customers have a need. They need to be protected from those who would take advantage of an unfortunate situation. If your marketing team is on its game, there's a real chance to boost revenue for your company during this econominc crisis by simply adding a fee to reserve or pre-order items that sell out too fast. By imposing a limit of 1 per customer per given amount of time, you can make life a little harder for the monsters who are taking advantage of people, and really show people you care. I'd happily pay the fee, especially since I refuse to buy from those people taking adavantage. I'll be sending similar emails to all who carry this item in my area, hopefully someone listens, because whats happening here is wrong. 

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for your thoughts here.

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Geek Squad work during social distancing

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-30-2020 03:28 PM
I have an annual membership that I cannot use now because of social distancing. My suggestion is to keep the Geek Squad Employees working on a limited basis only to service customers who have purchased an annual plan. I suggest that no more than 3 technicans work at the same time (could be limited to 1 alone), fixing computers, updating equipment or what ever service the customer member needs performed. This would allow the technicans to work at least part time. It would allow the stores to catch up on the back log that existed at the time of the shut down. At least at Vernon Hills, IL it generally took about 2 weeks of being without my computer to get a new harddrive installed. Customer Members with an annual membership could be notified by text and emails that they can call or email to discuss what service or repair is needed and to schedule a drop off (outside the store) of what needs to be serviced. Better than no service. Keeps some people working. Keeps persons who paid for a one year plan happier that there is some way to arrange service. I personally have 2 more computers hat need hard drives replaced.
Status: Acknowledged
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