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Preorder And get it 3 hours early

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by on ‎12-07-2013 02:53 PM

hello i like my best buy and been shopping there a lot i got my xbox one from best buy as well. i was on line for 8hr and yes i preoder. now my idea would be if you preoder ANYTHING game console movie phone whatever you should be able to get it at least 3 or 2 hrs early why not? now a days when you go to the movies they let you whatch it around 9pm thats before realease which is midnight! why not take advantage of this opportunity if you preoder at best buy get it early you will have so much sales for preorders. its almost 2014 and we as customers have a lot of options for buying items amazon walmart etc.also now you can buy digital games on lauch date over microsoft store xbox live or psn playstation  that means no line no waiting  no driving also you dont get robbed besides you got to preoder at best buy i have to wait come in pay taxes do another line  get my game and wait to get out by midnight get to the car and get home and then... wait for the game to install! thats a lot of waiting please make this a reality please

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I can't imagine anyone that pre-orders with us not liking this idea. I should point out that often times when we can provide a customer what they have pre-ordered with us is dictated to us by the vendor, and is not actually up to us. Any other thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Boost In-Store WiFi Speeds

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by on ‎11-18-2013 05:15 PM

Recently while in-store I had a chance to test out the "improved" (supposedly the connected stores received a WiFi speed boost) WiFi connection and it was absolutely terrible.  It ended with me ultimate switching my phone to LTE and just using that.  I can't imagine why in the world Best Buy would advertise free WiFi knowing that if the initial speed is that slow it only gets worse as more and more people connect their devices onto it and browse the web as they walk around the store.  It just seems counter-productive.


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Thanks for the suggestion. Would anyone else like us to improve the speed of the Wi-Fi we provide in our stores? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

I understand that there's some risk and liability involved with the My Best Buy rewards program around issuing points without a grace period, but I think for your Elite Plus customers - your top spenders - you should post points faster so that they can get back into the stores and spend more money quicker - it just seems logical. I made a rather hefty purchase and we're at almost two weeks and I'm still waiting for points to post.  I think if there was a policy where points would post within 72 hours - THAT would add value to the Elite Plus program and make more people strive to be a part of it (and let's face it, your Elite Plus members are probably not in the top percentage of returns generated either).

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I hear where you are coming from on this. Would any other Elite Plus members like to see this as a reality? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Mac users tend to me meticulous when it comes to selecting peripherals for our machines, after all we want something that compliments the design, quality and performance of what we paid for.  A lot of the drives that Best Buy cater to are the low end, clunky and slow.  Take for instance the Western Digital My Passports which are 5400rpm, thicker than the average Mac by a considerable margin and design and quality-wise are lower grade. 


Then Best Buy tries to carry high-end stuff that appears high-end on paper, but very low-end practicality - for instance, Thunderbolt is a fantastic interface - still the fastest available on any computer today at 10-20Gb/s; However, if you pair Thunderbolt with a 5400rpm drive, not only does it drain the computer's battery faster, it defeats the entire purpose of using a faster interface like Thunderbolt because at the end of the day, the 5400rpm internal drive inside of the Thunderbolt enclosure is going to kill the bus speed - it's like purchasing a Hennessey Venom GT and putting cheap Firestone tires on it. 


Enter the Monster Digital Overdrive USB 3.0 External SSD's - a happy medium.  They are very small, in terms of physical size, with an aluminum finish that Jonny Ives himself would appreciate.  They are USB 3.0 vs. Thunderbolt, but this is a cost-reducing move, and a smart one that does not sacrifice performance, because the USB 3 still delivers with the internal drive being an SSD (instead of 5400rpm) you're more likely to see experience faster read and write speeds in real-world application than you would on some of the other buses (i.e. Thunderbolt) that utilize 5400rpm drives instead of SSDs. To give you an idea, most traditional 5400rpm drives perform at average speeds of between 50-75MBps in real world applications and SSD's double if not triple this number with ease. 


SSDOU-0128-A Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 128GB USB External Solid State Drive

SSDOU-0256-A Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 256GB USB External Solid State Drive

SSDOU-0512-A Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 512GB USB External Solid State Drive

SSDOU-1000-A Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 1TB USB External Solid State Drive


The second part to this is making Blue Shirts more Apple-knowledgable because a lot of them don't know any better and have no problem selling you the $59.99 My Passport for Mac because they are truly not trained in Macs nonetheless Mac peripherals/accessories so someone ends up using this extremely slow (around 55MBps in this case) drive for backups ending in a dreadfully slow experience versus if someone had taken the time to explain to them the value of paying more and getting speeds up to 4x that on average. 




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Would anyone else like to see us carry these items? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Mfr Part #:MD464ZM/A



Best Buy stores should begin stocking this cable as it is huge in the A/V world.  A lot of older video cameras and music equipment rely on Firewire 400/800 to operate and I think Best Buy is missing out on a huge opportunity by not stocking these.  On Amazon this cable ranks #97 out of the top 100 best-selling cables.


[Description from Manufacturer] 

Easily connect your Thunderbolt-equipped Mac to a FireWire device with the Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter. Small and compact, it connects to the Thunderbolt port on your Mac computer, giving you a FireWire 800 port that supplies up to 7W for bus-powered peripherals like hard drives and audio devices.

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Would anyone else like to see us carry this in our stores? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Please fix the videogame trade in estimator

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by on ‎02-06-2014 05:06 AM

There`s a few issues with the trade in estimator & trade in values.

1- You don`t get the newly released titles listed fast enough some games are 7-12 hours long with little to no replay value so if a customer buys it on release day they could be ready to trade it in a day or two. It`s important to get the newer titles back on the sales floor ASAP in order to get games sold again.

2- You`re listing titles that haven`t even been released yet with HORRIBLE trade in values like "The Last Guardian" $14 base. You lost alot of trades for Ni No Kuni b/c you NEVER offered a far trade in value for it. And it could not have been a supply issue b/c the TIV was always weak.

3- Your trade in values don`t account for "rare" high demand or out of print titles. If you offer a good TIV for these and/or have targeted trade in promos you`ll get alot of attention. You can`t possibly have enough copies of Zero`s Escape Virtue`s Last Reward(PS Vita) that has reduced the TIV to $0.25 cents. GS is SOLD OUT of both new/used & demand is super high for it. Comparing KH DDD you`re missing something BB something really big.,28zu0

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our trade-in program. I am confident we already monitor what we offer for used games, and are consistently working to remain competitive in the marketplace.

New fact tags for computers.

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by on ‎10-01-2014 08:29 AM

I noticed that on Sunday my local store had new sales tags and in the computer department I strongly believe that these new tags are a huge leap backwards.  I was told by an employee that this was a cost-saving measure, but I think in reality it could end up being a costly one.


The new tags are pretty bare bones and basically show three specifications: processor (which is mostly cut off past generation so you don't know if it's an i3, i5 or i7), memory and storage. 


I've created a wish list of specifications based on competitor fact tags and added some of my own personal touches that I would like to see:


(1) Screen size (resolution would also be nice to highlight those computers with higher-resolution displays).

(2) Processor (it would be nice to feature the FULL processor model - i.e. i7-4710HQ along with clockspeed).

(3) Memory (speed, slower LPDDR3 or standard DDR3 and "upgradabiltiy" - i.e. 8GB 1600MHz LPDDR3; Upgradeable: No. 

(4) Storage (highlight the type of storage- i.e. mechanical, hybrid, solid state, flash as well as size; read/write speeds would be nice too but I know that's reaching). 

(5) Operating system (may not be important now, but in times of transition - i.e. when Windows 10 computers start arriving and you still have Windows 8.1 inventory, this will matter)

(6) Wireless technologies (i.e. bluetooth 4.0, Wireless 802.11ac)

(7) Graphics specifically highlighting whether the graphics are integrated, discrete or both for computers that support automatic graphic switching (Intel HD 5000 integrated or NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with 2GB GDDR5 discrete).

(8) Weight

(9) Battery 

(10) Ports (i.e. 2x USB 2.0; 1x USB 3.0; HDMI, CD/DVD)


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Would anyone else like to see us add these specifications to the tags of the computers we sell? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

I have noticed that 18-Month Financing is no longer an option for most purchases nearing $1000 or more.  From what I remember from last month or so when I used financing, I was offered 18 months as a pay off time.  Best Buy, get yourself together because you are ruining your customer base!  The business model that you and your competitors do is "follow one another and not be unique!"  I have written about No Points for Financing and now I'm writing about this.  You need to be different from your competitors instead of going with the flow! 


For exmaple, I purchased a camera and used financing to pay it off, and was offered 18 months to finance.  The same camera now is only offered 12 month financing.  When did this occur?  I can guarantee that none of your frequent and tiered customers weren't notified of this change just like the No Points with Financing.  You should be notifying customers of all your changes such as this to avoid the complaints and in-store arguments with managers.


Bring back 18 Month financing for purchases over your original thresholds!

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The no interest financing offers are not ours, but instead are offered by the bank that issues the credit cards that are branded Best Buy. This bank is Citibank and you would need to reach out to them in regards to any concerns you have with their financing offers.

There are over 23 million small businesses in America account for 54% of all U.S. sales. Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970s. The 600,000 plus franchised small businesses in the U.S. account for 40% of all retail sales and provide jobs for some 8 million people.


Best Buy is missing out on a very large opportunity to cater to this crowd.  If a small business customer comes into Best Buy today, the only point of sale solution that is offered in-store is the Square reader or Square Stand.  If a customer does not already own an older iPad the Square Stand is useless as it only operates with an embedded 30-pin connector.  


The solution is for Best Buy to become a Lightspeed POS reseller.  Best Buy would be able to demo how a small business customer could use a Mac and/or an iPad to run their retail store.  If you have ever priced out an actual point of sale system they are incredibly expensive (typically in excess of $4,000 each for a full setup with computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, etc.) and Lightspeed allows customers to create a feature-rich, scalable point of sale solution for as low as $300/mo for TWO full iPad POS terminals with barcode scanners, thermal receipt printer, cash drawer, credit card attachment and all. Not to mention customers could use a Mac mini ($599 or less) as a back office machine to be able to pull sales reports, manage employees or inventory, etc. (this could also be done from another iPad to keep expenses down).  


Outside of having an in-store demo, it would be beneficial for Best Buy to have knowledgable people around how all of this operates and how to set it up and I think this would present an opportunity for Geek Squad services as most small business retail owners have a lot of on their plate and tend to just care about the solution working more than the actual setup and installation process.  Just a thought. 

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I don't know enough about Lightspeed vs. Square to really make an educated comment to this idea. I would be curious to hear from other customers on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

New products

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by on ‎06-01-2014 03:17 PM

Please consider the solar energy product alts. and profit from residential solar products and installation/contracts.

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I love this idea. Would anyone else like to see us carry these types of products nationwide? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Mr.. Jolie, Expand the Business Model

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by on ‎02-25-2014 05:16 PM

I understand that doing business the same old way is not going to work in this new age of technology. 


I would like to suggest an idea that might add another 250-500 million dollars to the bottom line. 




HSN, QVC, and all other shopping networks total is a 4 billion dollar industry.


There is no reason that rookie networks should have this space because you and the industry manufacture are the experts.


Just imagine having industry experts with every product sold along with a pretty smiling face. GOLD.


If they can do it without having much knowledge. I know you can hit the cover off the ball.


Its a no brainer.


I really think you need to spread your wings and look outside the box.


I worked for the company 20 years ago and working now part-time, I really would like to see BB succeed.


Thanks for letting me share.





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Interesting idea. Would anyone else like to see us enter the TV shopping network world? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Parity in Customer Experience

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by on ‎01-29-2014 01:17 AM - last edited on ‎01-30-2014 12:50 PM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

Having been a BB customer for over 15 years I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. The past few years I have seen this company survive in a market that is becoming increasingly competetive with companies that are more diversified and can take a short term loss to dominate the market. Still, my need for instant gratification draws me to the stores so that I can see and touch the product. This has resulted in more impulse purchases than I care to admit to.


When I walk into a store I can depend on a consistent customer experience. Always a little variance, but that's to be expected. Shopping online is the same, consistently good with some minor hiccups here and there.


In my latest experience with the call centers it was painfully obvious that they don't all subscribe to the guiding principles outlined in the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report.


  • Call back system only works if someone picks up the phone when I am reconnected. I was greeted with a message then nothing but silence until I finally hung up 3 minutes later. Next time I will be more inclined to wait on hold although it isnt my preference.
  • 5 transfers total and only one person in Mission Control (Tyler #{removed per forum guidelines}) understood what I was asking for, set my expectations about what he was going to do, then called my local BB to help me find an answer.
  • My issue requires for me to go to my local BB tomorrow, but why couldn't the first person tell me this without an hour and seven minutes of hold, transfers and redials?
  • Each contact meant that I had to repeate my issue while they patiently listened then told me that I was not talking to the right department but they knew where I needed to go.
  • I felt like each department was a different company. It wasnt even different shades of blue, it felt more like completely different hues.
  • 4 of the five contacts had a very poor audio connection. Kind of expect better from BB since I go to you for my tele and audio needs.


There's no need in posting empty threats of never going back to BB or boycotting the company. I still want my instant gratification. But what you lose out on is an advocate to support brick and mortar stores in an area that is enamered with Amazon.


My ideas are:


  • Take a good look at the investments you are making in your call centers. Are the dollars saved really worth it? What is the cost of lost loyalty? Are the hiring profiles for these agents the right ones? Are they capable of make me feel like a valued customer, or am I just another metric in a call center pivot table?
  • Expect each and every agent to embrace your sustainability mission on each and every call
  • Create parity in the vision of a good customer experience at the store, online, in the call center and in your corporate offices.


I am not providing these ideas because I want kudos or achievements. I am not interested in anyone contacting me to apologize for my past few expereinces or offer me discounts to make up for them. Amazon's strategy on predictive shipments and their network of distribution warehouses is what BB has to compete with over the next few years. Dont let your weakest link be a constant detractor for future business. If your competetive edge is to offer the best customer experience in the market and have leaders that deliver extraordinary resutls, then you have to make sure that the channels customer choose to contact you during the "make or break" part of their experience is in line with what other channels of your company.


HA! Only two beers in and I managed to ramble on this long. PM me if you want to hear more.





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Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed idea, and I can promise you we are already working towards what you are asking of us. We truly do appreciate your continued patronage.

Changing IdeaX

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by on ‎01-19-2014 11:10 PM

It's a known fact that you need a fairly good many plus ups for an idea to even be considered. The only issue I really see with this is this... there aren't enough people on here to get so many plus ups who actively check ideas. Even the best of the  best ideas normally only have like 20 plus ups. So what does that say to me? it says nto enough votes can be really given. Here is my idea of how change should be:


-An idea stays up for 60 days

-After the idea is up for 60 days voting is then closed. 

- You have a plus up and a plus down voting button

\-A person can only choose one of the buttons and can only vote once. 

-A total count is done and a percentage is taken.

-If the total plus ups beats the plus down for a total of  85+% then the idea would go through to whoever would need to look at it/get it approved ( the board I assume ) 


I honestly have to question how many of these ideas are even ever considered...According to this page most of the items added are


1) stuff that was already being done eventually

2) general bugs...

3) some very high votes having been done (i.e. the one with 133 votes) 


So now my question is this...we have several ideas that have around 20 votes and they have been up for at least two months yet we never hear word back. Where is the communication BestBuy? Number one rule for business is communication between the consumer and the business. 


So yes this is my suggestion. I'm sure it still needs some work to make this better but it should at least give you guys an idea of a better system. 

Status: Tell Us More
Thanks for the insights on IdeaX, and can't say I don't understand where you are coming from on this. I can tell you that business teams already look at IdeaX when considering improvements to our business. I will make sure your insights are heard when we consider any changes here.

Lay Away Program for Bigger Ticket Items

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by on ‎06-25-2013 06:07 PM

It would be great to have a lay-away program for the holiday season possibly starting in October to let people pay when they want and how much they want for bigger ticket items, rather than rack up their credit cards.  Similar to that of Walmart and other retailers.  I know this would be beneficial for a lot of people how want to get the items they want for friends and familt this holiday season.

Status: Acknowledged
I believe we already have had this type of program in certain areas of the country, but it has since been discontinued. I assume this to mean that the program was not a success.

Rethink "Brand Shops" / Reps in-store

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by on ‎06-05-2013 03:48 AM

Brand Shops work for some sectors of retail and in others they really don't make since.  Take JCP for instance, I hated when they converted it from traditional apparel to this new "modern" retailer that Ron Johnson wanted it to be.  The reason why is you used to be able to go into JCP and go to Mensware and you had shirts, pants, etc.  In this new Brand Shop setup you have to know what "sub-brand" you're looking for, which something tells me there's a price game involved like putting the more expensive brands in more prominent locations and it actually makes it much harder to price compare.  Imagine if you came in to buy a camera and you had to go to the Sony brand-stand and to compare it you had to jump over to the Samsung brand-stand and the Canon brand-stand - after a while it just creates a really frustrating experience.  


Secondly, vendors in-store should go.  On weekends, it seems like there's more vendors then there are Best Buy employees, which I'm sure Best Buy loves because they save a ton of money on labor, but it's really a bad image for Best Buy, considering they are "supposed" to be there to train employees and educate customers.  The problem with this is most of these vendors are going to say whatever they need to say to land their sale and make their commission.  Try asking a Direct TV rep what they think about AT&T, Time Warner or Dish - OR - a Sony camera rep what they think about a Canon?   The bigger underlying issue that I've noticed is that customers don't realize they are talking to a vendor from XYZ company.  So when they ask why the Canon with higher MP is cheaper than the Sony, they don't realize they're talking to a Sony representative that is going to try his/her best to spotlight their product's features over the Canon and not-surprisingly if you pulled sales data for the weekend I'm sure you'd see an unusal spike in Sony camera sells, etc.   Nothing against Sony, I have their cameras and TVs but using them as an example.


On a larger scale the problem this creates is there's really no need to have as many Best Buy employees at that point.  Why blow money on labor when you have vendors paying for real estate in your store and providing the labor?  You really just need the blue shirts to run the registers at that point.  This will mark the beginning of the end for Best Buy though because you will no longer be able to get unbiased, HONEST advice.  For instance, the HTC One has been hailed as one of the best Android handsets on the market and the S4 was polar opposite from most professional review sites (i.e. Tech Radar), however the Samsung representatives in-store are going to play to all of the biases that have been created against HTC like the Sense interface sucks (which has actually been revamped on the One BTW), the battery is terrible, etc.  to better spotlight their product.   Think that's ridiculous?  Check out what's happening to Blackberry!  The Z10 was one of the best professionally reviewed smart phones and a lot of the ideas on it are fresh and intriguing yet many reviewers note it may be too little too late and thus employees talk customers out of it and into "trendier" handsets like an S4, iPhone, etc.  The Z10 has PRACTICAL features that you can actually use like separate profiles for home and business use so you don't have to carry two phones.  Samsung phones you can touch together to share things (which I know a lot of people with S3's and S4's and I have yet to see them use that feature once).  


So are brand shops a bad idea?  For a store like Best Buy it depends on how they were implemented. I've always liked Best Buy's traditional approach of being more departmentalized.  Cameras are all in the cameras area and Best Buy could use their new connected stores' runway tables to spotlight integration for specific brands.   I think having a store with like 10-15 vendor stores within it would create a flea market/farmer's market find of atmosphere similiar to that of Niemen Marcus.

Status: Tell Us More
I guess I can't say we will never eliminate the presence of outside vendors in our stores, but I would like to hear others thoughts on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Remove thumbs down on

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by on ‎02-16-2013 06:51 PM

When people post reviews online, they are posting their personal experience with a product.  When people go onto their reviews and down-rank them just because it's not something they would personally purchase it actually creates an environment where people don't like leaving feedback/product reviews.   Why not keep things positive and have a thumbs up option and if you don't agree, you don't agree.



Status: Tell Us More
Thanks for pointing this out. I hear where you are coming from on this, and I would be curious if other people share your feelings on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Best Buy Memberships

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by on ‎02-12-2013 11:10 AM

I've heard a lot about best buy being in jeopardy of going out of business due to the expense of having a physical store.  This makes it easy for competing on line businesses to undercut the prices offered at best buy, and in some cases Best Buy even aids in selling product for other companies by allowing the customer a place to demo the product before buying it elsewhere.  This troubles me because I like Best Buy and I like that there is somewhere I can go to put my hands on the newest electronic products before buying them.  I believe that the answer here is selling best buy memberships. 


This is how and why I think it would work.  Like Sam's Club or Cosco, the only people that would be aloud to enter the store would be members.  Annual memberships would be sold at a rate that would allow for the store to supplement the sale price of items to a competitive level with on-line retailers.  If someone wants to come in and see how a TV looks and then go buy it from somewhere else, they will have at least paid for a membership.  Like with anything else, loyalty is key.  If you have a best buy membership that you have paid for, you have went to the store to try the product out, and you are seeing comparable prices at the store and on line, everyone will be compelled to purchase with Best Buy due to the laws of reciprocity if for no other reason.  Plenty of people will tell you that they won't shop at best buy if they need a membership, but as the other stores go out of business they will be back.  Once consumers realize that there's no where else to "try before you buy", they'll come buy a membership. 


This business model would work invariably because people still want to go see a product before they buy it.  It would work for Best Buy because they already have the stores.  I know I would certainly buy a membership to Best Buy, even if the price was on the steep side as long as the in store prices where cut down to that of all the on line retailers.  Be the first to adopt this and you will be around way after Sears, JC Penny, K-Mart, Radio Shack, etc. 

Status: Tell Us More
I believe a version or two of this has been posted in the past, and I certainly see where you are coming from here. I would be wary that charging a membership would scare away our existing customer base, but I would like to hear from other customers or employees on this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

How to restore/increase business profitability and provide services and products that are really in demand.

Step 1: Accept that the old model of big box high ticket low margin merchandise sales that lead to up-sold high-margin add-ons, cables, and warranty plans is dead and no longer working.  Your shrinking market (the rich, the tech-illiterate, and the naive)


Exhibit A: Customers can get the same high ticket Audio/Video products online cheaper (Amazon, newegg, slickdeals, etc.)

Exhibit B: Customers can get comparable high-margin cables and add-ons for 1000% cheaper online (monoprice)

Exhibit C: More online information and ready access has rendered the need for basic product knowledgeable sales staff useless (cnet, hometheater, dpreviews, etc.)

Exhibit D: Improved Product longevity and tech gimmick refresh has rendered warranty plans a waste of money.  You're product buy back plan is a slightly better option if we choose to make the same expensive mistake we did the first time.

Exhibit E: CD and DVD/BluRay sales are dying.  Disk media takes up space, less portable, and lots of content is crap not worth paying $15-40 for. Streaming and download are cheaper, portable, and available from your couch. The only exception to this are console games (see Exhibit C, Recommendation C)

Exhibit F: Geek Squad services are decreasing.  Computer hardware is becoming cheaper, more disposable and less important as data moves onto the cloud.


Step 2: Embrace a new model that your customers are already abusing you for and others that should be clearly obvious.


Exhibit A: Showroom club membership.  The lure of a customer into a store is no longer a guaranty they will buy something.  Meanwhile BestBuy stocks slow moving expensive inventory that people  armed with a CNET review come in to try, note the current retail market price, take a snapshot with their phone, make a decision about which Audio/Video equipment is better, and then go online to buy the same brand/model cheaper.


Recommendation A:  If BestBuy closed, where would people go to try out something they might want to buy?  Magnolia was a decent concept.  Expand not by opening more big-box stores but by leveraging current retail space for club showroom memberships where pre-paid members would get full access to the latest array of Audio/Video/computer show pieces to test and try out. 


Recommendation B: open smaller boutique BestBuy show-room and shipping only locations where club members can come in and try products.  Let your showroom club memberships subsidize your limited boutique in-stock inventory.


Recommendation C: Allow showroom club members to have items purchased from BestBuy or other online merchants to be shipped to a BestBuy boutique showroom or participating store where the boutique studio can have the Audio/Video items set up in a custom environment based on the member's home theater dimensions/layout so the member can try them out and decide if he wants to keep it.  If unsatisfied, the member can return the item for a refund and purchase another.  Alternatively offer competitive pricing if the member chooses to purchase a comparable item from BestBuy online instead. 


Recommendation D: Offer A/V classes on how to properly set up your home theater, what to look for in speakers, receivers, HD TV's and projectors, seating, wall paint, and other items the boutique showroom can be used for to provide an enhanced service to showroom club members and get them exposed and familiar with BestBuy "recommended" products.


Exhibit B: Wedding Registry - as another user already mentioned.  More women are becoming tech-dependent and savvy.  More couples are registering at multiple merchants offering more variety to their wedding guests.  This should be obvious.  The 10% off coupon alone on all remaining unpurchased registry items is enough alone to clear some inventory.


Recommendation A: Offer wedding, sweet 16, and Quincinera registries to take advantage of the youth and growing Hispanic population.



Exhibit C: Secondary Game market - as another user also mentioned.  The Gaming industry is HOT and no longer only for kids.  Many Gamers do have to have the game as soon as it comes out.  However, with shifts in the pricing models of console companies and online package add-ons, as well as online rentals, more are delaying purchase in lieu of cheaper prices.


Recommendation A: Enter the used Games market and compete with GameStop.  The arbitrage for used games is huge.  Buy/trade in low and sell for 75% or 50% off the original price.  Turn a low margin product into a high margin product. 


Recommendation B: More adults are into gaming as they are the grown up kids from the original gaming generation.  However, not all have the time to buy and play the latest games so they delay purchase or seek to rent.


Recommendation C: Negotiate with Microsoft and Sony to allow online Map-packs to be sold in stores.  While it is convenient to download them straight to my xbox, I hate that I have to first buy MS points which never match up to the cost of the item and then browse through the horrific menu looking for the download and hope to have a fast enough connection to download and install the pack.  I also hate how I have to have a credit card stored and can't just pay cash making my account vulnerable if xbox or Sony gets hacked...again.


Exhibit D: Lens rentals and increase your photography portfolio.  Another user mentioned increasing your brand name lenses for photography equipment.  Seeing as Ritz and some other photography places have shut their doors, Best Buy is a prime location for serving the growing prosumer photography and professional market.  Just about every mid-20's bachelor I know has gotten into photography (not only as a way to meet pretty women) and every new mother I know has also gotten into photography and videography.


Recommendation A: Expand your photography line to include more lenses and adaptors for popular brands.  Note: Olympus is going bankrupt, stock compatible lenses or of stable brands.


Recommendation B: Rent lenses.  Again, take advantage of the try before you buy market.  The difference here is you can't

try it out just by looking at it.  A good trial requires taking it out for a day or two, hooking it up to your camera, and taking various indoor/outdoor day/night shots with your camera at different settings.  Most of us in the DC/VA area have to drive into DC or at least 20 miles to the nearest lens rental area.  What if BestBuy offered such a service.  Hey now there's a good way to get us in the door and have us paying for something for a change.


Recommendation C: The Home Depot DIY effect.  Offer beginning/intermediate/advanced photography courses at your stores.  Surely there are some photography enthusiasts among your employees or just pool from your local social sources such as facebook and local singles sites.  It's a great way to generate a virtuous cycle of new customers that increase their buying/renting interest that can also become a social forum for people to meet, make new friends, and even date.  Best Buy could become the coffee shop of the 20-teens.


Exhibit E: Get a real online store.  Your online store has an identity crisis.  Is it an online catalog or an online store?  Why should I go to when I can get the same thing Tax free and free shipping everywhere else.  The reviews are usually the only thing of value.  Again, people are going to your site just to do research but not actually buy anything. The tax free option may be difficult to overcome but your inventory should be 10-20% cheaper online than in store.  Find out if there are ways to resell and to sell items online without paying taxes in states that don't have a sales tax as well as to states that do.


Recommendation A: NewEgg approach: offer black-Friday style discounts on specific items each day.  Whether they are overstocked items or items you are able to pass on deeper savings.  We may not need an extra 8 GB thumb drive right now, but if you offer one up cheaper than any one else, I might be tempted to buy it from you now instead of someone else down the road. 


Recommendation B: Train your customer.  This daily deal discount works on the converse side as well.  As with, which sends daily eBlast deals via email, after viewing these a few times you start to see items that frequently re-appear.  If I know that various quality brand subwoofers that are regularly listed at discount on these emails appear, I may put off purchasing from another online store or big box store because I know it'll show up eventually. 


Recommendation C: Quarterly BlackFriday -Give a little to get a lot.  Occasionally take an item that is really in demand and surprise-hit your Showroom club members with a "guerrilla discount" or "discount ambush" (I'm trademarking those if available).  Without notice, send out an email at 1AM PST/3AM CST/4AM EST (possibly randomize the release times) listing a limited time/limited quantity offer of 50-60% off for 24 hours on a specific high demand item.  Something like a Definitive Technology SuperCube I Subwoofer (reg $999) for $499 (100 available - limit 1 per customer). Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (reg $59.99) for $30 (500 available limit 1 per customer).  Sure you'll take an initial hit but like a lottery, you'll make up for it in showroom club memberships once publicity gets out.


Recommendation D: The double-dip.  If legal, as a follow up to Recommendation C above, allow unlimited purchases of a limited offering high demand product at 25-30% discount and allow your showroom club members to resell the item on your online store for about the same commission or Amazon or ebay might impose for resellers with free shipping to stores and boutique showrooms.  This adds further value to the Showroom club membership, allows BestBuy to recoup some margin on the sales, and gets more people into it's boutique and showrooms to pick up their new items and anything else they might have happened to forget to buy.


The last and most important reason why anyone still actually would buy something from BestBuy as opposed to online is the simple necessity of "I need it right now and I can't wait for shipping".  Boutique and in-store inventory should always be low but only swell during times when this might occur for a particular product.  Hint: new TV's the day before and day of the SuperBowl or other major televised events.  Another option would be to offer more of those airport kiosks near red-box kiosks to capitalize on the after-hours "oh-crap" my disk broke, controller broke, ipod broke, battery died moments.

I have other ideas but this is all I have time for right now.




Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea.

Fix IFTTT Integration

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by on ‎06-21-2015 10:33 PM

I use IFTTT to monitor price changes on certain items that I'm looking to purchase and more recently something has changed on hte back end where it's generating an erorr "Couldn't verify with Best Buy." IFTTT has no way of contacting them to report issues like this but I figured they're probably using some sort of Best Buy API that may have undergone changes recently that is causing this error to occur. Best Buy's developers should partner with IFTTT to get this corrected because A LOT of people use this free service.

Status: Tell Us More

Is anyone else having this issue? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

i came in-store today to look at the new MacBooks (which the store did not have) so I started to ask questions about what accessories the store was going to be stocking for it.  They didn't have any of the new USB-C accessories either and when I asked about cases, the employee became noticeably uncomfortable. Come to find out, it's because the stores don't really carry ANY cases for the smaller MacBooks in-store except a Thule bumper case. The employee began showing me Surface and Chromebook cases and a lot of them didn't look all that great.


Interesting enough, I jumped online tonight, navigated over to > Computers > Laptops > All Laptops and sorted them by "Best Selling."  The 11.6" MacBook Air came up within the top 45 results and the other 11.6" MacBook model, the top 60 results. So you have two 11" Apple MacBook Pros that, by your own admission, BOTH rank within the top 60 in regards to sales and you carry a whopping 1 case that is actually for them. I point that out because while you can use a Surface Case for an Air, most don't have pockets to accommodate a MagSafe adapter, for example, because the charger for the Surface is much smaller.  You're now (with the new MacBooks) adding TWELVE new sub 13-inch laptops to your inventory which would officially mean you have 14 notebooks with a screen smaller than 13" inches, 6 notebooks with a screen 13" inches and 2 notebooks with a 15" screen. 90% of your in-store case inventory are for 13" MacBooks, 9% are for 15" and 1% (being very modest here) are for the 11.6."  Now, I was not a math major, but I was a marketing and management minor and I can tell you that I see a huge problem with this picture that is begging to be solved. This problem only becomes more compounded when you consider that May-September, laptops take center stage in electronics/office stores for sales as students began to shop for laptops for back-to-school.

Status: Acknowledged

I can promise you we continuously strive to provide a complete line of all accessories. Thanks for your thoughts here.

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