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I would like to see updated filters for devices, specifically tablets, that can connect to a wireless service or wi-fi only.


The first filter I would like see is for devices that can either connect via cellular contract or simply by wi-fi alone.


Example, I am thinking to buy new iPad. I do not want or need an iPad with a data plan.  I would like to see a filter for contract and non contract devices. Carrier Free so to speak.


Right now the only option is Carrier and it lists four different carriers. 


Second filter.  Screen size.  right now the current screen size filter is for Tablets that are less than 22.9 inches.  Well I would hope all tablets are smaller than that. 


Currently Best Buy offers 244 iPads. Or 101 new iPads.  


There is a filter for Data Plan optional but that might not be clear enough. 

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I'm not clear as to what you are suggesting as I see we have the choice to pick WIFI only iPad models.

Coherence on Apple / Mac fact tags.

Status: Acknowledged
by gadgeteer on ‎03-30-2019 01:46 PM

I noticed that the tags in the Apple area are kind of all over the place when it comes to specs and pricing.  Some tags list the pricing in order of highest to lowest price and others lowest to highest.  Some point out the processor as being Core i5 and others say Core i5 speed which causes a lot of confusion.  They also negate the speeds of the processors that are advertised on a lot of PCs and on iMacs negate to mention the Fusion Drive instead stating just capacity and hard drive. 


I feel the best avenue to fix this is to frame it in the mind of a customer -- so for processors 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, for example.  For memory (because sometimes the speed of the RAM is a difference) 8GB 2133 MHz,  For hard drive SSD, HDD or Fusion. And it would be nice to see the graphic cards on there as well.  

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Entry level financing options.

Status: Acknowledged
by HilBReed on ‎03-27-2019 02:31 PM

Hello there. I would like to make a suggestion which, I feel will make it easier to purchase more expensive items from Best Buy, such as computers and other appliances. I understand that Best Buy offers the Best Buy credit card, however, I feel that additional solutions are needed for those who, like myself, have only just begun to build credit, and cannot get approved for any credit cards save for student specific cards or secured cards. Please consider adding either a year-round layaway program, or some other way for customers to make payments over time with credit or debit cards that they already possess. This doesn’t have to be for all items, but maybe for items that cost $700 or more.

Thank you for listening.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. Best Buy is not a banking institution, and because of this we do not issue credit to our customers. Our Best Buy branded credit cards are issued by Citibank, and I would suggest reaching out to them on this.

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A solution to 2D/3D coexistence

Status: Acknowledged
by tripletopper on ‎03-25-2019 09:12 PM

Please forward this to Insignia, Dynex, Rocketfish, or some other appropriate Best Buy Brand

Up until 2012 3D was being added to enough TVs where there was a bunch of reasonable choices. Then the 2013 Super Bowl 3D was cancelled, and 3D TVs were declining.

I think the market was misread.

3D TVs were moved to bigger, more expensive, and 4K TVs, and caused a twin problem.   Most people who wanted 3D didn’t want to be limited to the biggest, most expensive screen as their only option.  Likewise most big spenders on 4K TVs tended to be more 3D haters and went one step down, sometimes even paying more, just to avoid 3D. it gave the expensive 3D TV a simultaneous 3D Stink to 4K buyers and a big bucks stink that turned off 3D buyers.

What was the number one 3D TV model of all time?  Without looking at the numbers, I would say the Playstation 3D Display for many reasons.   First it was the cheapest 3D TV ever.  Starting at $500 and eventually went down to $180 while simultaneously selling out everywhere.  Second it was a 24 inch TV which appealed to gamers because it was 1080p for more detail, and considered the perfect size for gaming:  Big enough to focus on a specific detail, yet small enough to get the whole picture when you want to scan.  It also came in handy if you wanted to have a 3D, but your currently TV is perfectly fine, and you were not in the market for a new main TV, but wanted a separate 3D TV, just to get 3D.

My dad bought a Sony TV in 2009, before 3D was available in Sony.   It’s ten years later, and when it breaks down, there’s no opportunity to upgrade to a 3D TV.   Dad missed out because no reason to throw out a perfectly good TV just to add 3D.

For people like my dad, and plus the fact that 3D viewers can’t agree on one model of TV, plus making a single model is making that model really unpopular among 3D haters, if there was a way you can turn any 2D TV into a 3D would be the perfect solution.  Pick any 2D TV you want, any brand, 15 inches to 10 inchesl, 720p to 2160p, 24 bit color to 36 bit color, 60 Hz for 480 Hz, highly processed pictures for movies, or sub 1 ms ping time for games, any physical display technology, budget to luxury, and add 3D with an External 3D adapter.   The model of selling a 3D adapter would be similar to adding a Surround Sound system to any TV you have.  You can buy giant speakers, or you can buy surround sound encoded headphones, or you can settle for the default speakers.

Is there a way you can add 3D to an existing 2D TV?  Well there is, and the technology is no longer patented.  The Sega Master System SegaScope 3D take a Sega Master System and let you play 3D games.   And the funny thing is that every TV available at the time cable turned any TV into a 3D TV, any brand, any size, RF, Composite or RGB connection, albeit for those limited Sega games.  They just use either a 240p x 30fps x 2 eye or a 480i x 15 fps x 2 eye. They alternate frames and sync the classes with the video.  With ping time of under 1 mcs, the glasses don’t need a sync signal.  If the Sega Scope 3D TV technology can be used, then any TV can be a shutter-based 3D.  And I believe shutter 3D is superior to Polar 3D.  There are more instances of 3D sickness and confusion with polar 3D vs shutter 3D.

It’s a lot cheaper, easier, and less laborious to add Sutter 3D to a non-shutter TV vs adding polar 3D to a non poplar 3D TV. Just because it’s done in a theater doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it at home.   Just like surround sound encoded headphone is a more effective if you’re a single viewer compared to communal surround sound , especially if your room is very asymmetric and otherwise acoustically bad, shutter 3D is a cheaper solutiion for everything except Super Bowl parties.  The way it’s done in a theater is different because it’s a professionally designed building and serve hundreds or more at a time.   Shutter Glasses and Headphones are very expensive when you go beyond a certain number , and grody to share.  Communal speakers and disposable glasses are cheap and sanitary for many.  But shutter 3D and headphone are perfect for 4 people or less.

That is step 1.  Make any TV be easily turned into a 3D TV.  If it can be kept to $200 or less, it’s a lot cheaper than buying 3D pre added.  Plus it opens the entire TV inventory for both 3D lovers AND 3D haters.  If you want 3D TV, either buy any TV or use an existing one, just buy a 3D processor.  if you don’t want 3D, just don't buy the 3D adapter.

Another suggestion.  For Blu Rays and 4K discs, they can have combination 2D/3D discs. Just read one of the 2 eyes.  And because the 3D technology uses alternate frames and is not dependent on resolution, this includes 4K2D / 4K3D combo discs.  The average person is not going to notice that 2D is just one of the 2 eyes.  A few people notice the left-eye version looks weird because they saw it in 2D-optimized version and they complain.

Then I noticed, certain people are left eyed and others are right eyed.  If you fire a gun, you know the importance of knowing and using your dominant eye.  Therefore the 2D version can be selected as "left eye only" or "right eye only" Therefore the 2D standard should allow a director-defined left or right eye as the canonical 2D version to be played on a 2D TV and Blu Ray.  I just don’t know whether the way to get the best picture to let it be director-defined-dependent, or individual-user-defined-dependent.

Finally, the reason why the Super Bowl was rejected was because the format they shown was technically ATSC compatible, but it wasn’t practically 2D compatible.   If you saw a 3D broadcast and didn’t know it about this way side-by-side-half 3D works, you’d swear there was something broken with either the TV or the Broadcast signal.   And if you did, and you didn’t have a 3D TV, then the show lost themselves a customer, and with 70% of the households not having the ability to watch a 3D broadcast, even at 3D’s peak, it’s a loser to do 3D, or a bandwidth waster to have a separate 2D and 3D Broadcast.

Using the alternate frame strategy, just like Dolby 5.1 is encoded into the signal but is 2.0 compatible, and Closed captions are there if you need it, and unnoticeable if you don’t, a truly 2D-compatible 3D would be a "there if you have it, over your head if it isn’t", just like Color TV was in the 60s, and Stereo was in the 80s.  Also you avoid the problems of the original UHF color of black and white incompatibility, 2D compatible 3D TV would be a boon to 3D TV.

The secret to having 3D TV on 60 HZ standard HDTVs is 3D broadcasts would use a 720p/1080i/1080p x 30 Hz x 2 eye mode in an ATSC 2 tuner, but it would read as a 30 Hz x 1 eye signal on TVs without 3D.   If they want 2D to be 60 Hz in 2D, then ATSC 2.1 can have 60 Hz x 2 eye, or 120 Hz broadcasts, that read as 60 Hz x1 eye broadcasts on backward compatible TVS.  if there is a mode which can "lock out" the alternate frames either with a 2D TV or with a 3D TV selected in 2D Mode, then you make more 3D TV without ruining 2D TV.

I believe, based on the introduction animation, that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 was intended to be a 3D Broadcast, but Nickelodeon cancelled the 3D aspect because 70% of the kids would be rejected right at the front door, and that’s not a good business model.   But if it were a 2D-compatible 3D broadcast, then it probably would have been welcomed as the first regular series shown as a fully 3D show, yet would still be as popular as it was as a 2D Show, not shutting out customers.   3D customers may have watched it MORE religiously, just because it was 3D, and maybe even attract 3D viewer who normally wouldn’t watch it.

There’s one issue we have to fix: differing ping times.  I think the solution is already in place for another technology.  I assume an HDMI ARC send back a "display ticker signal" which indicates when the frames are begin displayed to synch up the audio on an external audio device like a Surround sound system or surround headphones.   If that’s the case, then a 3D processor can use that signal also.  Signaling when to switch between left and right eye.  So the 3D processor will work just as well with a 1 ms ping time as a 100 ms ping time.

There’s only one issue, pre-ARC TVs. My solution is an optical solution were the TV flashes Black and White for left and right to indicate a sync signal that a single pixel light-gun-like device with sub-microsecond ping can read "when" the signal is black and white and sync the signal until it becomes interrupted by a channel change, or a content change within the same signal.  And it only flashes Black and white on 3D content.  On 2D content it’s pure black. so there’s nothing to sync.

If these 3 soultions are followed by the industry, then  3D will be as common and as much of a non-issue as Dolby and DTS sound.   There will be no segregated 3D version which is limited to a first run and that's all.  You only need one 2D//3D combo disc, instead of separate 2D and 3D copies, and would be a good 2D copy.  4K3D would be possible with this setup, without having to make a separate 4K3D verison.  TV can be made 3D wihtout alienating the populatoin that doesn't like 3D.  And sometimes, its a devoted watching, other times it's background noise. No TVs will not be rejected because it is or isn't 3D.  And most importantly, the 3D purchase is independent of the TV purchase.  It would be stupid to sell an attached suround sound package to a big TV.  If one likes picture but not the sound, or vice versa, you lost a sale or force a compromise.  Same thing with 3D.   Your sales crew doesn't mention 3D unless they ask what 3D TVs you have, and you can say "Pick any 2D TV you want, and make it a 3D TV with this..."  That way everyone gets the combination of feautres they want.


I belive if these changes were in place, then people who don't want 3D will say it's exactly like suround sound.  It's there, I just don't notice it.  But if you want it you notice it.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for your thoughts on this.


To my knowledge BestBuy is the only seller of these "universal" iPhones that should work on any carrier, but then lock themselves to that carrier upon first activation. These phones are misunderstood by most people to be unlocked phones, but they are not truly unlocked. They are sold at the same price that Apple sells truly unlocked devices. I am an owner of such a phone that is now effectively a brick beause TMobile says they can't unlock it, but no other SIM will work in it and I have no coverage from TMO where I now live. Sales Associates should know this, but obviously some of them don't, or don't bother to relay this information to customers.  Due to their high cost, iPhone are not stored on open shelves but are taken to the register when requested by a buyer.  The first time you touch the device is after you've bought it, so even if its packaging stated these limitations it wouldn't matter.


I propose that BB implement a fact sheet stating the details of these phones and requiring a consumer to sign it prior to actually buying the phone.


Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion.

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I think Best Buy should create some sort of signage that compares the different digital voice recorders.  There’s so many models and even when you go to the Sony site, for example, it doesn’t do a good job of highlighting the differences, instead going into feature overflow for each product individually. You don’t realize how complicated the shopping process is for these until you need one and you quickly realize the product boxes all highlight the same features — i.e. 4GB storage, directly connects to a PC/Mac, XYZ battery life with a couples hours variance — for $20/increases per each model the only difference that sticks out is minimal jumps in battery and because these aren’t as popular as say laptops, the Best Buy employees look like a deer in headlights when you ask about them and they quickly pull out their phones and quickly start Googling and you just think to yourself — there has to be an easier way. Just my two cents.

Status: Acknowledged

We appreciate the feeback.

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On February 5th (with no advanced contact) The reward Zone program was changed to no longer allow cashing in of Reward Zone Certificates for Gift Cards.  Was there a reason for the change? I am not sure how this would benefit loyal Best Buy customers.  Please change this policy back to continu to enhance your support of loyol customers.


Thank You

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the feedback.

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Change the name of the warranty

Status: Acknowledged
by karlaj818 on ‎02-18-2019 03:41 PM

I bought a 2year warranty to go with a product I purchased. 42 days later, the item broke and I brought the receipt and item back to the store. The controller was purchased individually and not with a console. 
I was advised that the 2 year warranty I purchased was to be cancelled upon exchange of the product and that I would need to buy another 2 year warranty for the exchanged item. This is not how warranties work and is very misleading. You should call it a 2 year ONE TIME replacement program. Remove the name warranty from it.


I mean, can you imagine buying an extra 2 year extended warranty for your car and when it breaks, they fix it and then cancel your warranty and tell you buy another one? This is what happened but with the controller. You must remove the name warranty if you are not going to honor the warranty properly. 

Status: Acknowledged
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Allow escalated Issued to be Emailed

Status: Acknowledged
by karlaj818 on ‎02-18-2019 03:36 PM

I have an escalated issue for a product warranty, was unable to resolve with the rep on the phone and she gave me an email address that no longer works because you don't accept emails. What business shuts off communication from their customers?! 

Status: Acknowledged

It is correct that we do not have an email address where a customer can submit a customer service request. We do have a number of other ways to receive service, and that includes posting here to our forum.

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Computer Cases

Status: Acknowledged
by JoshuaBabicz on ‎02-15-2019 10:43 PM

I noticed that my local Best Buy sells a lot of computer parts, but i never see any cases for sale. people are always looking to build a pc and i believe that Best Buy should sell cases and expand on the motherboards and processors as well.

Status: Acknowledged

We do have a number of computer cases for sale on Thanks for the input.

Modify monitor Fact Tags

Status: Acknowledged
by gadgeteer on ‎02-09-2019 01:02 AM

On the Monitor fact tags, I would love to what each monitor comes with in the box (for cables) added, whether the monitors have built-in speakers and whether the monitor is VESA-mount compatible or not is has been a huge concern lately too -- especially for customers looking for a multi-display setup, which are becoming increasingly popular.  This is another pain point as you often have to locate the box (and hope its not in the top overstock area) and then sometimes it doesn't list the box contents either so you have to resort to Googling. 

Status: Acknowledged

It's likely there is just not enough room on the tags to do this, but all specifications should be listed on the product page for the monitor on

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Status: Acknowledged
by mikena on ‎01-26-2019 09:28 AM

Any idea as to when Best Buy will implement two factor authentication?  

Status: Acknowledged

We would not be able to comment on this.

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Video Rental

Status: Acknowledged
by Griswell on ‎01-16-2019 12:26 AM

To whom it may concern,


Video rentals are dying. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon amongst others stream and rent online tv shows and movies. The ability to find and watch a single film you want is limited to local video stores, as Blockbuster has fallen victim to the free market.


Best Buy has an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. By creating a rental service for movies, you would offer a solution to those that wish to watch specific films that are not being streamed on their site of choice.


My proposal is that Best Buy set up an online rental system that can deliver rented videos to customers, as well as the ability to rent movies at thier physical locations. After a customer has rented a movie, they could then be offered the opportunity to keep the movie by buying it a reduced (from store) price, via a function on the online rental site. This feature is intended to move more products than Best Buy currently does, creating additional revenue.


Best Buy already has the supply chain and physical locations to support a rental system. The main barriers are acquiring the specific licenses for the movies, setting up an online selection and ordering system, and negotiating a favorable deal with an appropriate delivery service.


The key idea to understand here is that by expanding Best Buy's potential avenues of income, and bolstering those that currently exist, the store will remain competitive and forward thinking.


Please take this idea under consideration.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. At this time we will not be launching a video rental service.

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Improve Customer Support

Status: Acknowledged
by Aljones2000 on ‎01-08-2019 08:53 AM

I went to Best Buy yesterday in Frisco, TX located at North Dallas Tollway and El Dorado to exchange a gift. Their was one girl behind the counter who was very helpful. She told me where to go to find my new item. I found it and went back to service desk, there was a line of 5 people waiting with various issues. The Customer Service Girl was dealing with these people and issues as efficiently as possible, but it was taking some time. She called for manager support several times but it took about 15 minutes for a young manger to saunter over to the counter. Meanwhile I could observe several groups of sales persons talking with each other. The store was not busy at the time. 

My suggestion would be to cross train your sales force in customer service procedures so that they can recognize a line and get behind the counter and assist customers. And managers need to respond immediately to manager requests. There were several irritated customers wasting their time grumbling with each other as we waited in line.

To me this a no brainer and easily rectified. 

Service is key to your survival.

Thanks for you attention

Al Jones

Status: Acknowledged

Most sales associates can at least do basic returns and exchanges, but working the customer service desk is not necessarily within their job responsibilities. I can say that managers in our stores should be responding as quickly as possible to any needs in their store.

Disable Automatic Subscriptions

Status: Acknowledged
by Emerging Expert on ‎12-13-2018 10:40 AM

I would like to see automatic subscriptions not be a thing with Best Buy. 

I purchased a new computer for myself 12 months ago.  In the shopping cart I removed Webroot (which was free).


In May I purchased a new computer for my father.  This time I didn't remove Webroot. When I to my fathers place I  tossed Webroot in the garbage.  I set up my fathers computer. I did not activate Webroot. I did not register Webroot.


During checkout it does show Webroot Internet Security + Antivirus 2018 (3-Device) (6 Month Subscription) 


Last month I received a notice from my Best Buy Credit card that I was charged for a renewal on my Webroot subscription.


Nowhere along the line did I agree to a subscription. Further it should not have even activated.


You can go into your account and remove the subscription.  But you should not have to.  


What I would like for this suggestion is 

Best Buy does not Automatically enroll you in a subscription.

During checkout you should have to check a box to enable Automatic renewal. 

Status: Acknowledged

I hear where you are coming from on this, but at this time we will not be getting rid of automatic subscriptions.

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longer term for computers

Status: Acknowledged
by mikeyb0412 on ‎10-25-2018 02:58 PM

I saw appliances from$479 had 18 financing and I really think it would be cool to have 18 financing for computers  for $599. I got my last computer with 18 month financing and now my desktop died and Im in need of all in one and I need 18 months because Im on fixed income. thanks for reading

Status: Acknowledged

I hear you on this. I actually got a promotional email today from us on exactly the type of offer you are asking for. Just keep your eyes open for Citibanks financing deals.

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I'm sure Best Buy's Elite and Elite Pro members already enjoy the various membership benefits they get with their tier of membership so why not go one up and open up the holiday shopping season a couple of weeks early for these members? Elite Pro would have theirs begin followed by Elite a week later, and then the Best Buy Basic members.


What do you think?

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion! I can assure you we are always looking at ways to reward our most loyal customers.

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Rewards Points

Status: Acknowledged
by JerryHuot on ‎10-04-2018 09:44 AM

My wife buy gift cards for points to use for gas discounts, so when I spent $1695.00 a month ago using gift cards, I thought I would get my points. That did not happen because I used gift cards. I buy Starbucks gift cards and get points from Kroger, I spend the money at Starbucks and get points from Starbucks with no problems, I have spent a lot of money at Best Buy in the nineteen years I have lived here and will spend no more because of not getting points. 

Status: Acknowledged

It is correct that a My Best Buy member would not get My Best Buy rewards points when using a gift card(s) to make a purchase. The reason for this is that when purchasing a gift card from us a My Best Buy member should get My Best Buy rewards points.

SteelBooks® for Canadian Buyers

Status: Acknowledged
by Thwip on ‎10-03-2018 02:49 PM
I have an idea, that perhaps the movie buying team isn't aware of. Westcoast Canadian SteelBook® Collectors, like myself, drive to Best Buy Bellingham to purchase SteelBooks® and I know I'm not alone in doing this; I just met a fellow Canadian Collector at the store yesterday. I would suggest it might be a good idea to ensure ALL Best Buy SteelBook® releases are available for purchase at the Bellingham location, not just "Available today at a store ___ miles away from Bellingham", as has been the case for some more recent releases. Thanks.
Status: Acknowledged

What items are in stock at a specific store really depends on many factors, and I can promise you we are always working to make sure all the needs of each customer are met at their local store.

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24 month financing

Status: Acknowledged
by mikeyb0412 on ‎10-01-2018 01:10 PM

I keep looking every week for an extended financing for all in one computer. I need one and thats only way I can buy one on fixed income

Status: Acknowledged

Citibank changes their no interest financing offers on our Best Buy branded credit card often, and my best advice would be to keep your eye open. I use these financing offers all the time, and in fact just received a 24 month financing offer from Citibank via email for purchases $999 and up; I promptly went out and bought a new lens for my camera.

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