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Elite Plus and TotalTech Membership

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by on ‎10-13-2021 02:42 PM
Elite Plus Members should get some sort of incentive towards the TotalTech Membership. Whether it's a complementary 6 months to a year or a discount towards it. Spending the large sum of money every year to hit Elite Plus for points banking and 2 day shipping gets trounced by the 200/yr membership that the TotalTech Membership offers and you also get the benefits of special access to items in stock. As an ex employee and a frequent customer, I feel that the discrepancies between the two are too large to ignore. I can spend less but have more. Whereas I spend more and someone that wants to can just skip the line and get things before me plus extra warranty services.
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I would be surprised if we have not considered this already, and who knows what the future will bring. Thanks for the suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this happen? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

I’d like to propose that BestBuy create a back order list by invitation only to My Best Buy members, starting with Elite Plus and moving down from there. Too may of the consoles being released through and other retailers are being poached by scalpers, and resold for sometimes twice the retail price. I have literally been checking every day for almost a year to get one. It seems like Best Buy would want their best customers to be the first to benefit from their new stock, rather than a bunch of scalpers. Thoughts?
Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the feedback here. I am confident that the appropriate business teams are aware of this feeback.

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Cell Phone Store Pickup Policy

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by on ‎09-24-2021 01:51 PM

Suggestion:  Do away with or, at the least, modify the "No Exceptions" policy not allowing Best Buy Customers to designate Friends and Family to pick up cell phones (or other expensive items).  A blanket policy hurts legitimate customers, particularly those buying gifts or other items for Friends/Family that do not live near them. Shipping items is not a good alternative bc of the signature requirement for delivieries and the recipients are usually not home (at work or school) during the day.  Further, cell phone purchases are, at the outset, already vetted/secured more than most other Best Buy online purchases because they require the Customer to confim the cell phone number and eligibility to purchase the cell phone through the Customer's own phone carrier (ATT, Verizon, etc.) before concluding the Best Buy online purchase.  


Proposal: Come up with a higher level of confirmation before allowing the store pickup designee to be edited on these higher end items.  For example, empower Customer Service to fully verify the Customer and allow the Best Buy representative to make the pickup person designation change, rather than just allowing Customers to do it themselves online/in the app as can be conveniently done with smaller/cheaper items.  As matters now stand, Customer Service apparently has no power to modify the pickup person for a cell phone purchase.    A "live" Customer Service rep could, for example, call back the telephone designated on the account, confirm last 4 digits of SSN, confirm the Best Buy Credit Card CVV code, etc. etc.  The point should be to avoid fraud, not to impede/make impossible legitimate sale or to decrease customer satisfaction.


Thanks for the consideration!

Status: Tell Us More

Thanks for the suggestions. Does anyone else have any input on this? Keep in mind that the carrier's are also involved here, and they could have their own requirements that could be applicable to these transactions. Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Gift cards

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by on ‎09-13-2021 01:30 PM

The ability to load a gift card on to your account and use them the same way we use our rewards. This also reduces the possibility of losing a card. Amazon does and i think best buy should follow suit.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this as an option? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Apologies if this has been suggested already.


I couldn't find an easy place to submit a compliment on my interaction with a sales rep. and I saw someone say on a forum that it's expected that that kind of thing should go onto a forum. I argue that this isn't good enough because, as other people have noticed, links to the forums aren't near the top of the website and you actually have to do a bit of looking around to find them. I have little expectation that managers at various levels ever see positive comments on their employees there. Compliments to your sales people and others who work at helping customers should really be a lot more visible than that.


I'm resorting to trying to find a corporate headquarters address and then writing a paper letter because I don't want to just give up or send my compliments into the ether where no one will see them.


Thanks, Folks!

Status: Tell Us More

I'm confident our managers would want to hear compliments for one of their employees, and I think we should be doing what we can to make it easy for a customer to share their experience with these managers. What does this specifically look like? Make sure you for an idea if you like it.

So hard to buy a PS5

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-04-2021 08:59 PM
As everyone knows, the bots are buying up all the PS5 within minutes after they come online. As an elite plus members, we should get something like, for the 1st hour only elite plus members can buy. Or we should be able to backorder it. Pay now and when it becomes available an email will be sent on how to receive the PS5.
Please help out the members that spend the most at your store.
Thank you
Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Best Buy Founders Edition Drop Events - Texas Card Distribution Suggestion

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-26-2021 02:54 PM - last edited on ‎08-26-2021 03:41 PM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

To Whom it may concern,

I hope this message finds its way to the right person. If you are not it, could you pass it along to someone who may be able to help the situation? Thank you.

First off, Id like to thank you guys for taking the extra time to set up the 30 series Founders Edition drop events. The staff I have delt with have been super professional and the process extremely smooth.

However, it is clearly evident that the distribution of cards in the Texas area isn’t properly proportionate to the population centers that receive them. Please consider revising your distribution numbers!!

The data:
Houston is the largest city in Texas with 2.31 million people and with aprox 7.1 million residents in the greater area. It makes sense that they get the most cards. Which they did. According to my data store the city received 262 cards between the Woodlands and the Galleria.  This would be 0.000037 cards per person.

Now lets look at other cities in Texas.
Austin - 2.29m people - 105 cards - 0.000046 cards per person
San Antonio -  2.55m people - 104 cards - 0.000041 cards per person 
El Paso - 844,818 people - 50 cards - 0.00006 cards per person
Corpus Christi - 442,699 people - 120 cards - 0.00027 cards per person
Lubbock - 318,680 people - 112 cards - 0.00035 cards per person
Midland/Odessa - 343,055 people - 112 cards -  0.00033 cards per person

Now lets look at Dallas ForthWorth Metroplex. Remember this is two cities! the Arlington store is in the middle with travel times up to 1 hours without traffic.
Dallas/Ftworth - 7.69m people - 112 cards - 0.000015 cards per person! 

This means that Lubbock, Texas received 23 times as many cards per person than Dallas/Ftworth. Houston got 2.5x as many cards! 

I understand that my data is not official and you may have other metrics to determine distribution. However, also considering the turnout and its timeline for the event it is clear that the Dallas/Fort Worth Area needs more of the distribution.

{removed per forum guidelines}

In the image above you will see the line counts at Midnight last night were significantly higher at the Arlington Location. The cut off time for people to get cards was roughly 6pm!! This is 13 hours before cards are released and only 6 hours after your announcement! People in these smaller cities were able to go up to the store at 7:30 am and get cards without even camping!!

This 6pm cutoff time also means that people working that day were unable to get to this location in time. Additionally it is fair to speculate that people in line are consisted of mostly scalpers. Having unsuccessfully camped out at BB before and Microcenter multiple times i recognized A LOT of faces. I can confirm that most of the line was made up of Scalpers. Some scalper groups have grown to almost 20 people!

PLEASE consider adding another store to the Dallas Fortworth Area!! Or please allocate some cards from some of the smaller cities to the Arlington Location. Also please consider looking into how Micro Center has chosen to switch from a camping/line system to an in store shuffle. It is a much safer and efficient system and deters scalpers.

Thanks for your time.

Have a good one,
BB customer

Status: Acknowledged

We appreciate the data and suggestion.

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Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-23-2021 11:01 PM

Razer has very recently released the "New Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Chroma RGB (gen2)" in earphones. These are starting to become very popular, they are already a hit in Japan, and while everything else razer (including the previous generation earbuds) is on the BestBuy website/store, these new ones are not. I think it would be a great idea to get these added soon (totally not just because I really want them with geek squad protection).

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion.

Back in the day when Gina, a BBY Employee worked for Best Buy she and her team did everything to make sure there were active promotion of these forums at a store level and also on other mediums as well.


Today, I see that the forums are only mentioned at the bottom of the  page and I feel like more promotion of these forums can benefit end user for technical and self help plus the stores can also brush up on how useful our forums can be for product questions, etc.


It's time to revisit this idea once more and see how better a community can benefit everyone.



Status: Acknowledged

We appreciate the idea, and value this input!

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Shipping to APO/FPO/DPO

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-09-2021 12:55 PM

Dear BestBuy,


Could you please allow shipping to APO/FPO/DPO adresses, its very frustrating being military or diplomatic, stateside or overseas to not be able to buy products from your online store and have it be able to be shipped to an APO/FPO/DPO. Shipping via UPS and FedEx to our mailbox is a huge hassel. Some of us do not have any other option than that address or would have to drive several hours to the nearest UPS/Fedex center to pick up the package. We dont always get to live in regular housing or areas where UPS/Fedex can deliver, our only option is to that post office address. Your shipping policy almost forces me to use your competitor (Amazon) which ships to APO/FPO/DPO adresses. I dont want to buy electronics from Amazon anymore, please consider this request.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. I am confident that this is something we consider when reevaluating where we ship to.

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My Best Visa Card Design

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-08-2021 11:41 PM

Can the design team come up with a nicer design? The existing design is super plain. Your gift card design featuring the various tech you sell would make a nice card design. It would also be nice if the card reflected your membership status, such as an Elite Plus version of the credit card. Some other retailers do this. I hope the feedback can be sent to the team that handles the design. Thanks. 

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the idea. Since these cards are issued by Citibank, I would suggest reaching out to them on this..

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It would be great to to stop auto-issuing so we can accumlate points to purchase something. Other stores that give 5% back i.e. Target and Costco. Your points never expire and you can use them whenver you want. Right now I have hundreds of dollar saved up at those stores. Makes me ready to buy a big purchase.

Status: Acknowledged

Dark Mode on the Best Buy site

Status: Tell Us More
by Valued Expert on ‎07-24-2021 05:49 AM

I like what you did here on the Black Friday in July sale promo on the main page. Any chance extending this color design to the whole site? Sometimes I like to look at Best Buy late at night just to see the latest deals and don't neccesarily like bright colors late in the night. Youtube respects the color scheme on my PC (Dark) and Facebook has a dark mode as well.



Status: Tell Us More

I like this idea! Would anyone else like to see our website have a "dark mode" option? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

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Reduce Geek Squad Scams

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎07-15-2021 10:48 AM

Here is a scary scam I was almost a victim of:


A guy with an Indian accent purporting to be from Geek Squad phoned me 3 hours after I had a sucessful computer update through the real Geek Squad initiated through 1-800-433-5778 and He said after my update geek squad was detecting unusual activity on my computer and they needed to give me access to my computer again to investigate. He gave me a strange web address to type in. I said I would only give him access through He argued that he must be from Geek squad as he knew I had been serviced earlier in the day. However, he could not give the the code to start a session on and then he said he had already found a way into my computer and would call me back in 15 minutes. He did not. I was extremely lucky I did not type in his address.


I suggest Geek squad reference customers to a Scam information page

Status: Acknowledged
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Improve Digital Download Code Process

Status: Tell Us More
by Valued Expert on ‎06-30-2021 09:01 AM

On of the more frequent issues that seem to pop up in the Gamer Forum is digital download codes not being received in timely manner.


My suggestion is Best Buy upgrade their process for supplying digital codes.


Granted, some of the issues are going to be people who have overactive spam filters that may intercept the email


Or they happen to use an email address that is wrong or different than the one they check.


Perhaps change it so someone can only purchase digital content if they are using a confirmed My Best Buy account.


Then have it set up so that ALL digital codes not only get emailed, but they go direct to the Digital Library associated wiht the account. 


Digital Download codes should be almost instantaneous, just as they are with many other retailers. 


Something needs to be done. Whether it is education and or process improvement. 

Status: Tell Us More

Thanks for the suggestions here! Would anyone else have anything to add to this idea? Make sure you vote for the idea if you like it.

Playstation 5 sale idea.

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎06-14-2021 09:44 AM

This sounds simple and you may have done it already but i did not see it.  Can you make an exclusive PS5 buying option for BB Credit Card holders?  With the madness of getting these it would combat the bots and get you more card holders.  Other companies have done similar things.  I.E. Gamefly, PS Direct, Costco, Sams, etc.  I myself would use mine. Have been a card holder for 10yrs. Thanks. 

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. We would not be able to comment on any possible future promotional offers.

This idea is to be able to sub search from a set of results.


Often I find there is not filter for a specification I am looking for.


So when you have used the various methods to locate selection of items and it is narrowed down to say 127 item, you can now do a query to find matches from that selection.


Example. Say I am looking for Mac Book Pro's with 16 GB of memory. I can filter down to that. But there are still 86 items.


However, I only want to see latest model. So I can now do a sub search for Latest Model.

Then another sub search to show only Space Gray


Essentially this would allow for the manual filtering of features that are not set up with filters.


Status: Tell Us More

Thanks for the suggestion. Makes sense to me. Would anyone else like to see this as a search option on our site? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Enable Prodct Review Changes

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-22-2021 03:56 PM

I purchased a Panasonic microwave online and it was delivered a little over a year ago.  I gave it a 5-stars

 rating but would like to change it because it has a major fault error.  I paid more for it but paying for repairs will be costly.    I am not happy!

Status: Acknowledged

Reviews cannot be changed once posted.

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I would like to suggest that you provide advance notification to the customer (email) that their elite status is changing effective on mmddyy unless they spend xx amount between now and then. If that’s occurring I didn’t see it. So recently I lost my elite status.

I have no idea how close I was to hitting the $ goal for elite or that the renewal or assessment occurred every February. I could have been within 50 bucks or something and would have been happy to make an early purchase to meet it so I could renew.
Status: Acknowledged

We hear you. We do provide the terms of the program when a customer signs up for it, and it should state in the terms when their status could change each year and why. Thanks for sharing your thougths on this.

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Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-28-2021 03:54 PM

Can we have like an early access for the rights to buy Video cards =P These things are insanely in high demand LOL

Status: Acknowledged

We hear you, and appreciate the feedback.

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