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by DixieSommers 4 hours ago

Here's a great idea - provide some way your customers can send you complaints. Forums blogs etc you have don't do the trick and are just a ruse to make us think you want to hear what we have to say.


Here's a complaint. I needed 1 CR2032 battery.  I have only one device that uses this battery, and it requires only one battery. I go to Best Buy. Yes, you have this battery. But packaged only in 4 per or 6 per package. So I had to spend over $10 to get one battery. This is a rip off.


Also the package was practically unopenable. I'll send a complaint about this to Energizer.

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I'm sure Best Buy's Elite and Elite Pro members already enjoy the various membership benefits they get with their tier of membership so why not go one up and open up the holiday shopping season a couple of weeks early for these members? Elite Pro would have theirs begin followed by Elite a week later, and then the Best Buy Basic members.


What do you think?

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