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To my knowledge BestBuy is the only seller of these "universal" iPhones that should work on any carrier, but then lock themselves to that carrier upon first activation. These phones are misunderstood by most people to be unlocked phones, but they are not truly unlocked. They are sold at the same price that Apple sells truly unlocked devices. I am an owner of such a phone that is now effectively a brick beause TMobile says they can't unlock it, but no other SIM will work in it and I have no coverage from TMO where I now live. Sales Associates should know this, but obviously some of them don't, or don't bother to relay this information to customers.  Due to their high cost, iPhone are not stored on open shelves but are taken to the register when requested by a buyer.  The first time you touch the device is after you've bought it, so even if its packaging stated these limitations it wouldn't matter.


I propose that BB implement a fact sheet stating the details of these phones and requiring a consumer to sign it prior to actually buying the phone.


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Corsair M65 out of stock

Status: New
by Thatlolz7960 on ‎03-22-2019 10:14 PM

I was looking around for a new gaming mouse for my PS4 then finally I came across the Corsair M65 Pro Wired RGB Optical Gaming Mouse that was on sale for 50% off, but when I went to add it to my cart it said it was sold out.  Can someone tell me what pease tell me if it will get back on stock soon, I'm planning to get a gaming mouse soon and this is one of my top options.  

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Digital Voice Recorder Comparison Signage/Chart

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by gadgeteer on ‎03-16-2019 11:37 PM

I think Best Buy should create some sort of signage that compares the different digital voice recorders.  There’s so many models and even when you go to the Sony site, for example, it doesn’t do a good job of highlighting the differences, instead going into feature overflow for each product individually. You don’t realize how complicated the shopping process is for these until you need one and you quickly realize the product boxes all highlight the same features — i.e. 4GB storage, directly connects to a PC/Mac, XYZ battery life with a couples hours variance — for $20/increases per each model the only difference that sticks out is minimal jumps in battery and because these aren’t as popular as say laptops, the Best Buy employees look like a deer in headlights when you ask about them and they quickly pull out their phones and quickly start Googling and you just think to yourself — there has to be an easier way. Just my two cents.

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Renewing Reward Zone Certificates for Gift Cards

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by TS17 on ‎03-13-2019 05:19 PM



On February 5th (with no advanced contact) The reward Zone program was changed to no longer allow cashing in of Reward Zone Certificates for Gift Cards.  Was there a reason for the change? I am not sure how this would benefit loyal Best Buy customers.  Please change this policy back to continu to enhance your support of loyol customers.


Thank You

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Start selling PC Games...Again

Status: New
by Emerging Expert on ‎03-11-2019 12:24 PM

I have purchased dozens of PC versions of games from Best Buy. However, since it was announced that Gamers Club is going away it seems only 1 in 10 or so new game releases are being carried by Best Buy. 


Of the PC Games I am interested in that BB carries still buy from them.  But I am finding more more I have to buy direct from the Game Client or publisher. 

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I bought a laptop last month at Bestbuy and the salesman said to me the $19.99(Plus tax) was for the total year GSP fee. However, I received the notification for my credit card two days ago that I was charged again for $22.59, realizing that this fee is on a monthly basis. I exactly want to cancel all this GSP service fee but the salesman in phone or in the store said I have to pay another $249 as the cancellation fee. This is not my fault to make the contract on this useless GSP cause the salesman concealed it to me when I bought the laptop. Now I urge you to cancel this fee to my credit card and I don't wanna have any service with the GSP. I'd like to settle this issue ASAP! Or I'd think you are doing fraud and a high-handed clause!
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