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Shipping- package delivery

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by nursemichelle13 on ‎11-26-2018 05:23 PM
I think that all purchase bought should be shipping in packaging that disguises the item bought. I had a Christmas gift ruined when a computer monitor I purchased for my son was delivered in the monitor box and no additional packaging. This could reduce thefts of packages as well.
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I'm sure this is the case most of the time, but I do believe this idea has been proposed in the past. Would anyone else like to see us do this. Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Gift bow

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by Rhatab on ‎10-11-2018 03:28 PM
It would be great if you would offer free bows red ones preferably to top off laptops and other technology items sent to loved ones as gifts. Just a thought.
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I'm not sure how we would get this done, but I am curious if others would be interested in gift packaging options? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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New Popular product: Godox.

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by Black_Rabbit on ‎09-13-2018 12:27 AM

Is Best Buy planning to sell them? Because retailers store like Samys camera and B&h already selling them in online shopping.

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Interesting Flash products. Would anyone else like to see us carry these products? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Searching for monitors can be a daunting task when there's over 300 of them and I had someone looking for a USB Type-C -based monitor and realized that under the filters there is no filter for USB Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 -based monitors.  Is there a way to update this section? I know at a minimum the LG Ultra Fine's should be under there but if you didn't know about these before-hand you have to wonder how many sales/customers Best Buy has walked on these? And most major OEM's flagship devices support USB Type-C from Surfaces to Chromebooks to MacBooks.



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Would anyone else like to see us add this filter for monitors on Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Improve pre order options.

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by FreeHat on ‎08-31-2018 05:56 PM
I feel like customers should have more pre order control.
Maybe i dont know how to access options online but i think customers should have a wider range of abilities when pre ordering.

1st id like a section in the profile where it has a list of everything you have pre ordered, as well as how much is paid. going into order history is a total pain because i pre order them so far in advance.
2nd. the ability to upgrade pre orders or an option to put down x amount and auto switch the pre order to a special edition if one is later revealed. this always happens. it has happened with xenoblade 2, smash bros ultimate, and will no doubt happen with metroid prime 4. im left with pre orders on both editions having to refund or return the original.
it would have been nice to have an auto switch or something for the smash bros collectors, since i missed out on that even though i pre ordered the regular edition long ago..knowing there would eventually be a special edition. even asking the associate if an auto switch option didnt. best buy should make one.
3rd. the ability to continuoisly put money toward a pre order. seems like an obvious option to me. some people dont have money at times and other times do.
4th when pre ordering online, the ability to pay upfront and have the transaction go through immediately. id like to pay an entire amount up front, and not have to wait till release date to pay it off on my best buy card, or to have my account dinged for x dollars months after i have decided to order something.
5th Bring back Gamers club unlocked!!
you guys are nuts for getting rid of it. the amount of game sales this brings you is enormous. it has convinced me to buy games where i was on the fence about the has made best buy my only spot for game purchases. in the past i have received games as gifts from other stores... since i have GCU, i return them to their store, and bring that money to best buy.

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Would anyone else like to see these as options when preordering? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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I will be honest. I like seeing the featured items about what's hot for certain categories. You show us potential buyers what other customers are checking out and buying.


But I just don't see the love for certain categories such as accessories for gaming, or perhaps for computer accessories such as Mice, keyboards, you know the little stuff that makes our computers and computing sessions better.


The article you had where you featured a Best Buy employee about what college tech he suggests is a great start, you have lots of inspiring ideas from that, perhaps use some of that to build a showcase that highlights the littler gadgets that deserve more attention than they currently get.

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Who would like us to highlight gaming/computer accessories more? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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by juniorp187 on ‎08-29-2018 09:16 AM

Hopefully I am able to reach somone in corporate. I was looking at the news earlier this morning and noticed that Best Buy has closed several small mobile stores to stay in the business. I grew up in the 90's and to be honest, best buy never reached its peaked like it used to. I remember when Nintendo 64 was brought out, there used to be large advertising in the ceilings and large TV's that were merged into 1 TV monitor to show people playing Super Mario on the game floor. If you look at BestBuys in the 90's picture, its an Iconic picture the inside with the huge screen.

I really don't want for Best Buy to go like Toy's R US did. Now that Toy's R US has left, Best Buy has a real big chance to compete against GameStop in the gaming sales category. 
I suggest putting more consoles on the floor with more games for costumers to play. 3+ consoles of each (ps4, xbox, nintendo) with all the consoles grouped in the center for kid's to interact. The main games coming out in the month, you can display them on a large screen like in the Nintendo 64 era so when customers go inside the retail stores, the first thing they see is a large screen with a customer playing a game. Of course select tiles can't be displayed due to their rated 17+, but at least you can attract the youth once they walk in the door.  Maybe have a large screen over 100 inches in the ceiling angled displaying game trailers and get revenue from the game manufactures for advertising. 
I'm a 6' 0" guy, and I can't even tell where the gaming areas are unless I walk the entire store in BB stores I never have walked into. I would like that when I enter the retail store, I immediately know "Thats's the gaming area " , " Right there is the large screen!".
Toy's R US failed when leadership changed. They use to have lots of rows of remote control toy vehicles. Over hundreds of RC cars and sales were boosting in the 90's. I wrote them this email in 2/26/2015 and no one listened. Toy's R US is now dead...
" Good morning,
Will Toys R US bring back the huge Remote Control (RC) isle's it use to have in the U.S.A? When I was a kid in 1994 to 2004, I remember Toys R US had huge selection of RC cars that were displayed behind glass windows. There use to be over 200 available car selections from small RC cars to Monster Truck RC cars that had the size of a Go-Kart with rechargeable batteries included! Now that I have a 5 year old son, I feel like Toys R US has dropped the ball and veered away from RC selection available in stores. Also, I feel like Toys R US prefers to sell cheap RC cars with no batteries included in order to sell, sell, sell batteries... Toys R US use to be #1 in Remote Control products. I've been using Hobbies stores and Amazon as my primary choice of RC cars. Please bring back the old Toys R Us!
P.S. I guessed most of these email address with help of Executive committee webpage names Smiley Happy
Best Regards," 
Thanks for your time. I know you all want growth, sales, and for business to boom. But that never happens if you don't listen to your customers. You need to shift your focus and where you can improve where there is little competition. Right now, GameStop and the gaming industry is your only choice as Toy's R US failed. You need to pick up the gaming market customers that were left stranded. When I walk into a Best Buy, In my mind I see 3 large selling categories. TV's, Laptops/Electronics, and Gaming. Appliances is a big one, but with my age I prefer electronics. Besides you have too much competition with Lowes, Home depot, and Brandsmart in Appliances. I would give the gaming retail market another look because we are going to a digital era.  Bring back those large drop down screens in the ceiling. Those are my 2 cents. 
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Would anyone else like to see us redesign our stores like this? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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I am a Best Buy fan, and have been for years. Over the years, I have changed my purchasing habits towards always going to Best Buy first, unless they don't carry something. Case in point, LG has a 4k projector HU80KA, which is not carried by Best Buy. This is a $3,000 projector, and from the reviews and marketing materials, looks like this is a great projector. However, if I want to buy it, I have to go elsewhere. This is just one item, and I've seen it with other projectors, and also with other products too. If given the choice between Amazon, BH, etc, vs Best Buy, there is no question who I prefer to give my hard earned money to, but for something like this, I am hamstrung. Is there a way to special order a product like this? I am still working on the money portion, but as I get closer to making a purchase, I thought I would ask in case I was unaware of an existing process.

Status: Tell Us More

I can assure you we want your business as much as you want to give us your business. We of course do not sell every consumer electronics that are on the market, but I'm bet it's pretty close. Would anyone else like to see us carry this projector? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Better Gaming PC Exhibits

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by CarlJones on ‎07-31-2018 12:14 PM
Hello, new to the forum but long time Best Buy customer so I'm not sure if this has been mentioned on here previously.

I have noticed that none of the higher end gaming PC's which are capable of playing games at higher framerates and settings have games to be demoed in store. There's no ability for a customer looking for a high end rig to test or even view the potential of the computer they are looking at. The best thing they can do is browse the desktop, local settings, and interent which doesn't even scratch the surface of what a gaming machines is capable of. In my opinion, it leaves a negative impression with the customer to find the same demo experience from a high end gaming rig as they would with a very basic desktop or laptop.

I understand that previewing certain games and software in store may seem as favoritism to certain brands and be frowned upon, but I think that a partnership with game developers to have their games featured in store to be tested on PC's made to handle them would be an asset and a valuable investment.

Along with the games, it would be helpful to have software utilities to measure and show framerates in games which would be standard across all show models on the floor for equal comparison. For example, have MSI's framerate utility Afterburner installed to measure game performance.

While this may sound involved, these are standard utilities and practices done by exactly those customers shopping for PC's at your stores on their own computers. To not have these tools available for customers is akin to car dealerships not letting their potential customers test drive their cars before purchase. It doesn't make much sense.

Anyways, that's all I have. I've been shopping at Best Buy for years and always wondered why there hasn't been a better enthusiast PC experience at your stores. One cannot treat the customers shopping for high end PC's as the same customer looking for a basic one to check their email every month.

Perhaps this will find the right reader and some changes can be made to that department.
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It is unlikely we would ever do this, but would like to hear from others if they would like us to have gaming demo computers set up in our stores? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

I understand why Best Buy doesn't match Amazon Prime deals, but why not follow suit with "Elite Plus Member" deals and Price Match in some sort of way?


If you're a person that spends thousands of dollars at BB every year (Elite Plus Member), why not piggy back on members that spend money at the store to benefit from the deals and still recoup the money we would ultimately spend with Amazon?


For example, the Harry Potter 4K collection is $80 on Amazon & $100 at Best Buy today. I would much rather give my $80 to Best Buy for this collection, rather than throw money at Amazon.


Just a thought. Thanks.

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see us match Amazon Prime deals if you are a My Best Buy Elite Plus member? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

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Weapon detecting glasses

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by daddygoddaddy on ‎07-13-2018 04:54 PM
This product is mainly for law enforcement use. It will be able detect guns, knives and so on.
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Is there a specific product you would like us to carry?

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Garmin products

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by Ncraig2 on ‎06-10-2018 10:53 AM - last edited on ‎06-10-2018 03:29 PM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist

You as a whole do sell many Garmin products but I see one you missed out on. You guys have many scuba divers as your customers that would love to be able to order through your company the mk1 decent by Garmin. This a Garmin watch just like the others with a added feature scuba diving computer. Any location you have near any coast or natural spring is missing out of the sale of this product. I believe myself and many others in the diving community could and would jump on this product given the chance to be sold by a major retailer.

N. {removed per forum guidelines}

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Would anyone else like to see us carry this watch? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

I commonly take a long time to make a purchase of large items and utilize the "save for later" feature.  Is especially use this for items that aren't critical to everyday life (i.e. my dream home theater).   It would be amazing to get an automatic notification when one of my "watched" items goes on sale because it might put me over the edge to buy one or all of the items.



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I believe this idea has been posted in the past, but that was a while ago. Would anyone else like to see this feature added to our website? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Idea: post an email address where you can be reached.  I don't have the luxury of stepping away from desk during business hours to make phone calls. An email address is the most expeditious way to communicate. If it is not available, Idea #2:  remove the text you add at the bottom of my order page that says "contact us ... by email" - it's a waste of time trying to search for an email address that does not exist. 

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I work across the street from a Best Buy.  I live near a different Best Buy.  I used to drive by a third Best Buy on my way to and from work.  


What I would like to see for my personal preferences is multiple Your Stores: 


Right now you can specify one store to be your store. If you could specify 2 or 3 then when you click on the Pick up Today tab you can see which of your stores have the product in stock. 

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see this on Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Right now, every time that I have a price that I can’t find, or I need to downstock a product I can’t find, I have to go thru the process of logging into ETK on a POS, then finding planograms to search them (I’m merch). It would make life 150x easier if “Search Planogram by SKU” was added to the default POS screen!! Hopefully this would help sales associates find things easier as well.
Status: Tell Us More

Would any other employees like to see this as a reality? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

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I have had my eye on an HP All-In-One computer for a few months.  With an upcoming birthday, I was looking at my finances and considering making a purchase for myself. It was great timing by Best Buy to send me an email telling me to make a birthday purchase for myself with a 10% discount promotion. Problem is the item is on sale. Big ticket item on sale -- can't use promotion. Really appreciate the Best Buy good wishes! Reread the terms and conditions again. Wow! what is a birthday present (discount) that you can't use on the perfect gift.  I would hope that Best Buy would revisit this birthday promotion and look at broadening the offer so a birthday boy/girl could use it on that perfect ... must have.. can't do without gift.

If you need to limit the offer -- how about 5% off on sale items?

Please consider


Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see us expand what our Birthday coupons could be used on? If so, in what way? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

Recently, I've been looking for a media center computer and I've been looking at the Tiny/Micro desktop computers from Lenovo (M9 series), Dell (Optiplex) and HP (EliteDesk).  For consumers there are also the Mac Mini and HP Elite Slice. These are similarly popular in business environments because of how much desk space they save and how easy they are to conceal.  I think it would be adventageous for BestBuy to split these off into their own category when someone navigates over to the Computers & Tablets > Desktop & All-in-One Computers category. I had no idea that Best Buy even carried Tiny/Micro dekstops and had been looking for one directly thru the OEMs because they were buried and only came up after I decided to search for them by model specifically today. 

Status: Tell Us More

I like this idea. Would anyone else like to see this category added for desktops on our website? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

When searching/browsing, I would love to see an option to be notified when the price changes on an item.  Too many times (in-store), customers come in and have no idea that sales run week-to-week and it's usually on Sunday after the price has changed that they've decided to come shop.  I think it could be a way to help curb this as well, increasing customer loyalty and promoter scores. 

Status: Tell Us More

I believe a version of this idea was posted in the past, but I do feel like it is a decent concept. Your example does have a problem in that for these customer's coming into your store they won't receive the notification until the price has gone up. We of course couldn't share when the price of something will be going down prior to the reduction in that products pricing. Maybe this instead could be functionality where a customer is notified when the price of something on our website does drop. Any other thoughts on this idea? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Remember My Shipping/Pickup preference!

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by MrNoLife on ‎04-17-2018 09:58 AM

Why the hell do you always try to default me to Store Pickup? I've NEVER used it and NEVER will. I'm shopping on a website, I expect shipping, and I shouldn't have to select it every bloody time. Remember my preference already. It's a website! Shipping should be default anyway. At least save our preference in our account.


Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see this as a function of our website? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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