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This can be put in place in two seperate ways with the same result. Have digital versions of games pre-loaded in USB drives or single use install disc. With the drives the games logo can be on it or BB can provide there own for purchase. Once the game is downloaded from the USB a customer can either keep the USB or recycle it back to BB & it can be reloaded again then resold. If the customer keeps the USB there`s a cost which would already have been paid when the game was purchased. BB would be able to work out a financial agreeement with publishers since they`d definitely back the ability to sell digital content from a B&M market place with a huge drop in OOP manufactoring cost. Plus they wouldn`t need to fear the secondary used game market with these.

Customes would love the ability to load the game without using the internet for long download times too. I don`t know all the tech issue it would require to put this into effect but I haven`t really seen a ton of ways to merge GCU & digital gaming in a cost effective way.
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Would anyone else like to see this put into place? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

I think it would be a great idea if Best Buy included the Final Fantasy XV demo with Pre-order of Final Fantasy Type-0. is providing this a pre-order bonus and would be great if Best Buy did the same to maximize pre-orders!  Hope other gamers feel the same way!

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Would anyone else like to see this happen? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

After installing with Best Buy for about a year and a half now I have found myself multiple times watching clients walking away from Best Buy unable to get the product they want because we either do not carry it at all or it is not here for them to try out and listen to before they spend a couple thousand dollars. As everyone know, we are not commission based employees, but having a true passion for good sound quality and quality products, I can relate to customers that want products that produce better sound that what we carry. Many years ago when we carried Rockford Fosgate and such brands, mobile audio was at a high point. People could come into the store and see WHY they should invest more than $150 into a subwoofer and what that extra money is really doing for them. I can point out one product line that we carry on line but nobody has in store that I can truly speak to and that would be Alpine's Type-R line. I'm not sure if it was a department in corporate that decided we would not carry these products in store anymore, or if it was a situation with the companies that made the product. All i am saying is that carrying higher end product in store and making it available for purchase or to listen to would increase productivity for car audio and would make many more customers happy.

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Would anyone else want to see us carry higher-end car audio components in our stores? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

I think it's kinda crappy that you put an auto-issue on the Reward Certificates. We should be able to save them and use them at OUR discretion since WE are the ones purchasing items. Let us choose when to use them.

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Elite and Elite Plus members should have the ability to receive their certificates only when they request them, but other members do not have this ability. Who else would like to see this change? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Having the ability to return items for an extended period during the holidays is great & always welcome. But this presents another issue that was certainly correct for elite/elte plus members. Price matching BB prices during the same time frame. It would make things a whole lot simplier to be able to price match an item I buy @ BB on Dec 12 when it goes on sale @ BB on Jan. 8 vs having to return/rebuy the item instead. I know from reading alot of customer feedback about being refused a price match so they simply returned the open item for a full refund then proceeded to buy a brand new one on sale.

This can`t be good since BB now has to sell the open box item at a loss no matter what condition it`s in b/c it`s not "new". Customers are too smart & it`s not worth the hassle to make them jump thru extra hoops especially during the most aggressive/competitive time of year for retailers.

The 2nd change would be allowing competitor post purchase price matching during the same time frame. Last year, Walmart made big press by stating they wanted to win the holidays & they went all out to reach that goal matching everybody. I`d like to see BB match the current major online retailers/local B&M retailers post purchase during the extended holiday return period that way I can lock up most of my purchases headache free. I understand price matching during Black Friday(Brown Thurs) thru Cyber Monday on`t happen which is fine but I`m sure you`l see plenty of sales in Dec and purchases using giftcards in January which all adds up too.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I don't believe we have actually announced whether we would be having an extended holiday return or exchange period this holiday season, but my guess is we will be. Who knows maybe this year’s holiday return or exchange policy will include this suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this added this year? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

In fairness there maybe system issues that prevent this from coming to reality but I`d like to be able to swap a BestBuy giftcard into Mybb pts. I fully understand why BB won`t allow Mybb certs to be converted into a BestBuy giftcard but the reasoning doesn`t apply in the reverse situation. So for example, I`d take my $10 Bestbuy either in-store or via & "load it" then in 24-48 hours or less 500 mybb pts would appear in my mybb account. Because of how MyBB certs affect purchases pre-tax this would give BB a way to fight back vs online vendors who aren`t forcing customers to pay tax.

In the same process being able to "gift" or outright purchase MyBB pts would also present the same advantage.
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I guess I'm not entirely sure why someone would want this functionality, but I would like to hear from others on this. Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

During the Destiny release week BB offered a Gamer`s Club Unlocked subscription(GCU) for free with purchase of any PS4/Xbox One console. The promo was advertised very well thru and in the weekly ad but the in-store implementation left alot to be desired. Staff didn`t know how to correctly add it to the transaction & customers who weren`t aware of the promo weren`t advised when the on screen prompt came up either. This same situation happened when BB offered GCU for $60 several times earlier in the yr customers were better informed than the staff who even wrongly told customers the deal was over or promoted the $800 package instead.

There`s still two pretty big console releases coming this yr the Xbox One COD and Sunset Overdrive bundles not to mention some they may not be announced yet. I`d like to see BB make good and redo the deal while being better prepared when the deal goes live that way the boards are littered with upset customers that didn`t recieve the best customer experience BB wants to provide.

Also, is there a chance other consoles could also be included like the New/old 3DS, PS Vita, PS3, 360 & Wii-U. If you can score the console purchase you also score the warranty and add ons that come with new console purchases. And since GCU is BB only no other retailer can match the deal.
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I am confident our store employees were made aware of this promotion, and if they were having issues setting up the purchase correctly they should have support to resolve those issues. Would anyone else like us to re-launch this promotion with upcoming releases? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Best Buy Supporting Apple Pay

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎09-12-2014 11:35 AM
Today I was informed that Best Buy will not support Apple Pay at its retail locations. I am disappointed with your decision to not take Apple Pay. Please reconsider this, as the people who will use Apple Pay are the customers that we need. (Younger tech-centric crowd) These are the people that are ready to start shopping locally to have things instantly instead of waiting on shipping from online retailers. Now they just have another excuse to not come to our stores. Even if we just got them to come in once to buy something and use Apple Pay, I believe that they would see the 'New Best Buy' and realize that we are a valuable resource for their future purchases.<br><br>Goal of this. Enable Apple Pay at Best Buy locations. It is just prolonging the enevitable, wireless payments.
Status: We Did It!

We will now be supporting Apple Pay. Currently we support it via our app, and later this year it should launch in our stores.

Pre-Order Overview for Games

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by on ‎08-29-2014 06:44 PM

Hey guys, I have this idea that there should be a "Pre-Order Overview" Page on and It is similar to the Points overview but instead it keeps track of all your online and in-store pre-orders of games and products. I currently have 14 games pre-order. A few I pre-ordered last year after E3 and these games are set to release sometime in 2015.


I think there are some games I have pre-ordered but can't remember which. I now have to go search my Points Overview and figure out what games I have ordered and which have not released yet. By having an area dedicated to pre-orders I could view and keep track of games and products that I have already recieved and games that I have ordered and their release dates when they are announced. Having the release date is a must becaues so many games are getting delayed it would be useful to know if a pre-order has moved.


Organize it from whichever game is about to release to the games which are furthest away or have no date announced yet. This would be the 2nd most useful tool to me besides my points overview. Even making it a Gamers Club or Gamers Club Unlocked tool would work. Just make it already!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

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Would anyone else like to see this idea put into place? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

More International Music in the Store.

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by on ‎08-28-2014 05:36 PM

I am an American who thinks that Kpop(Korean pop) is fast and furious and it is slowly making its way into America. I think it would be a good idea to place more International/Kpop(Korean music) Into Best Buy stores and not just online.


As a Local Kpop Fan.

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Would anyone else like to see this happen? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.
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This is a copycat of a GS offer which has existed for years. Each week they offer a promotional coupon that can be purchased using what would equate to Mybb pts in return the coupon would be good for that specfic offer. The offers change obviously on a weekly basis leaving BB plenty of room to keep all gamers happy.

For example, you could offer 20% off 1 used game for 25-50 MBB pts then 10% extra trade in credit on 1 game. Switch between single games, transactions 10%-50% off or 10%-50% extra and include accessories. GCU would also need to stack so coding in the system would need to be on point with consistantly changing offers. I would say keep these open to all gamer`s club members BUT Unlocked members should have 4 advantages over free members.

The cost to redeem a coupon should be cheaper for GCU members than GC members so a 50 MBB pt redemption woulld only be 40 for GCU members. There should be a GCU exclusive Steal of the week coupon either a better variation of the nornal coupon or another offer completely. The coupons should only last 1 week from redemption for free members & two weeks for GCU members. And finally each month there should be an GCU only exclusive steal of the month offer this should generally be on bigger items like headsets, systems or purchases totaling higher amounts.

Adding these will add tremendous value to GC and GCU plus allow you guys to start selling some $120 subs for you know $120. Get sponsers to endorse some offers by promoting them in the weekly ads and placement.
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Would anyone else like to see this offer put into place. Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

In store price comparisons

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎08-27-2014 07:44 PM


To keep customers who come in the store to physically check merchandise only to go online and buy it, put an online price comparison tool in store(like price grabber) but show the shipping charges if applicable.

That way you have the opportunity to capture what would otherwise be a lost sale and to have your customers do a lot of research on pricing and availability for you.

This means that customers will prefer to come to you for everything and give you a shot at the sale.

As an example LG WM3997HWA 4.3 cu ft washer dryer all in one is $1,690.99 on Amazon, and $1,709.99 on But Amazon has to ship it(albeit free) and you have it in store. So for $20 the customer can get to check their purchase before buying it. But then they have to get it home, and Amazon has free delivery.

No reason in store you can't match the Amazon price, given the option of losing the sale.

The ultimate would be to hand a tablet with a barcode scanner app to every customer who walks in to allow them to comparison shop anything at their leisure.(and hand it back in before leaving or it alarms)

It may seem odd, but it allows you to compete head on with online stores.

You do not need to beat Amazon, and doing so may only start a price war, just match them.


Have a great day.


Status: Tell Us More
Where would this price comparison tool be placed? Would there be multiple locations for this tool? We already match Amazon's prices so that shouldn't be an issue. Due to theft concerns we would not be providing tablets to each customer that enters our stores. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
Can someone please post a sample video or video screenshot that can be used to asist customers who are still have trouble getting the PAID Gamer`s Club Unlocked(GCU) 10% bonus perk added in-store correctly. It is a tricky process even for the reps who know what they`re doing & for those who are unaware they just say nonsense like "it`ll show up at the end", "it doesn`t apply during promos like 50%/100%" or "I don`t know what happened".

Either a very simple sample before non GCU trade in screen & after GCU is correctly added screenshot. Or even better how about having Hubert Joly take in a stack of 5-6 of last years high profile games & allow him to attempt a trade in at a store far away from BB HQ that doesn`t know he`s coming. Bring the secret cam crew & enjoy the show.

I`m sure he has a paid GCU membership right? I mean where else would BB`s CEO buy games from even if not for himself certainly he has friends/family with children and/or children himself and the must have some interest in games.

This issue has been going of for YEARS and yet almost every week there`s no shortage of people posting losing out on their 10%. This issue rarely if ever happens at GS in fact their reps actively promote the benefits including getting out the calculator to show the savings. How can you possibly compete if your reps aren`t willing/able to meet the standard of knowledge of the program(which is $120 vs $15). For $120 it is completely UNEXCEPTABLE for this issue to have lasted tbis long AND when a customer who knows the perks & request a manager but even the management staff is being reported as failing too.

Screenshots and/or video that combined with better trained/informed staff is seriously needed. Even when you had game reps this happened to frequently. Failure plain and simple failure.
Status: Tell Us More
Would anyone else like to see us post a video on this subject? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.
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Phone Recycling for Hospitals

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-11-2014 12:18 PM - last edited on ‎08-12-2014 10:51 AM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

Hello Bestbuy,

        I just though that this would be the best place to propose this idea because the email on the bestbuy website was only for the store. I am working on creating a charity (Tech for Tots) that donates old and recycled phone to children during long term hospital stays. This would target families of lower economic brackets who may not be able to afford phones for their children. This helps the children remain occupied and connected during their hospital stay. We are working with multiple hospitals in the Cleveland area who are interested in the program, the only issue is that to begin the program, we need to have phones to donate. I noticed that there are many phones that are being recylcled through the Bestbuy Electronics Recycling program that could have much more use through a program like this. I was hoping that you might be able to donate some of those recycled phones to this program.


      If you have any more information about the program, just send me an email. This is just a basic summary of what we are trying to do.


                                               -Nathan {removed per forum guidelines}

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for reaching out to us on this. I'm not sure if will be able to help or not. My suggestion would be to write a letter to us here at our corporate headquarters. The address here is 7601 Penn Ave. S. Richfield, MN 55423.
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I would like to get 20% off on all gaming stuff digital and physical like TV's•systems•headsets•digital games and DLC•psn and ps+•laptop and other gaming stuff too
Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for reaching out to us on this, and I'm confident anyone would agree with this. We strive to get our customer's the best deal at all times.
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New store

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-03-2014 12:00 PM

Hello I would like to let you in on a great idea

that is there is a great need for a Best Buy in Bay City Tx

Yes we are a small town in Texas but we have BIG hearts

I have asked around Bay City about  Best Buy and this is my


90 % of the people I have talked to would shop and buy for

Best Buy if there was one here.

As it stands people in Bay City have to drive to Lake Jackson Tx

this is a 45 mile drive and with the cost of gas most do not make the drive.

me included. This is just an idea thing to have Best Buy in Bay City Texas.

Thank you for your time


Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion. Given that in the not so distant past we closed stores, I just don't see us opening up any new stores at this time.
Currently if you spend $3,500 in a calendar year you reach Elite Plus status which is great. For example if you reach elite plus in 2014 your good until February 2016. I would like the clock to reset once you reach the $3,500 or have another goal that can get you another year of elite plus.
Status: Tell Us More
Would any other My Best Buy members like to see this? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Gaming Points/Rewards

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎07-18-2014 07:34 AM

I know this may seem like an extreme idea at first but read through the entire post at least first please.


Similar to raptr where you earn gameplay points Bestbuy should have a similar libarary induction and I also think this would be a great way to integrate the digital library furthermore.


So pretty much how it works, us gamers do what we do best which is...wait for got it! We do gaming. ALOT. So my idea is why not put this to good use? 


-You have an option of a "digital library intergration" which is pretty much where you link the BestBuy digital library with the games you pruchased from bestBuy. So the more games you have, the more loyalty shown. To include both physical and digital copies on physical receipts a library code is generated. You enter this code in the library and you CANNOT download the game but it just lists that you do own this game and it was bought from Bestbuy. There could be then a program that BestBuy makes that as long as it's running it records the time a person plays (not idling of course, maybe somehow ti recognizes the mouse not moving?  Not sure how you monitor that stuff not my area of forte. 


-The second option is to download the program suggested in the first option and you can manually add games to the program where it has it's own library. It would still have to go out there though and confirm it was purchased from Bestbuy ( maybe somehow all of this would be hooked up to the mybestbuy program ) From here you can also do gameplay times.


So now the question you have is what do we get in return for gameplay points? Short answer: Certificate reward points that are added to the mybestbuy account or maybe a gift card that is sent out again those are sematics that only BestBuy could really decide the best tway to use.


Long answer: 


I think there should be a ranking system.


-There wouldn't be a  highscores so to speak but the more games you have purchased from Bestbuy the quicker your points can add up cause it shows loyalty to BestBuy. Just for the sake of an example if you play Batman: Arkham Asylum for 1,000 hours of gameplay. You may get a $25 gift certificate which would had been building froma   certain time amount. But now let's say if you own 100 games instead of 10 games for example. You may get $40-50 gift certificate instead.


-I think this would be a great way as well to introduce the partner mall to people. These certificates could be used at these places or exchanged for usable credit at these partner malls via the links on the mybestbuy site.



Status: Tell Us More
So basically your idea is to get My Best Buy points for playing a game you purchased from us? Would anyone else like to see this happen? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Is it possible that Best Buy in the near future will allow you to pre-order Xbox One games via Xbox Live digital codes? Newegg already does this feature. You are pre-ordering the game and when it comes out, you are emailed a code for $60 to redeem on the Xbox Store to purchase the game. I'd love to see this option at Best Buy. Being able to have the $10 promotion for certain games, any pre-order bonus (extra content, etc) and being able to buy a digital version instead of a physical copy.


Now I understand that I could walk into Best Buy, buy a $60 Xbox Live credit, go home, redeem the code and then buy the game, but I am missing out on any pre-order incentives.


PLEASE take this feature into consideration Best Buy! If you guys offered this feature, I would not see a reason for me to shop anywhere else to pre-order a game. You already do a great job with the $10 pre-order incentive. It would just be nice to be able to pre-order a digital copy of an Xbox One title and still get all the pre-order bonuses.

Status: Tell Us More
Would anyone else like to see this as a reality? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Return policies are printed on receipts, I think making the return policy a bit more prominent during the online checkout process would save some people frustration.

Status: Tell Us More
Does anyone else want to see this happen? Remember to vote for this idea if you like it.
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