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One of the best strategies that Best Buy implemented over the past few years was the introduction of the store operator job role.  However, more recently this has changed in a sense.  You can no longer directly call the store if you do not know the number, becuase individual store hours on individual store pages have been replaced with  a call center number.  Also, certain options that you press (if you do happen to get a hold of a store's old number) also get you to a call center.


The call centers are an extra hurdle and in my experience this labor would be better used in-store.  For instance, I called a store  [directly] to verify if they had a computer in stock.  I didn't know I had been forwarded to a call center but when she didn't say "thank you for calling Best Buy at XYZ" and instead said "thank you for calling Best Buy" I asked her if she was at the store. She replied no but she could still help and I explained I see the store has the computer and they have 2 of them and I needed them to put their hands on one before I drive all the way over. She puts me on hold while she "gets in touch with the store."  And almost 15 minutes later they don't have it.  It would seem to me like it would be more advantageous to schedule more labor in-store around the S.O. role than have a call center S.O. do what I could (and was trying to) eaisly do and then play telephone (no pun intended) with me.  This would result in reduced hold times and increased revenue and productivity around this position as well.  


Just a thought. 

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Rush Limbaugh

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎12-03-2013 07:05 PM

Stop advertising on Rush Limbaugh or I will have to stop buying from your company. I know you will say your advertising agency bought the ad without you knowing. If so, find another agency.

Status: Acknowledged
Best Buy does not advertise on the Rush Limbaugh program. If you have heard a mention of any of our brands, it is without our permission.
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I am writing to submit an idea in changing the way that you create and manage your lines for big event type sales. I have noticed that the last few black Fridays as well as the PS4 opening date, have created this "camping out" idea in front of the store. Last year I went about an hour after the store opened and was shocked at how big of a mess this creates as people just don't care how they leave the front of the store. The smell of urine and feces was overwhelming! There aren't any bathrooms located within a two block radius of the store that is open from Pm till Am, so these great customers are just using the bushes. The garbage's were all overflowing, and the parking lot was littered with garbage. Last of all I live in a cold climate, people had propane heaters, generators and propane grills to eat from set up in front of the store. By condoning this action Best Buy is taking on a liability nightmare in the event of an explosion, death, or health code violations. 


Prior to ticketmaster and stub hub, I worked for Kroger and we had a tickets that would go on sale for various concerts and sporting events. It used to be first come first serve and the same problems would arise. We changed to a wristband system and it completely changed how these events occurred. My idea would be to go to a color coded wrist band type system. Have up to 10 different colors for the items that are a doorbuster items, good only at the store that the wristband was given out and then have random computer based drawings for the items 10 minutes or so before the item goes on sale. Must be present to earn the right to buy the item. Not only will this bring more customers in, as they have a better chance to be able to buy the big items, but it will also get rid of the problems associated with people camping out. 

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Interesting idea. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Retail printing

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by on ‎11-27-2013 02:22 PM
Best buy can really benefit by allowing customers to print. Photo printing is a booming business and expected to grow rapidly especially on mobile. It makes most sense for best buy than other retailers as you sell photo gadgets as well. This has lot of potential
Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion! I can say that we already partner with a company named Shutterfly to provide printing services to our customers and much more.

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Online and In store ordering

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎11-25-2013 09:49 AM

(to my knowledge) 


In store orders can only be looked up via the consumer by calling a representative or by going to the store. 


Online orders though you can already view your ownself online, over the phone, or in the store doesn't really matter!


I would like to suggest that in store orders also are shown on the orders section of the website. As a person who normally purchases maybe 20-30% of my products in store and the rest of it online it can be frustrating at times. 


Reasons I can think of:


-let's be honest the receipt paper/ink fades fairly quickly

-some people may wish to keep it as more or less of a "history" page for easy access. 

-can be useful as it would list how many year of a warranty you have

-could print your own receipts instead of getting the store to email/print one out for you!


Things people could aruge the idea about:

-possibly somebody could state that the item wasn't shipped but picked up so how can it have tracker information?


my response: who says it needs to have a tracker bar? Just have a line that says something like "this item was purchased in store and so it was not shipped"



Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea. My Best Buy members should already be able to view their store purchases via their My Best Buy account as long as their membership is associated with each purchase made in one of our stores.
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You have the 32 GB model of the Asus Transformer tf701t available but do not mention if or when the 64 GB version will be available.

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We rarely comment on possible future additions to our assortment. Would anyone else like to see us carry the 64GB version of this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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black friday



Only this compressed sized image is allowed to be posted here. The full sized resolution is 3543X2240...


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I'm fairly certain our Black Friday advertisements are pretty set in stone at this point. Would anyone else like to see this poster used? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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I've had two negative experieces with Best Buy stores here and I want to start off by mentioning I'm an Elite Plus member so I'm not somewhat that frequently returns things but I do, however, spend money at Best Buy. 


I think it would be in Best Buy's best interest to really get employees familiar with the returns policy and to avoid situations that pit customers against the company:


[for example] I purchased a MacBook Pro at the My Best Buy Shopping Event last night.  It was marked as "scratched" and "missing a power cable."  I figured for the price (35% off) this wouldn't be too bad as I have stuff to remove scratches and a power cable is around $50-80.  When I get it home and start cleaning it up, I come to find out it's actually not a scratch it's a crack in the glass.  Now the Best Buy employee told me to purchase the plan and worst case scenario I couldn't get the "scratch" out they would just replace it.  This was incorrect; the protection plan paperwork states that Best Buy, at their discretion, may decide that the cost to repair the item exceeds a reasonable expense and can decide to issue you a store credit for the amount instead.  In this case, I would be without a computer (because the store credit will be issued for the amount paid) AND out the $200 extra I paid on the service contract (because at this point, it has "done it's job" per say). 


So this morning I made an appointment at the Apple Store to take it in to see just how much it would cost to fix and they quoted $900 alone for the screen and they also informed me that the body on the computer is "warped" which is why when I have it on a flat surface it has a little bit of a rock to it.  Mind you, a customer service agent took this as a return AND the store misadvertised this as a scratch.  After hearing that, I knew if it went out to service through Geek Squad it would most likely end with them deciding not to repair it and instead replace it and that means I would be without a computer (this same model would be 35% more at that point) and out $200 for protection so I opted to return it.


I purchased this computer over by where I work (about 30 minutes from where I live) and I tried to take it to the store right down the street from my apartment and the store tells me that "we wouldn't sell something like this, with this kind of damage, so my manager is refusing to allow you to return it here." And I'm SHOCKED (to say the least).  Best Buy stores are NOT franchised - so the fact that they would pit a customer against the company (not to mention inconvenience me to drive out of my way 30 minutes to go return a defective item that they sold me - referencing once again that they are NOT franchised - is ridiculous).  If one of your stores sells someone a lemon like this, another store should take the return because at the end of the day it's all Best Buy. 


Similarly, I had an experience like this with an iPhone 5S.  I purchased an open box iPhone 5S 32GB in Space Gray on launch day, as that's the only phone they had for AT&T.  I took it home and I honestly just didn't like the color so I decided I would go get a 64GB in Silver (and mind you I purchased this outright).  So Best Buy took no loss (they would have to mark the open item down again, but it would most likely be at the same price as before) AND the made a huge revenue gain when I purchased the new phone outright.  I tried to return the Space Gray (mind you I had it for 3 days at this point) and the guy tells me they can't return it because it's "scuffed" - for the record, "scuffed" was pocket lint that got trapped between the case and the phone.  Ironically, took the phone 2 minutes down the street to the Best Buy mobile stoer and they took it without instance.


Please train your employees on proper return policies and etiquette;  Especially for Elite Plus members returns should be no hassle - but more importantly, if this had been a first shopping and returns experience with Best Buy it would probably be my last.  You're not just competing with online retailers on price anymore, they offer phenomenal service. Anytime I've returned something to Amazon it's been without fanfare, instance or followup and smooth as melted butter. At the end of the day it should be about making the customer happy and making sure they have a positive experience because this is what gets customers to spend more in-store.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for your feedback. I can assure you our employees should already be familiar with our return or exchange policy, and should always be nothing but professional.
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Ideax vs. Ideas

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by on ‎11-06-2013 07:54 AM

Why do certain areas of the forums say ideax and others say Ideas? Shouldn't it all say the same thing? Smiley Indifferent


Example: (see image)


Note how it says ideax in  the chain link coming from the BBY Community index but on the navbar it says ideas? 


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Hey AWBrown, thanks for pointing out these aspects of our new design. I have forwarded this onto the admin of this forum, and we'll see if these changes were intended or accidental. Does anyone else have any feedback on the new forum design?
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by on ‎10-26-2013 04:10 PM






Status: Acknowledged

If you are trying to establish a business relationship with Best Buy you will need to contact

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Buying warranties

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by on ‎10-23-2013 10:20 AM

I was kind of shocked about this the other day my own self but apparently it's true.


At the current time you cannot purchase a warranty via the internet (after purchased/shipped) and you can't purchase a warranty for in store purchased good items afterwards online/over the phone.


My suggestion is well two things really.


1) In store purchases should also show under "orders" on your account if you sign in on the Best Buy website. 

2) Make it so you can order warranties within the 15 day policy window of course for different things that have a warranty over the phone, over the internet, and in store purchases. There is no excuse if a geek squad agent is able to actually look up my order, and  even get to the warranty information but they can't edit my  order with the warranty information. That's just silly and redundant. That would be an easy additional power for the geek squad team over the internet/phone. 

Status: Tell Us More
I guess I'm not entirely sure what you are asking for. A customer should be able to purchase a Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plan for any eligible product within 15 days of making the purchase. Any purchase made in store can have a GSP added in any of our stores. Any purchase made on can have a GSP added after the fact online, over-the-phone, or in one of our stores. Are you stating you would like to be able to add a GSP to a purchase made in a Best Buy store online or over-the-phone?
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Give Geek Squad a 22nd Century Make Over

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎10-22-2013 02:01 AM - last edited on ‎10-22-2013 02:26 PM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

I'm not trying to insult the Geek Squad workforce, but it needs to be taken to the next level.


Best Buy should start hiring people to actually do repair work on-site. Most things are currently sent to the manufacturer. The only thing I see Geek Squad excelling in is installing bloatware and antivirus software. Everything else is sent out. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Best Buy should be a viable option for those graduating college. Why not? There are thousands of students entering the technology field each and every day, why not make Best Buy a competitive Tech environment to work in.


With colleges fast tracking degrees, why not offer competitive jobs to those graduating from them. Best Buy has the opportunity of a lifetime to create kind of service to it's customer base that no other major corporation does. Instead of outsourcing repair to the manufacturers. Do it in-house. It's cheaper, and keeps the money in Best Buy. In-house repair, of everything electronic.



Here's what I propose:


Geek Squad agents should be Technology professionals. Not entry level, on-the-job trained electronics shufflers.


Geek Squad should have 5 levels of personnel available at each Best Buy location:


  • Geek Squad Clerks:. These are entry level personnel who do not perform any work on any equipment. These personnel should be trained in taking proper Computer Triage Reports from customers for a diagnosis to be made by the PC Repair Specialist. The clerk should also be trained in Computer Hardware and Components. A Geek Squad Clerk should know the difference between a Sata Hard Drive and a Solid State Hard Drive and other hardware that goes into a computer, and be able to make sales accordingly. Geek Squad Clerks will be the grunt force within Geek Squad. They should be the ones that deliver.


  • Audio/Visual SpecialistThe Audio/Visual Specialist ideal candidate shall hold a certificate or higher level degree in Electronics or have cable or satellite television installation experience. In-Store training can be allowed in this position.


  • Geek Squad PC Repair Specialist.: The PC Repair Specialist will hold an Associates level degree or higher and Best Buy should prefer candidates with International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET) OR Electronics Technician Association International (ETA-I) Certifications. This position would be available at each Best Buy store. PC Repair Specialists shall have training responsibilities for Geek Squad Clerks.


  • Geek Squad Computer Support Technician The Computer Support Technician will hold an Associates level degree or higher and Best Buy should prefer candidates Associates Degree or higher in Information Technology. The candidate should have in-depth knowledge of operating systems,understand the concept of Desktop Support and programming languages. The Computer Support Technician shall have training responsibilities for A/V Specialists.


  • Geek Squad Leader (Information Technology Manager): This is the manager of Geek Squad Personnel in Best Buy Stores, and the person who hires, trains, and checks repair work. The candidate should have a Bachelors degree or higher in Information Technology Management, and desires to continue education to Masters Degree or higher.

So, now that we have these positions, what should we do with Geek Squad? MAKE IT A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION! Yep. Put it up there with the likes of CDW, Xerox and other technology professional organizations who take care of the total technological needs of the business.


In-Store Changes Required for this change:


In order for this idea to be successful, Best Buy will need to change how it operates at the retail level. Currently in most, if not all Best Buy stores, customer service and Geek Squad are inter-twined and indistinguishable. It feels like Best Buy threw a penguin costume on it's former Customer Service personnel. Here's what I propose:


  • Like the Magnolia Home Theater and Best Buy Mobile, Geek Squad needs its own dedicated portion of the store, complete with it's own POS system, appointment management system for it's PC Repair Specialists.
  • Geek Squad should specialize in Technology as a whole. Technology is the core of what Best Buy does; professional-izing that in the services it provides solidifies this core value.
  • Becoming a technology professional would require hiring knowledgeable, educated staff who have the ability to create and retain a customer base. Hiring a PC Repair Specialist for a local Best Buy Store who knows their stuff brings repeat customers.
  • Compete with New Egg and Tiger Direct directly. Sell a wide variety of Video Cards and Memory, Mother Boards, Processors and other PC components of all types IN-STORE.  People go online to buy things because it's not available in store. Simple as that. The Geek Squad section of the store should showcase components, not computers. Displays should be dedicated to the latest NVIDA Video Cards, top of the line Corsair Memory and the Coolest Cooling Systems for computers. It should inspire and awe customers. The PC Repair Specialist should do a "Build of the Month" display where he or she builds the perfect computer.
  • Reduce the amount of repair orders that leave the store and go over-seas to the manufacturer to be repaired by providing professional, on-site computer diagnostics and repair. Simple.
  • Geek Squad service should be professional, geeky, and tech-y. Staff should be knowledgeable.


I see Best Buy's Geek Squad becoming SO much more. Let's get this suggestion to the right Corporate big-wig!





Michael {removed per forum guidelines}


Status: Acknowledged
I should start by saying that most items brought into our stores are not sent to the manufacturer for repairs, but are instead sent to our own service centers to be repaired where highly trained Geek Squad technicians repair the units. I think the biggest reason we don't locate these technicians in our stores is due to the sheer floor space this would require most stores. As with any retailer floor space needs to be used for selling items. I can also state that we do our best to hire the most qualified Geek Squad personnel. Thanks for sharing your insights.
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Sure, it's probably easy to go into a Bestbuy store and buy a gift card each time you want to save for a Best Buy specific purchase, but my idea would work similar to the Pitch-In card, except that it's for one person.


For the sake of this suggestion, let's call it a Flexible Lay-Away Plan or for short FLAP.


FLAP would work like this:


1) Visit a bestbuy store

2) Take the item which you desire to purchase to any cashier

3) Cashier Scans the item, and with an added POS feature, a gift card transaction is generated with a value that is at least 10% of the purchase price of the desired item. Since the FLAP will remove the item desired from the available inventory, and administrative fee of $3.00 shall apply.

4) The item desired WILL NOT be held for the customer to pick up, however, the FLAP program would reserve the item in it's inventory. In the case of purged/discontinued items, only Lay-Away the price of the item. If the same item is not available, managers will find a like-styled item, and adjust the price accordingly.

5) Customers should immediately activate their card. During activation:

  • Customers will give their basic information
  • Customers will provide a  funding source, where direct debit from a checcking account is prefered, but visa/mastercard allowed as well. 
  • After the funding source is verified by a mini-deposit method of verification, the customer would set up scheduled withdrawals from their checking account or debit/credit card.
  • Upon making the FLAP goal, the customer can come to the store to retrieve the time. FLAP would be the form of paymentMy idea of BBY FLAP Program

6) As a bonus for customers to acheive their major electronics purchasing goal, upon successful completion of funding their item something free should be offered relative to the item purchased.


A downside of FLAP would be that customers change their mind on making a purchase. A suggested cancellation policy, that is fair should be:

  • FLAP participants may cancel their FLAP within 24 hours for 100% refund of  the deposit made towards the item on a FLAP Account and the FLAP Administrative fee.
  • FLAP customers may cancel their FLAP within 25 hours to 14 days for an 85% refund of the total FLAP balance, with the administrative fee non-refundable.
  • After 14 days no refunds are available, however the FLAP balance may be converted to a Best Buy gift card, minus a 15% re-stocking fee (30% if the item has been purged/discontiniued from sale at Best Buy stores


Status: Tell Us More
Thanks for the detailed idea, and I could see at least some customers using such a program. Does anyone else have any insights into this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Improve Mac Accessory Selection

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎10-16-2013 10:33 PM

I've noticed that they recently revamped the Mac Accessory section in my local store and it looks great!  There's a lot of new products, but I'm also noticing a lot of redundnacy.  I understand in some instances (like with hard drives) redunancy creates value, as it offers the same product at different price points;  However, overall Best Buy could do a better job on the accessories they pick for Macs;  Here's some suggestions:


(1) Rain mStand / Rain mTower / Just Mobile AluRack ;   If you are using your MacBook on it's on, it allows you to effectively "dock" you Mac while at the desk and use it at an angle [ergonomically] similar to that of an Apple desktop;  If using your MacBook with a display the mTower allows you to stand the MacBook up side-ways effectively turning it into a "tower."


(2) Macessity Laptuck Pro;  A stand for the Thunderbolt Display with integrated USB 3.0 hub and space below for Apple keyboard - great for the smaller home [office] workspace. 


(3) KB Covers - Keyboard Covers 


(4) HDMI to VGA Cable; would allow Apple TV to be connected in business conference rooms and/or classrooms where iPad adoption rates are rapidly increasing.


(5) Newer, more stylish sleeves for all MacBook sizes ("11, 13", 15") - may I suggest STM Bags Grip for MacBook, Hard Candy Cases Hard Shell Case, Moshi Codex MacBook Case, Tucano Stand Up Sleeve Cargo and/or Mujjo Sleeve and/or SwitchEasy Thins (Magnetic Closure)


(6) Belkin YourType Bluetooth Wireless Keypad; Bluetooth 10-Key add-on for Apple Notebooks/Desktops - great for home office, business, and educators a-like.


(7) PlugBug


(8) RadTech ScreenSavrz iMac Screen Cover


(9) Henge Docks Horizontal Docking Station


(10) Satechi Premium 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub


Status: Tell Us More
Not being a Mac owner I guess I never noticed. Thanks for the suggestions, and I would be curious if other customers would like to see this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Don't get me wrong I am 100% for security and Identity Confirmation. It comes to a point though where when you have been on hold for so many hours on end and keep getting transferred to different people that you have to ask "Why are you asking me the same thing he/she did"


So I am suggesting this: You confirm with the person your identity and somehow this profile of information/confirmation is then sent to the person who is being transferred to. This way you can get right down to business and do not have to worry about wasting another 2-3 minutes on the details...



Status: Acknowledged
To be honest this should already happen. When a customer contacts us each agent should be creating a detailed case under the customer's identity, and each following agent should have full access to previous agent’s cases.
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AMD Idea

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎09-17-2013 08:00 AM

I have a few ideas for AMD products


1) I have noticed that only AMD products are marketplace items at the moment. I'd love to see these become regular BB products! I am an AMD fanboy but honestly I have to a lot of times go elsewhere cause the marketplace values are higher than elsewhere. 


2) I would like to suggest as well that the AMD 9 series chipset come to BB. Here is the link on the AMD website for more information.


3) The FX FX 9590 and the FX 9370 to be brought into BB.


4) Lastly I would love to see the 8xxx series gpu's be added as well.






Status: Tell Us More
Would anyone else like to see us carry this AMD chipset and GPU? It’s important to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Holiday shopping deals.

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-14-2013 07:30 AM

Smiley Happy:maneuver-happy:Think Best Buy is absolutely the best place to shop for all holiday gifts. I want to suggest placing DVD's, movies and TV shows, on sale now for Christmas. is a good place to shop and, from what I see, competition for you. You have taken excellent care of your customers in years past (thank you),but I am asking you to do this now please because shopping is getting underway and I'd like to shop here. Thank you for caring so well for your customers. 



Status: Acknowledged
It's nice to hear you have been happy with the service you have received from us, and I of course can understand your desire to have more sales starting now for Christmas. We should have sales on DVD's, movies, and TV shows at all times of the year. We should also be remaining competitive in the market when it comes to Christmas sales. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.
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Forum/Site/Q&A suggestion

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎09-13-2013 09:00 AM

I'm the type of person if I am going to buy something I want to be able to talk to the company if needed. There are a couple of different ideas I have. 


1) Maybe on the forums there could be like different "company" boards. I.e.. In the technology/computer one there could be a sub board solely for IBUYPOWEr, Cyberpowerpc, and etc. There would be a vendor affiliate who would overlook that board and answer questions as needed for pre-sales, customizations, and etc. 


2) On the actual product itself on the BB website there should be a "private message this vendor" and a "go to this vendor forum board" button. 


Currently, from what I have noticed there is a Q&A type of thing on ONLY the larger brands such as Dell, Toshiba, HP. My question now is, WHY? Why don't Cybertron, Cyberpowerpc, and etc have these options? Why don't non electronic brands have these options? And etc. 


I say just get rid of the Q&A and move all the questions to the respective boards. This way it gets IdeaX and the forums more advertised as well!



Status: Tell Us More
Both very valid ideas, and I do know we have had vendor representatives on this forum in the past answering questions for our customers. Would anyone else have anything to add to this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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You guys just missed on a prime chance to take sales from your competition for the fall shopping season. While all the buzz was surrounding the PS Vita $200 price cut you could've gotten the lead headline by announcing the console could be purchased for just $100 down & $10, $15 or $25 per month depending on bundle and 1 or 2 yr term. 


Expanding this for all consoles including the PS4/Xbox 1 would give you an edge that would hard to beat. And yes there will be those who say the total cost will exceed the base purchase price but tell that to rent a center or Aaron's who charge $25/week & the final cost is generaly 2X the base price. 


This a program that would generate alot interest along with a high voiume of warranties attached to the high end items


Status: Tell Us More
Kind of sounds like something where the purchaser would have to qualify for credit. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Improving the Customer Service Model

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by on ‎08-23-2013 12:10 PM

I've been a hot-cold customer of Best Buy for about ten years or so. And in my opinion, if there's one continual weak aspect of their business model that I personally observe, that would be their customer service in their stores.


I would make a recommendation to Best Buy to improve their customer service in the stores by implementing a "five tile" rule. If a guest comes within "5 floor tiles" from an employee, that employee is not obligated to ask how the guest is doing.


I was hired by Best Buy back in 2008 as a seasonal employee for the Christmas Season. My introductory sessions were very well planned out. But, I was made to watch a video which was quite disconcerting. This video was about how to stereotype the customers based on their spending habits and in turn, decide how to allocate your time to them IF AT ALL. This video needs to be tossed in the garbage, if they're still using it. Judging an individual based on appearance alone is discriminatory and if persisted can lead to millions of dollars in lost sales if employees make incorrect assumptions based on appearance.


In turn, treat everyone as a human being and give them the same treatment regardless their appearance or supposed spending habits. Because, over the last two years I had entered a Best Buy store in the Milwaukee-area (okay, Waukesha's) with the intent on spending more than a $1,000.00 each visit BUT I chose to take my business elsewhere not because of price, but because no one was ever willing to assist me. Now that's me alone. And I lean more toward a type A personality than not, so....(draw your own conclusions and have an HR Professional develop stronger customer relations skills) Perhaps, consider having only prior retail employees working in your customer service environment? Save the non-people employees for logistics etc...

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I’m not sure you meant to write that “If a guest comes within "5 floor tiles" from an employee, that employee is not obligated to ask how the guest is doing”. Later on you write that you left your local store without making a purchase because you couldn’t get any assistance, and I assume this means you initially meant they should be obligated.


I can say that any associate at one of our stores should be offering assistance to a customer, as long as they are not currently working with a separate customer. We should already be doing our best to assist every customer regardless of past purchases or the type of customer they are. Thanks for sharing this.

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