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Beta Testing Area

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by EthanPollak on ‎05-14-2019 12:24 PM

I am a consistent BestBuy customer and have went to many retail locations to buy everything from headphones to new TVs. I love the fact that BestBuy is always stocked with the latest and greatest technologies however I think it would be a huge value add for them to add emphasis on upcoming innovations as well. 


If BestBuy allocates a small portion of space in its retail locations to displaying extremely innovative technologies that are yet to be released or have literally just been brought to market I think it would draw more attention to the stores and lead to more in-person traffic. This area could be dedicated to things like beta testing upcoming technology, displaying the designs for new innovations, and more. This would get people talking and make BestBuy a destination as well as get customers to come back and hopefully purchase the item at a later time when it's released. An example of this would be having a beta testing area for Google's new cloud based gaming innovation called Stadia. Many people want to try it but simply do not have access and I know for a fact that I would drive to a local BestBuy in order to get the experience of trying Stadia and seeing how it performs. This could lead me to purchasing something else in the store too that I didn't even intend on getting when I walked in.

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Drop iBuyPower

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by BenOnstot on ‎05-13-2019 04:39 PM

Stop carrying iBuyPower as a gaming line when they have a less than 1.5 start rating on the BBB site and a proven track record of abusing their warranty system and parts replacement.

When I was in your store last time you had multiple iBuyPower products and only one cyberpowerpc even though they have far more BBB ratings and are sitting at a 3.7 star rating. Your sales associate also knew next nothing about the cyberpowerpc other than that they "were a competitor" for iBuyPower and that he pushed me far more towards iBuyPower.

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A barrier of purchase for the elderly and some veterans is the inability to lug heavy appliances and electronics to their household. If the product makes it to their home, they also might find it difficult to install the product. Currently, Best Buy offers free delivery of products over $399, but this cap should be lifted. If it was made abundantly clear that every product was within grasp for everyone, sales of these high-ticket items would increase. The elderly and some veterans would not feel deterred when purchasing an item that may seem intimidating to setup in home.

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Open Box on Amazon

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by Amber0110 on ‎05-11-2019 10:51 PM

Hey Best Buy,

       I recently shopped a 50 inch Insignia TV from Amazon, and it was only after my purchase that I found out about the collaboration between Amazon and Bestbuy to sell smart TVs. I then went onto the BestBuy website and found out about your open box deals. Honestly, I think that if BestBuy suggest to Amazon to put the open box deal options on their website as well it would boost the sales as well as saves customers some money. Anyway, thanks for reading!

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