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Expanding delivery and installation area

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎01-16-2017 10:57 AM

I live in Crossville, TN.  The closest BB is in Knoxville.  I believe you are missing out on a lot of business by not having delivery and installation available in our area.  Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. I can assure you we are consistently looking at our delivery and installation options.

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The LG UltraFine monitor lineup are the only ones that really work fully (including charging) the new MacBook Pros. For folks that don't have an existing monitor that can be adapted via USB-C to HDMI or Thunderbolt 3-to-Thunderbolt 2 (for Thunderbolt Display owners), this creates an opportunity for Best Buy to increase revenue per transaction as there is really no other viable USB Type-C competitors. Most are priced more than the LGs and don't have speakers/FaceTime camera and most importantly don't deliver enough power to charge the new MacBook Pros via the display (most seem to be maxing out around 45W). They are also lower resolution (in terms of both PPI, color gamut and resolution -- most are shooting for QHD versus 4k/5k). 


It would seem like the gamble would be pretty low for Best Buy to carry these and at the very least they could start out online and make their ways into stores in the long term. In areas where there are no Apple Store (which there's 1/2 as many of as Best Buy stores) this is also an opportunity for Best Buy to attract new customers and get the jump on other large onliners that are going to aggressively try to bring these to their web stores soon (a certain photography and video store on the East coast immediately comes to mind).

Status: We Did It!

@ gadgeteer, thanks for pointing out that we do carry these now.

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Geek Squad Confusion

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎01-02-2017 08:31 AM

I am at a bit of a loss how to deal with Geek Squad. My use for the service is currently to handle an in home APPLIANCE repair. I was in a Best Buy store recently (to purchase another item), so stopped at the Geek Squad counter to try to find out when the part needed for the repair was coming in, and when the service repair was scheduled, so I could make sure I was home. The person managing the desk said, "We can't pull up that information, try the appliances section of the store". I did - and no luck.

Next step was to call the number - and I got through to a helpful human. He gave me the service repair ticket number (8 digits), so I figured I could enter that into the Geek Squad application. That applications needs a 14 digit number, so of course I couldn't pull it up.

Next step try it on the computer. Same problem.


So for me, the bottom line is that by branding home appliance repairs under the Geek Squad brand, Best Buy has created a monster. Clearly the systems, policies, practices are not well integrated. In the technology business, we call that "putting lipstick on a pig". It doesn't really make the pig any prettier, however.


Not that I am a marketing or branding guru, but I suggest that systems that make it hard and frustrating for the customers can't be good for business.




Status: Acknowledged

I have to agree with you whole heartedly, and I can promise you we are always trying to improve our business. As it stands now there is no way for a customer to look up an in-home appliance repair other than calling us, or reaching out via social media. On the other side of the coin it is very very very expensive for a company our size to make any system changes.

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This is nothing personal against any one who doesn't speak English as a first language or live in the US. There are plenty of wonderful people all over this world. This is about specific experiences.


You need to have US-based service reps when they are asked for. I ask when I call in and get "Bob" who does not speak English as a first language and I have difficulty in understanding them. These folks are at a natural disadvantage at times as usually they haven't lived in the US and aren't familiar with our culture and idioms.


For example, one of your foreign call-center folks decided it was OK to send my order to a different city than the specific store we'd already agreed to. We never discussed this. During the call, I had to ask them to repeat themselves at times and then repeat what I thought I heard back to them to get some clarity. Maybe in their culture it's OK to modify someones order and send them off to a different city. Not so much here in the US though.


Eliminating linguistic and culture barriors, especially when needing to have technical or detailed policy discussions, is crucial to successful support. Please learn from your competitor that is named after a rainforest in South America.

Status: Acknowledged

We do have many call centers located in the U.S., but as with most large companies we also contract call centers outside of the U.S. for a variety of reasons.

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Status: Acknowledged

We don't accept trade-ins of TVs.

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It's frustrating to go into the local Best Buy's in my area and every store carries the same sad assortment of tacky "body cases" and other useless accessories for Apple Watch and yet the accessories that would generate more interest and sell more, like Bands are non-existent.  I kid you not the store I frequent has been out of Apple's Watch bands since summer. Moreover, if demand for Bands is that high, it would make more sense to clear out some of the other accessories that aren't selling as well and bring more bands into the store.  Even Best Buy's own branded bands they have like 6 of (really 3 because (3) are for 38mm and (3) are for 42mm) and each of those only has 1 or 2 on the hanging tag.  For Apple to invest as much as they have in bands, something tells me Best Buy is leaving a lot of money on the table here (I mean I recall a whole keynote where Tim Cook spent the first 30 minutes focused on refreshed Watch bands -- just saying). 

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see us carry more Apple Watch bands? Makes sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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I am a faithfully loyal customer; purchasing everything from DVDs to complete appliance package. I am also a member of a group of Americans that are disabled. My usual mode of purchasing items are through internet orders. This is especially true during the Christmas holiday season; this year was no different.

On November 25, 2016, I attempted to purchase one of the last gifts on my list; which was a Dell laptop for my daughter who will be attending grad-school in the Spring. My husband researched and found that the Dell-Inspiron 15.6” Touch-Screen Laptop-Intel Core i5-8GB Memory, with 1 TB Hard Drive to be sufficient for her needs. I searched your Black Friday circular and found Model#I3558-5501 BLK for $349.99. I thought to myself, ‘Great, I can purchase that laptop for an outstanding price.’ I tried, to no avail; to purchase it online, so I called your customer service center. To my dismay, I was on hold for more than 10 minutes the first time I called. After several attempts (after being transferred, and disconnected) over a few hours. I spoke to a very nice, however undertrained, young lady by the name of Julie.

Julie explained to me that this item was an in-store only item and I would need to travel to my nearby store to purchase the laptop as the item was a Black Friday in-store item. I explained to her that I was unable to travel to a store to make my purchase due to my disability. She express sympathy for my condition, but was unable to assist me in this purchase.  I expressed my displeasure with this policy, as an entire group of people (those of us who are disabled or have other contributing factors that prevent us from traveling to an actual store for purchases). I was offered another laptop; however, it was more than $150 more than the one I called to purchase. I asked for a manager, was told that the manager would tell me the same thing. I asked again for a manager and was told that a manager was not available. I asked a third time and was put on hold, then disconnected. I called several times, with wait times a total of more than an hour; all resulting with same results. Julie was in an off-shore customer service center and there was a definite language barrier, and I wanted to be transferred to an American customer service center and was disconnected.

This is unacceptable, as a person with disabilities I found it appalling that because we cannot get out to the stores, we have to purchase items at a higher price. I feel discriminated against. However, when reading your Diversity and Inclusion policy it outlined your commitment to your customers in your “Unique Customer Promise” which states you will provide customers with:  

  • The Latest Devices and Services, All in One Place
  • Impartial and Knowledgeable Advice
  • Competitive Prices
  • The Ability to Shop When and Where You Want
  • Support for the Life of Your Products"

According to an article in FindLaw (Disability Discrimination, November 25, 2016), Disability discrimination is the unequal treatment of an individual based on that individual's real or perceived disability. People with disabilities often need special assistance, such as larger rest room stalls or special parking spaces etc., so "equal" in this context refers to access and the right to be treated equally regardless of any accommodations. Therefore, by the very definition your company’s refusal to accommodate my needs is indeed ‘Disability Discrimination.’

Status: Acknowledged

Our Black Friday sales are not better in our stores than they are on, but they can be different. There are some sales that can only be purchased in our stores, there are some offers that are only valid on Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Couple of Power Supply a few in the community may know I was looking for a PSU replacement. I of course being the Bestbuy consumer I am looked to Bestbuy first. I was saddened though upon further research how very few filters and actual brands and even the amount of power supplies itself are sold. 


Power supplies for gamers is very very important and it is a HUGE grey area where there can be great money made. So I have listed a few points I noticed right away.


1) there is no filter for "modular, semi modular, not modular"

2) there is no filter for SLI/Crossfire compatibility

3) I did not even see THE largest brand out there. Why would you not have Seasonic PSU's? To be totally honest that was the only reason I did not buy mine at Bestbuy. 

4) selection is very poor. Marketing needs to understand that there are three groups of people who buy power supplies. The repairmen for the average joe (low wattage), mid level/single video card gamer (mid wattage), and the heavy gamer who has multiple video cards and who probably has a water system(high wattage). There are less than 50 power supplies listed on Bestbuy website that is sad to say, VERY disappointing. Many other large technology retailers have 250+ with a variety of brands. Now mind you, I don't blame you I do think Bestb should limit the brands to the better ones such as Corsair, Thermaltake, Seasonic, and etc. 

5) there is no filter for quality certification (bronze, silver, etc) 

6)  going back to what I said at the end of #4 about the selection process as well I did notice certain models of PSU were listed that have proven to e ...lesser quality and just shouldn't be used it would arguably be good to see a selection of evaluated power supplies that are actually of decent quality. This isn't to say you can't have some lower tiers for those who don't wish to pay the extra price.        

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see us carry more Power Supply Units? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Website improvement, backorders

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎11-30-2016 07:49 AM
Implement a tag for items that are backordered!!!!

Customers are having to call CS to find out that the item they ordered is backordered.

How hard is it to show beforehand that the item is backordered?
Status: Tell Us More

I have a feeling it would be extremely difficult to do this as item become backordered and come off backorder on a daily basis. Given the sheer number of items we sell it might be next to impossible to keep the website updated accurately. Would anyone else like to see this as an option? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Electronic Location & Navigation

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎11-28-2016 07:39 PM

A Kiosk that helps improve customer service by allowing the customer to get what they need right away.

Status: Tell Us More

Could you add clarification to this idea? How would this kiosk allow a customer to get what they want right away?

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Remove Rewards Certificate Expirations

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎11-28-2016 02:09 AM



I'd like to suggest the removal of the rewards certificate expiration date.  I just lost a $20 rewards coupon that I didn't even know I had because I never received the email that I had earned it.  Matter of fact, upon closer inspection of my account, I don't even believe this particular rewards coupon allowed me 60 days because it was for using my credit card and not points accrual.    

So far as I'm concerned, and this has been echoed by other people from what I've seen, that is my money I spent using the Best Buy card and account which generated the points for the certificate.  That reward coupon should be there until I want to use it, regardless of when I request to have it issued or what event issued it.  I have now changed my account to bank my points indefinetely (after I did recieve a notice that another $20 certificate was issued so I'll have to use that one), but that wasn't an option I had before now so this isn't the first certificate I've lost because time got away from me or something else happened. 

I don't expect replies.  And I realize that it is my account and it is in the terms of service that I keep up with it and whatnot.  However, just because it's in the current rules, that doesn't mean it shouldn't change.  People are busy.  I don't have time to drop everything I'm doing everytime I have a rewards coupon and run into Best Buy to use it, especially when in this case I was only given a month to do so and had no warning.

Status: Acknowledged

We have run this by the business team in the past and they have assured us at this time this will not change for base member.

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