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Please add a feature to add gift card balances to accounts

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impressions vanity mirror

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by cracksabath on ‎07-11-2019 06:52 AM

i reeeeaaaallly love these mirrors and i think you guys would sell a lot of them if you did! please stock these mirrors so i can buy one right now lol.

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I'm not sure if every product is like this but specifically on iPhones, I noticed it's so trivial to get pricing on AppleCare for devices.  If you click learn more you get led into a page trying to pitch all the benefits.  If you click on a phone then you have to pick a carrier, etc. etc.  Why isn't pricing displayed transparently on the product page when you click on an iPhone? This is an integral part of trying to determine the trust cost of ownership of the device and making it so trivial to get the information may be opting people into just passing on it.  


Here's what I'm talking about:

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edit post in community forum

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by ndl318 on ‎07-08-2019 04:40 AM

Dear sir madam, 

a simple feature to edit post is not implemented. This is very strange

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I am a best buy elite plus member. I spend several thousand dollars a year a best buy. One of the main reasons I do that is the rewards program. I enjoy being able to use rewards to buy Microsoft gift cards to buy Xbox games. I have not bought a physical copy of a game in 5 years, but I still go to Best buy for my Xbox cards. Relatives know that I enjoy best buy gift cards for holidays. If you cannot allow us to buy gaming gift cards with our rewards, then you have lost my business. I will gladly cancel my best buy credit card and take my business elsewhere if you are going to take away the biggest benefit of shopping there.
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The other day, when I was searching for tablets to see what I can find for cheap, I noticed an influx of listings for Apple iPads and other carrier devices included in the search. I dont want these listings to clutter my actual search so I'd like these turned off. If I wanted an Ipad at a monthly price, I'd go into the store.


But please not part of my search.

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Expanded Recycling Section in Stores

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by jimmichanga on ‎06-20-2019 02:02 PM

Best Buy should invest a section of the store to helping recycle or donate old technologies and educating the community on ways to potentially recycle outdated technologies. As climate change becomes more daunting in our near future, I think Best Buy should take action and spearhead recycling efforts within communities. Doing so would increase their brand reputation and possiblty increase their in-store traffic significantly. For example, if someone wants a new tv but still has a tv in their room that they don't know how to get rid of, they can come to Best Buy to recycle it (for a possible discount) and buy a new one in one trip. While it may not be lucrative for Best Buy, this idea can help to establish a stronger community around the Best Buy brand.

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I have purchased all of my and family's TV's for the last 14 years at Best Buy stores (includings gifts and ones for kids going off to college) and now I'm ready to retire just one of them, as all of you know they want to charge a $25 fee to recycle it. It is a 40" LCD HDTV. I had asked my local store in Overland Park, Kansas, since I had purchased the TV from that store if they would waive the $25 fee, which he blatantly said no.  I even had the receipt in hand, because I wanted to show that I had purchased it at that store, because I knew of the $25 fee and thought they might waive it since I had purchased it there.   Well for the cost of $25, I will be taking all my future TV and other electronic purchases elsewhere.  



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