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Video Rental

Status: Acknowledged
by Griswell on ‎01-17-2019 12:26 AM

To whom it may concern,


Video rentals are dying. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon amongst others stream and rent online tv shows and movies. The ability to find and watch a single film you want is limited to local video stores, as Blockbuster has fallen victim to the free market.


Best Buy has an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. By creating a rental service for movies, you would offer a solution to those that wish to watch specific films that are not being streamed on their site of choice.


My proposal is that Best Buy set up an online rental system that can deliver rented videos to customers, as well as the ability to rent movies at thier physical locations. After a customer has rented a movie, they could then be offered the opportunity to keep the movie by buying it a reduced (from store) price, via a function on the online rental site. This feature is intended to move more products than Best Buy currently does, creating additional revenue.


Best Buy already has the supply chain and physical locations to support a rental system. The main barriers are acquiring the specific licenses for the movies, setting up an online selection and ordering system, and negotiating a favorable deal with an appropriate delivery service.


The key idea to understand here is that by expanding Best Buy's potential avenues of income, and bolstering those that currently exist, the store will remain competitive and forward thinking.


Please take this idea under consideration.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. At this time we will not be launching a video rental service.

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Improve Customer Support

Status: Acknowledged
by Aljones2000 on ‎01-08-2019 08:53 AM

I went to Best Buy yesterday in Frisco, TX located at North Dallas Tollway and El Dorado to exchange a gift. Their was one girl behind the counter who was very helpful. She told me where to go to find my new item. I found it and went back to service desk, there was a line of 5 people waiting with various issues. The Customer Service Girl was dealing with these people and issues as efficiently as possible, but it was taking some time. She called for manager support several times but it took about 15 minutes for a young manger to saunter over to the counter. Meanwhile I could observe several groups of sales persons talking with each other. The store was not busy at the time. 

My suggestion would be to cross train your sales force in customer service procedures so that they can recognize a line and get behind the counter and assist customers. And managers need to respond immediately to manager requests. There were several irritated customers wasting their time grumbling with each other as we waited in line.

To me this a no brainer and easily rectified. 

Service is key to your survival.

Thanks for you attention

Al Jones

Status: Acknowledged

Most sales associates can at least do basic returns and exchanges, but working the customer service desk is not necessarily within their job responsibilities. I can say that managers in our stores should be responding as quickly as possible to any needs in their store.

Disable Automatic Subscriptions

Status: Acknowledged
by Trusted Contributor on ‎12-13-2018 10:40 AM

I would like to see automatic subscriptions not be a thing with Best Buy. 

I purchased a new computer for myself 12 months ago.  In the shopping cart I removed Webroot (which was free).


In May I purchased a new computer for my father.  This time I didn't remove Webroot. When I to my fathers place I  tossed Webroot in the garbage.  I set up my fathers computer. I did not activate Webroot. I did not register Webroot.


During checkout it does show Webroot Internet Security + Antivirus 2018 (3-Device) (6 Month Subscription) 


Last month I received a notice from my Best Buy Credit card that I was charged for a renewal on my Webroot subscription.


Nowhere along the line did I agree to a subscription. Further it should not have even activated.


You can go into your account and remove the subscription.  But you should not have to.  


What I would like for this suggestion is 

Best Buy does not Automatically enroll you in a subscription.

During checkout you should have to check a box to enable Automatic renewal. 

Status: Acknowledged

I hear where you are coming from on this, but at this time we will not be getting rid of automatic subscriptions.

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longer term for computers

Status: Acknowledged
by mikeyb0412 on ‎10-25-2018 02:58 PM

I saw appliances from$479 had 18 financing and I really think it would be cool to have 18 financing for computers  for $599. I got my last computer with 18 month financing and now my desktop died and Im in need of all in one and I need 18 months because Im on fixed income. thanks for reading

Status: Acknowledged

I hear you on this. I actually got a promotional email today from us on exactly the type of offer you are asking for. Just keep your eyes open for Citibanks financing deals.

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I'm sure Best Buy's Elite and Elite Pro members already enjoy the various membership benefits they get with their tier of membership so why not go one up and open up the holiday shopping season a couple of weeks early for these members? Elite Pro would have theirs begin followed by Elite a week later, and then the Best Buy Basic members.


What do you think?

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion! I can assure you we are always looking at ways to reward our most loyal customers.

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Rewards Points

Status: Acknowledged
by JerryHuot on ‎10-04-2018 09:44 AM

My wife buy gift cards for points to use for gas discounts, so when I spent $1695.00 a month ago using gift cards, I thought I would get my points. That did not happen because I used gift cards. I buy Starbucks gift cards and get points from Kroger, I spend the money at Starbucks and get points from Starbucks with no problems, I have spent a lot of money at Best Buy in the nineteen years I have lived here and will spend no more because of not getting points. 

Status: Acknowledged

It is correct that a My Best Buy member would not get My Best Buy rewards points when using a gift card(s) to make a purchase. The reason for this is that when purchasing a gift card from us a My Best Buy member should get My Best Buy rewards points.

SteelBooks® for Canadian Buyers

Status: Acknowledged
by Thwip on ‎10-03-2018 02:49 PM
I have an idea, that perhaps the movie buying team isn't aware of. Westcoast Canadian SteelBook® Collectors, like myself, drive to Best Buy Bellingham to purchase SteelBooks® and I know I'm not alone in doing this; I just met a fellow Canadian Collector at the store yesterday. I would suggest it might be a good idea to ensure ALL Best Buy SteelBook® releases are available for purchase at the Bellingham location, not just "Available today at a store ___ miles away from Bellingham", as has been the case for some more recent releases. Thanks.
Status: Acknowledged

What items are in stock at a specific store really depends on many factors, and I can promise you we are always working to make sure all the needs of each customer are met at their local store.

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24 month financing

Status: Acknowledged
by mikeyb0412 on ‎10-01-2018 01:10 PM

I keep looking every week for an extended financing for all in one computer. I need one and thats only way I can buy one on fixed income

Status: Acknowledged

Citibank changes their no interest financing offers on our Best Buy branded credit card often, and my best advice would be to keep your eye open. I use these financing offers all the time, and in fact just received a 24 month financing offer from Citibank via email for purchases $999 and up; I promptly went out and bought a new lens for my camera.

Telephone Numbers

Status: Acknowledged
by Jayster1961 on ‎09-14-2018 08:25 PM

I think Best Buy should fix their phone systems. As I live 41 miles from the nearest Best Buy, I depend on calling them before I get there to ensure what I am looking for is there. Here, IF you call the California, Natomas Store, you get the Elk Grove store, and in turn, they transfer you to the Natomas store. Per conversation from the associates, the Elk Grove associates are generally busy, and do not have time to answer the phones, and are even worse at transferring calls. IF you call the Chico store, you get the Redding store. I have talked to the California, Natomas, Assistant Manager, Trevor. He states this is a normal operation for their stores, and if you want to talk to the Natomas store, when you call it, you need to use and extension number. NONE OF THE EXTENSION NUMBERS ARE POSTED. How hard would it be to add a que to say, if you want the Natomas store hit extension..XXXX? Nothing is impossible, and I am sure it would require a minor tweak to the phone systems if they are already pre-integrated. 

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. I can assure you we are always working on ways to improve our phone system.

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Price matching

Status: Acknowledged
by strrgzer on ‎09-09-2018 01:39 PM

I wondered if it would be at all possible for those customer who are reward zone members and pay with a debit or credit card to allow them the capability to do a price match through the BB app.   I do also mean only for price matching our store.  They could click on their purchase and submit when they need to price match as opposed to having to come back in.  For some customers coming back in is an inconvenience due to distance or other issues.  This would allow us to assist our most loyal customers without them having to come back in.  After all, it's evident that those who have reward zone elite or elite plus are loyal, they should be afforded preferencial treatment. Just a thought. 

Status: Acknowledged

Due to the complicated nature of a price match request we need each to be addressed manually by a customer service representative.

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Desktop computers

Status: Acknowledged
by mikeyb0412 on ‎09-06-2018 11:34 AM

I have been waiting for 24 month financing on desktop computers. Appliances have been 24 for long time and time to change. Well got email today phone has 24 month fiancing. Comeon man. lets have a special months and have desktop allin one 24 months

Status: Acknowledged

I would suggest reaching out to Citibank as they are the bank that issues our financing offers and it would be exclusively up to them to offer a 24 month non interest financing offer on desktop computers purchased from Best Buy with a Best Buy branded credit card.

What if Insignia was a name that meant it could be returned to Best Buy and create a profit !

Remember return deposits ?
Remeber trade in value ?

If cars were treated like most things Best Buy sells we would be up to the sky in stacks of cars

to be shreaded instead of resold as used.

Every parking lot would be filled with only working vehicles and repair shops would be downsized

as broken cars were to expensive to fix.

But then they would be inexpensive again like $1000 for economy or $10,000 for top of the line so

I guess there is a bright side to this blight !

Since China stopped accepting e-waste companies like Best Buy have been put in the possition of

accepting the tech products and finding a way to defray the cost of disposal.


My idea is not novel or unique and therefore probubly not popular but what if we went back to design for

servicabilty and long life.

What if we went back to QUALITY as the domininant feature instead of pixels and diiagonal size vs cost.


Building cheaper should include better as well.
Let's think a "Better Buy" is at "Best Buy" or change the name to "Good Buy" as in goodbye !

I can't do it alone as I am near end of  my patient life as well having seen when "Quality was job one"

was compared to "Fix Or Repair Daily".
The World's Faire in the 1960's envisioned a life of comfort and luxury and we all bought it and now

we need to return that life style for heaps of junk or old stuff no one wants.


Pay back is a b....


Anyone else up for pushing back on manufacturers and time to get it back down to EARTH before

there is no space on EARTH left ?

 Start today to complain a little louder and longer but not to those salepeople but to the CEO and VP's that

can make a change happen !

Hubert Joly is chairman and CEO of Best Buy Co. Inc., the leading provider of consumer technology products and services, with approximately 125,000 employees in North America and approximately $40 billion in annual revenue.

Now, Mr. Joly is leading Best Buy into its next phase, Best Buy 2020: Building the New Blue. In this next phase, Best Buy is driven by a clear purpose: to help customers pursue their passions and enrich their lives with the help of technology. 

Under Mr. Joly’s leadership, Best Buy has committed to help provide, each year, technology training and career pathing to one million under-served teens in the US. Additionally, Best Buy is on a path to reduce its carbon footprint by 60 percent.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. The rate technology is currently advancing, and changing, I just don't see any manufacturer following through with this idea. Why fix something that is no longer relevant technology when you can buy comparable technology for less that it would cost to repair said item.

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Change Credit Card Vendors

Status: Acknowledged
by sfoosball on ‎09-05-2018 02:55 PM

Sorry but I gave up trying to figure out how to make a new topic in Customer Service so I thought I would throw my idea out here. 


For the most part, my experience with Best Buy customer service has been pretty great. Not so with Citi. Whenever I ask a question, they don't read the substance of the question, they just copy and paste an unrelated answer and then tell the customer to go away. 


Next, I am fearful that their archaic security methods are indicative of their overall security and that my personal data is at risk. For example, they cannot figure out how to deal with HTML in the secure message center so they ban the use of all punctuation as their "solution".  They say "some" punctuation but you can't use an apostrophe, comma or period so it's all punctuation. This is bad... really bad. If their security people can't figure out how HTML works, how can we expect them to protect our data?


I also think that the terrible Citi "customer service" reflects poorly on Best Buy. I've seen several blog posts about how terrible Best Buy was only to find out that it was Citi customer service that treated the person so poorly. Citi is one of those companies that seems to dismiss losing cusomers; it's not even a minor inconvenience to them. 


I've had a Best Buy rewards card for fifteen if not twenty years. By far Citi has been the worst Best Buy connected customer experience I've ever had.


Thanks for listening.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our partnership with Citibank. I can promise you we do reevaluate our partnerships when we deem it appropriate.

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best buy card

Status: Acknowledged
by mikeyb0412 on ‎08-26-2018 02:34 PM

We need 24 month financing on desktop computers . Been waiting long time for you to offer. 

Status: Acknowledged

Since the financing offers are provided by Citibank you will need to reach out to them on this.

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If you go to the trade-in calculator and try to search for models such as the Lenovo Yoga, HP Envy x360 or Dell XPS noteboooks, it never pulls any of these models up.  Instead you have to go spec-by-spec thru the configuration tool and you get a really low-ball offer like $95.  So for instance, a HP Spectre x360 (SKU 6080200); Pasting the SKU returns no results; typing HP Spectre x360 also returns no results. When you tap on the link to search for a laptop and put in the specs (Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - 512GB SSD) it returns a trade-in of $170 for a $1499 laptop -- or in other words, a laptop that you currently sell in-store and online, depreciates 89% when you leave the store with it or when it ships to you from the warehouse.  

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for letting us know about this. There are just too many models of laptops over time to have them in our trade-in system, and that is most likely why we require a customer to input specs instead of make/model.

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A 4K/Blu Ray 6 Movie Steelbook Collection when Mission Impossible Fallout comes out would be nice to have

Status: Acknowledged

You will need to reach out to the studio on this as we don't put these collections together. Thanks!

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The warranty claims processes should be streamlined and more integrated in to the BestBuy customer web profile. Currently in order to find out any information about your warranty claim or warranty status you have to call into customer support which takes more time from both ends (customer and BestBuy Help). Further example of why this is needed a customer has a warrantied covered fridge freezer breaks down, after a  custumer service call it takes 3-5 days to get a tech to diagnose and fix the fridge. There will be food spoilage the only question is how much. Why not have the food spoilage claim processes integrated into the case/claims system. Currently BestBuy customer support can provide no information about a warranty claim for laundry or food spoilage -- the process is fragemented, compartmentalized, inefficient, and extremely frustrating for customers who have not only purchased the largest ticket items you sell but have purchased a PREMIUM BestBuy warranty these are your most trusted customers you should treat them well and provide them with accurate and timely updates for their warranty claims.


I am the example customer I mentioned and I am so frustrated in trying to get a status update on my claim.





Status: Acknowledged

I'm wholly in favor of anything that makes life easier. Who else would like to see a more centralized, streamliined approach to Geek Squad Protection claims? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.




We'd like to look into your own situation, so I'd like to invite you to post the details of your experience on our Best Buy Repair Support board. We'll do our best to help.

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I would like to suggest as a filter for TV's that you include Backlight type.





Often backlight is a factore many people may not be aware of or know the difference. But it could then prompt them to find out. And it may prompt them to purhchase a higher quality TV

Status: Acknowledged

Who else would like to see this filter for seach results on Please remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Please include audio format info (ATMOS) in your movie Details on your website.  Knowing whether a 4K or Blu-Ray movie is offered with Dolby Atmos is often a deciding factor when I'm selecting movies to purchase (especially older movies that I'm interested in upgrading to optimize my experiance with my soundbar).

Status: Acknowledged

Who else would like to see this specification added to our movie product listings? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

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The rewards certificates that I get for making Best Buy purchases have a reasonable outdate.  However the promotional ones for using the Best Buy credit card to make purchases outside of Best Buy come with a 30 day expiration date. I typically buy 3 - 4 items per year and often can't find anything I need within 30 days.  It would be great if they had a  3 - 6 month expiration date.  Otherwise I have to use them (plus some additional money) to buy something I don't want.  Another problem with the promotional certificates, that I learned the hard way, is that they do not reissue when the purchased item is returned.  It would be great if they would work just like the rewards certificates for making Best Buy purchases - post points to the account and reissue the points if the item is returned.  Otherwise, I find that I am forfeiting the 3% cash back I get with the credit card I normally use and end up with a useless certificate.

Status: Acknowledged

Who else would like to see reward certificates -- including promotional ones -- have a longer redemption period? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

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