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I don`t think I`m going out on a limb stating that BestBuy maybe struggling to sell 2 year Gamer Club Unlocked (GCU)subs at face value of $120. And based off the response to the 3rd $60(50% off) since launch it looks like BB is willing to bend in order to have the program progress. By offering either two or three $10 pre-order/purchase coupons or 1-2 $20 pre-order coupons which would be included in the welcome kits going forward BB would be able to sell GCU at full price. The key to these coupons would be allowing the customer to select the titles that they wanna use them on not just the pre-selected list. You`re going to be getting $60 more upfront vs the 50% off so the net loss of the credits would still leave BB with profit & great assurance of the day 1 sales tied to the coupons. And looking deeper into it the mybb certs generated from the sales would lead to further sales down the line too.

Also, consider offering lower credit amounts on PS Vita & 3DS titles maybe 4-6 $5 pre-order/purchase coupons on them. Now I know there`d be a large segment of rightfully upset existing GCU early adopters who`d feel left out in the cold by not getting access to these tremedous offers & I haven`t forgetten them. Allow them the option to pay $50 for their choice of any 3-5 pre-order/purchase coupons they want from $5-$20.

There would be no extension of the GCU subs time by purchasing the $50 coupon set but the early adopters would be able to pay $120 & get a further upgraded coupon set with 1-2 more coupons along with 2 years added on to their existing subs. Run the offer for 30 days & watch GCU subscription rate dramatically rise.
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Are there any other thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

I'm a member of several different gaming/deal communities and on each there were reports by the members of using copies and scans of the March @Gamer coupons. Not to mention some users on SlickDeals reported having the cashiers allow them to use only the SKU's from the coupons without having to present or surrender the physical coupons(which some of them didn't have in the first place).


I'm sure such fraudulent use of the coupons and SKU's from them will only lead to the deals being lessened or eliminated due to such abuse if it were to continue. This is why my suggestion is to print the coupons on the same type of reflective security paper that I believe was used for the Gamer's Club Unlocked unlocking coupon that was mailed to people who signed up in store early on in the program. By using such paper for the coupons it should eliminate the scanning and copying of the coupons that was reported repeatedly on sites such as SlickDeals as any attempt to scan or copy the coupons should produce copies that say VOID across them due to the reflective paper.


However, the cashiers working at each Best Buy store would also have to be instructed to not only take the coupons with each single purchase(as some apparently are not), but also what to look for in regards to an official coupon and how to spot a fake. Moreover, some cashiers have been apparently entering in the SKU's from the coupons without the customers actually having the physical coupons on hand. This was because four of the coupons from this month(Batman: Arkham City, Bulletstorm, Mass Effect 2 and Rage) were all scanned into a site called the KeyRing App, thus further facilitating the fraudulent use of the coupons.


Anyway, this is my proposed solution to stop the loss of magazine and Gamer's Club Unlocked subscription sales by making the coupons unique and easily recognizable as legit versus their scanned/copied counterparts. Hopefully by implementing this idea Best Buy can cut down on the fraudulent use of these coupons and keep these amazing gaming deals coming for months(years) to come.

Status: Acknowledged
Given how old this idea is I am changing it to Acknowledged status.

I understand that times and conditions change, but the recent changes to the Geek Squad Protection Plan for Mobile Phones is absurd. If the goal is to keep people from getting the plan you are on the right track.


I would like to see the plan returned to the way it was: $9.99 per month and no deductable. If this is not feasible, I would recommend at the most a $50 deductable. 


The reasons for this is because I can pay the same monthly fee for insurance and pay a lower deductable through my phone carrier. Their plan also covers loss and theft which Geek Squad does not. I do not like dealing with my phone carrier. I have had nice experiences with Best Buy, but for such a higher cost, I will no longer get the Geek Squad Protection on my cell phones. I have purchased all of my families phones at Best Buy for the last 6 years specifically to get your protection plan.


Please Change the Mobile Phone Geek Squad Protection Plan so It is at least reasonably affordable. 

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Given we just changed the terms of our plans it is unlikely will make any changes to them in the near future. We would love to hear from others as to what they would like to see in the future. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

RZ points at checkout

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎12-22-2012 07:39 PM

So we all know how many hoops you have to jump trough to get RZ certificates, and as an employee I can't even count how many times I've been asked if I can look up their points mid transaction.This leads me to the idea that since we can look up their rewardzone account info to get them the points, then why can't we also instantly use their 'points as well instead of having to print out paper copies or having to scan their phone. I feel as though it would be to more use as the consumer and also streamline the process at the register. If there's a prompt for using the Bestbuy credit card, so why not the RZ points as well Smiley Happy just a thought from both a consumer an an employee alike

Status: We Did It!
@bobberuchi, thanks for posting here. I forgot there multiple ideas on this. As I stated in the other thread on "I am glad to report that Reward Zone members can now automatically redeem their reward certificates at the register without having to print them out in advance. Members would still need to generate their certificate in advance, from the points they have acquired, but do not need to print them out. Thanks again!"

Past Due-Show Love for PC Gamers

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎06-08-2012 01:14 AM

I love the direction that the gamers club is headed & have been supporting it from day 1 but there's a severe blind spot that BB has towards PC gamers. The @gamer coupons need to be edited to include PC titles along with the console versions too. And there should be more total coupons/deals focused on PC gamers. BB is to be THE place to buy games so service ALL types of gamers & enjoy the sales across the board.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for all the feedback on this idea.
Currently if you spend $3,500 in a calendar year you reach Elite Plus status which is great. For example if you reach elite plus in 2014 your good until February 2016. I would like the clock to reset once you reach the $3,500 or have another goal that can get you another year of elite plus.
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Would any other My Best Buy members like to see this? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Wii U games for $10 trade in rewards

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by on ‎12-05-2014 12:55 PM

This already might have been suggested, responded to, etc., but I still think that Wii U games should get the same $10 pre-order reward as the Xbox One and PS4 games do. 


Please don't discriminate Best Buy. Just because I do not play Xbox or Ps4 games doesn't mean I do not buy games. I have bought literally every single new release for Wii U this year. I bought the gamer's club unlocked with the understanding that I would get $10 rewards, but after purchase found out it isn't valid on Wii U games. That is very bad marketing and employee training.


So please add Wii U games!

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I do believe in the past there was an idea similar to this. Would anyone else like us to provide this benefit? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

I absolutely love the "Upgrade & Save" program where you can trade in a DVD for $5 off of a bluray.  Absolutely love it!  However, it would be even better if there was a way to apply the $5 to online orders as well.  This should be fairly easily achieved by having the computer generate a code one could then use when placing an order online.


If I were able to use the $5 upgrade certificates online, there are a LOT more blurays I would buy that Best Buy doesn't carry in stores.


Thanks for reading!

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for all the input on this idea.

Is it possible that Best Buy in the near future will allow you to pre-order Xbox One games via Xbox Live digital codes? Newegg already does this feature. You are pre-ordering the game and when it comes out, you are emailed a code for $60 to redeem on the Xbox Store to purchase the game. I'd love to see this option at Best Buy. Being able to have the $10 promotion for certain games, any pre-order bonus (extra content, etc) and being able to buy a digital version instead of a physical copy.


Now I understand that I could walk into Best Buy, buy a $60 Xbox Live credit, go home, redeem the code and then buy the game, but I am missing out on any pre-order incentives.


PLEASE take this feature into consideration Best Buy! If you guys offered this feature, I would not see a reason for me to shop anywhere else to pre-order a game. You already do a great job with the $10 pre-order incentive. It would just be nice to be able to pre-order a digital copy of an Xbox One title and still get all the pre-order bonuses.

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Would anyone else like to see this as a reality? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

I'm sick and tired of hearing about how showrooming is hurting Best Buy.  If you are going to try and compete on price alone Best Buy has already lost.  You need to add value, why should consumers come into Best Buy?  The only current reason is so they can measure the devices.


A run down of a couple ideas I've seen here or think Best Buy is doing backwards.

- Free Delievery and Installation ( I'd gladdly pay more for a device for a nice helpful person to deliver and setup my latest toy). I can't belive Best Buy charges for TV installation and setup.  That's one thing no online store can offer or has the capability to offer.  Best buy should be snatching up business by giving customers a better at home expierence.

- Offer regular classes, like REI and Home Depot.  It gets people in the stores and if you don't scare them off people will buy.  Teach classes on networking, on tablets, on operating systems.  I can't tell you how many people I know that don't know the full capabilites of there electronics.

- Help people find what they want, not what makes Best Buy a couple extra dollars.  The single goal of the boys in blue should be to help the customer find the best fit for them.  A happy customer will return.  

-Don't push product replacement plans. ( I remember the first computer my father purchased15 years ago from Best Buy.  They wouldn't let my father leave the store without a PRP before talking to the store manager.  He had to tell 3 people he didn't want a PRP.  That's no way to treat a customer.  If he didn't want it he didn't want it.  


I want to tell you a story that should be your model.  I recently purchased new ski setup.  I went into a local store during a big sale and was planning to show room cause I can find them cheaper on the internet.  Guess what that didn't happen.  Instead the prices were competitive (skis - cheaper, bindings - slightly more, boots - more).  I was treated with respect, the salesmen explained everything I needed to know about skis, boots and binding.  He didn't push me.  They mounted the bindings for free because I purchased them there.  They molded my boots to my feet for free because I purchased them there.  Overall great expierence and what they don't know yet is I'm planning to buy backcountry skis in the next year.  Guess where I'm going?  That's at minimum 2200 dollar purchase and that started because how they treated me on a 600 dollar purchase.  I could probably knock a couple hundred off if I truely bargin shopping, but why would I because I now trust they will do their best to get me in the best setup. 


Good luck, Best Buy needs to make some large changes if they want to survive.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea.

I don't think I'm the only one who has held off of buying pre-owned titles during the B2G1 sales because of incomplete copies being the only ones available at our local stores.


That was the ONE thing that differentiated Best Buy from Gamestop on the trade-in program and the one thing that made me happy about buying pre-owned from you guys was that I knew I could get a complete copy of a title in good/great shape because of that requirement.


Either start requiring everything be traded in with games traded in again OR ding people's trade-ins with refurbishing fees as a way to convince them to trade everything in or lose out on the full value of their games.

Status: Tell Us More

Thanks for the input. Would anyone else like to see us put this idea into place? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Here's a suggestion, Best Buy: print the last day of a customer's return period according to the day they purchase on the receipt. For example, I make a purchase today, the 10th, and the receipt would say I have through April 25th to make a return or exchange. It's made clear to the customer how long they have and gives workers at the store a direct place to point out the time frame of it when someone comes in outside the return period begging to have the rules bent for them. Benefits for both sides for not much effort.

Status: Tell Us More

I like the idea, but I do see one problem that will come up. The return or exchange period starts the date a customer took possession of their purchase. In the vast majority of cases this is the same day they paid for their items.


In some cases the dates are not the same. When a customer is purchasing something large (i.e. Large TV, Appliances, etc...) they have the option to have these delivered, and their return or exchange date would be based off the date we delivered their purchase. In addition our stores can also order products for customers, and in these cases the date of purchase would not be the same as the date they took possession of their purchase. Does anyone have any addition insights into this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Return policies are printed on receipts, I think making the return policy a bit more prominent during the online checkout process would save some people frustration.

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Does anyone else want to see this happen? Remember to vote for this idea if you like it.

Is there anyway that EA Sports UFC can be added to the pre-order list for the $10 certificate? After Watch Dogs, I really believe that's one of the next popular titles upcoming. I know for me personally, this would guarantee that I would be picking up the title from Best Buy on release day. Thanks.


(Sorry, I had posted this in the wrong section earlier.)

Status: Tell Us More
Would anyone else like to see this title added to this promotion? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Gamers Club

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎09-17-2013 12:33 AM

Why not allow those rewardszone members to join Gamers Club Unlocked, by using their points? For example, the cost per year is $20, but if I have 1000 points banked, why is it a problem to use that $20 reward certificate (or more) towards GamersClub Unlocked? Nothing too big in my opinion, just one of those little "tweaks" that save the customer a little bit of cash sometimes (it takes most people a while to get up to 1000 points or more normally), and gives us another "perk" to spending more money at BestBuy. I would like to be a Gamersclub Unlocked member, but can't justify spending the money for it, BUT, it seems I have enough points banked that I could join if BBY would accept a BB reward certificate for it....

Status: Tell Us More
I could see this as a possibility. I should point out that our Reward Zone program has been changed to My Best Buy. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

I would love to see Best Buy take on a more proactive approach to encouraging people to recycle used ink & toner. I understand that, as of now, Best Buy currently does offer a recycling program, but I would love to see them roll it into their rewards program to really encourage people to take advantage of it.  This could implemented in a few different ways:


(1) Offer a coupon for an extra 5% off ink and toner for recycling.  This would be the easiest to implement because if one is recycling ink or toner one would most likely be looking to purchase replacements, so for Best Buy this would offer the quickest ROI on this type of program.


(2) Offer 250 points for each toner or 50 points for each ink cartridge.  This is based on the fact that ink cartridges need to be replaced quite a bit more frequently than toners and in most cases, people are replacing sets of 2 or 4 on ink cartridges, depending on if the machine is a tri-color or individual ink model.  At the end of the day, every toner or 5th ink cartridge would equate to a $5 rewards certificate, which for most inks or toners is a very small discount, but it's still something to encourage people to do the right thing when it comes to disposing of used ink/toner.  


Lastly, the largest benefit to either method you decided to implement would be that you would lock the customer into buying ink/toner from Best Buy and handily pull customers from office store competitors.



Status: Tell Us More

I really like this idea, and I can see both versions working. Would anyone else like to see us implement this idea? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Basically, if customer has 247 MyBB(MBB) pts in their account & they wanna make an upcoming purchase in 2 days or so this would allow them to spend $3 & load the final 3 pts needed for a $5 cert. The primary benefit of doing this vs purchasing say a $3 BB giftcard is that the points would post as "instantly" as possible since there`s no risk of fraud to put BB at risk. Not only that a customer could then calculate it out correctly & instead of buying a giftcard for future purchases just load the amount in their MBB account where both totals will post "instantly".

As a side benefit to this BB would now be able to compete with no tax online retailers since MBB certs can be used to alter the tax hit on purchases(keeping in mind that the total must exceed the MBB cert amount). On a gift giving level a customer could give a surprise MBB pt another customer at anytime. With BB sending a generic "Congrats you have $_____ ready to spend in your MBB account". Once they log in the "SURPRISE MBB pts from _____ are now ready for you to spend, enjoy!!!! banner would pop up.

Promote this as the "Many ways to BestBuy from giftcards to MyBB certs" we have you covered. Give the gift of a MyBB shopping day & get rewarded in the process. You would also need to give MBB pts to the customer giving the pts since they would get pts had they purchased a BB giftcard maybe an extra bonus based on the total amount given to encourage the behavior vs buying a BB giftcard from retailer like Walgreens, CVS or RiteAid.
Status: Tell Us More
Interesting idea. Any other thoughts on this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

I wanted to bring up the idea to get customers excited about Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 that I think it would be a good idea and great deal to offer Buy 2 Get 1 Free on new video game titles the week of E3 2014. (The week of 06/08/14-06/14/14 E3 is 10/11/12)


E3 week would be a good time to push some software sales and pre-orders as gamers get excited about all the new titles to come



Status: Tell Us More
Thanks for the suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this happen? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
Having the ability to return items for an extended period during the holidays is great & always welcome. But this presents another issue that was certainly correct for elite/elte plus members. Price matching BB prices during the same time frame. It would make things a whole lot simplier to be able to price match an item I buy @ BB on Dec 12 when it goes on sale @ BB on Jan. 8 vs having to return/rebuy the item instead. I know from reading alot of customer feedback about being refused a price match so they simply returned the open item for a full refund then proceeded to buy a brand new one on sale.

This can`t be good since BB now has to sell the open box item at a loss no matter what condition it`s in b/c it`s not "new". Customers are too smart & it`s not worth the hassle to make them jump thru extra hoops especially during the most aggressive/competitive time of year for retailers.

The 2nd change would be allowing competitor post purchase price matching during the same time frame. Last year, Walmart made big press by stating they wanted to win the holidays & they went all out to reach that goal matching everybody. I`d like to see BB match the current major online retailers/local B&M retailers post purchase during the extended holiday return period that way I can lock up most of my purchases headache free. I understand price matching during Black Friday(Brown Thurs) thru Cyber Monday on`t happen which is fine but I`m sure you`l see plenty of sales in Dec and purchases using giftcards in January which all adds up too.

Status: Tell Us More

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't believe we have actually announced whether we would be having an extended holiday return or exchange period this holiday season, but my guess is we will be. Who knows maybe this year’s holiday return or exchange policy will include this suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this added this year? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Super User Blogs

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-04-2014 11:36 AM

This may seem like a strange idea however I think it may work out. Why not use some of the resources at your disposal? Many of the super users here have special talents in their own field and (if they are willing)  they could help make custom blogs for certain instructions and such. 


I.e. myself if somebody wanted a detailed virus removal guide I could make a blog for that, or a related PC product.


So here is an outline of the suggestion:


-A board for blog discussions in it people can "request" certain  blogs/guides. The Super Users/Mods would then either discuss who is the most qualified or design one together for that guide/blog. 

-A blog section for the super users I know there is one for the actual BBY staff currently.


Again though, this is super user willing.Smiley Wink

Status: Acknowledged

At this time we will not be moving forward on this idea.

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