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Working at a big box store In Austin (store 204) I have noticed that over the past several months we have had an extreme influx of open item appliances  sent to the store from not only our store but surrounding stores in the area. The problem is so bad that no matter how many and how aggressively we price them we receive more open items faster then we can sell them. Resulting in open items prohibiting us from correctly putting out new appliances designated on plano and violating sop for not having appliances on the race track the majority of the  items we receive  are through no fault of our own in terms of not selling the item correctly the first time but rather physical damage that occurs upon delivery.


My suggestion would to be to open a stand alone best buy open box outlet store in central Austin, San Marcos or  the new branfeuls AREA where the best buys in the surrounding area could send primarily their open item appliances with the option to expand to  home theatre televisions and possible computers but with the main focus being appliance open items/ end of life or deleted items.


why this would work:


1 . South and central Austin especially have  a market of clients that rent houses, flip houses that are always looking to buy cheap but really hate the hassle of traveling to different stores to get the various open items the cheapest they can.

2. It would relieve the strain on our store as well as others with the constant overflow of open items prohibiting us from putting out new product and causing us to violate sop

3. Save time and money spent by the employees trying to spit their time from receiving tagging and putting out open items while trying to sell new products and handle customer issues in regards to the open items

4. The store would not need as big of staffing as a regular bby store in that it would just have to focus on employees familiar with appliances and the oms system with some customer experience employees


5. The inventory of the store would be solely open items and at risk/ end of life product which would help with the sale of those items before we send them back at a significant loss\

6. The idea can be extended to other markets with the similar situation

7. It gives the customer who is looking for discounted appliances a clear and unified place to look vs. Driving everywhere to find the one open item they are looking for decreasing the chance they will give up and go somewhere closer and more convinent that is not best buy.


I think if you take into consideration all the pros in this idea that you will find it is a great solution for the problem we have

thanks for your time and consideration

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by on ‎09-28-2012 09:15 PM

remeber when bestbuy store all had that huge tv ( most people called it the sweet 16 because it was 16 55" tvs put toghether to make one massive tv..........that was a wow factor, i would like to see it again...i think it make a great statement to competiors and customers.........

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I realize the title of my posting may be a little bit crazy,  or not understandable, but one of the companies Best Buy owns, Future shop has their online forums tied into their website that allows a guest when browsing the site , to ask a question. The question then comes onto the forums, and people have a chance to answer and vote on it. The one with the most votes at the end of the "Kudoing" gets marked as a good answer and the reply is sent back to the anonymous guest.


I can see where this system can get abused by spam, and lots of people hate to use those god awful reCaptcha systems, but forums integration with the Best Buy site, would be a pretty neat next step for how functions.

Status: We Did It!

On the lower-right of many product category pages a link to the appropriate product board is provided there, and on some pages individual threads are linked to on In addition a customer can now post questions to Best Buy Unboxed directly from the Questions and Answers portion of our companies Facebook page. We continue to integrate all parts of Best Buy online.

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It's become clear confirmed by local employees at my local Best Buy Store that they won't be carrying physical game discs anymore because their research led to believe that people download games more then buy them on disc


That is fine, as I don't have anymore room for them to be honest. But Best Buy has potential in their download platform and not everyone can use a credit card online to use your services. I remember back in the day purchasing a new game along with a new computer. Don't think this is possible anymore.


Also, maybe partner up with the digital gaming service STEAM and sell Steam Wallet Vouchers people can purchase in the store and load into their wallet so they don't have to use their credit cards online.


Please continue to be my store of digital technology awesomeness and give more love to PC Gamers.


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One innovation that BB has implemented in the past few years is it's Best Buy Mobile stores, which are smaller stores in various malls dedicated only to cellphones and other mobile devices and accessories. This idea is great; it safes tons of costs electric, rent and other sunk costs buy reducing the store size from a gigantic department store to a small boutique-type shop. I think BestBuy should implement this for another department, one they deem their most successful after Mobile. A Best Buy Gaming store would be great, or maybe one for all the other media platforms (games, movies, music). They are losing money buy only having large department stores, and i think using the best buy mobile store idea and running with it is a good way to improve business and increase sales

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A couple of ideas

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by on ‎06-08-2012 03:25 PM

1. It's not a smart thing to ask your customers to register so they can provide you with ideas. It's actually a pretty stupid thing to do.


2. How about somebody finally makes these stores work like a retail store and not like an internet order display gallery?

Here's the deal. I am only using BestBuy for things that cannot wait. If it is something that I need today I'll go to the store and buy it at any price. 

If this is something that can wait a day or two it gets ordered online. Not from BestBuy online but from places like Amazon, Newegg, Ebay etc. You know why? Because the choice and the price are so much better. 


So the only reason I would use your website is to look up products that I want to go and buy in the store. And I mean right now. Not pick up from the store in a week or two and not order by mail. Go and buy. This is why there are retail stores. So that people can go and buy things.

Now to the bad part. The website simply doesn't serve this purpose at all. So is the store. shows you hundreds of products but won't let you filter just the products that are available in the stores as of right now. It shows you some idiotic marketplace. Why - I have no idea. If I wanted to get something from a random seller, why would I go to I'll go to amazon or ebay instead. The same with the products that are actually sold by bestbuy but only available online. Let me filter these out. 


Now, the actual retail locations. How about they start having things in stock for a change? Last thing I want to hear in the retail store is "I can order this online for you". What kind of answer is this? I don't need some half trained teenager to order things for me when I need it today. If I wanted to order it I could perfectly do it on my own and choose the best product at the best price. If I walk into the store I want to be able to pay and walk out with whatever I needed. 

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How to restore/increase business profitability and provide services and products that are really in demand.

Step 1: Accept that the old model of big box high ticket low margin merchandise sales that lead to up-sold high-margin add-ons, cables, and warranty plans is dead and no longer working.  Your shrinking market (the rich, the tech-illiterate, and the naive)


Exhibit A: Customers can get the same high ticket Audio/Video products online cheaper (Amazon, newegg, slickdeals, etc.)

Exhibit B: Customers can get comparable high-margin cables and add-ons for 1000% cheaper online (monoprice)

Exhibit C: More online information and ready access has rendered the need for basic product knowledgeable sales staff useless (cnet, hometheater, dpreviews, etc.)

Exhibit D: Improved Product longevity and tech gimmick refresh has rendered warranty plans a waste of money.  You're product buy back plan is a slightly better option if we choose to make the same expensive mistake we did the first time.

Exhibit E: CD and DVD/BluRay sales are dying.  Disk media takes up space, less portable, and lots of content is crap not worth paying $15-40 for. Streaming and download are cheaper, portable, and available from your couch. The only exception to this are console games (see Exhibit C, Recommendation C)

Exhibit F: Geek Squad services are decreasing.  Computer hardware is becoming cheaper, more disposable and less important as data moves onto the cloud.


Step 2: Embrace a new model that your customers are already abusing you for and others that should be clearly obvious.


Exhibit A: Showroom club membership.  The lure of a customer into a store is no longer a guaranty they will buy something.  Meanwhile BestBuy stocks slow moving expensive inventory that people  armed with a CNET review come in to try, note the current retail market price, take a snapshot with their phone, make a decision about which Audio/Video equipment is better, and then go online to buy the same brand/model cheaper.


Recommendation A:  If BestBuy closed, where would people go to try out something they might want to buy?  Magnolia was a decent concept.  Expand not by opening more big-box stores but by leveraging current retail space for club showroom memberships where pre-paid members would get full access to the latest array of Audio/Video/computer show pieces to test and try out. 


Recommendation B: open smaller boutique BestBuy show-room and shipping only locations where club members can come in and try products.  Let your showroom club memberships subsidize your limited boutique in-stock inventory.


Recommendation C: Allow showroom club members to have items purchased from BestBuy or other online merchants to be shipped to a BestBuy boutique showroom or participating store where the boutique studio can have the Audio/Video items set up in a custom environment based on the member's home theater dimensions/layout so the member can try them out and decide if he wants to keep it.  If unsatisfied, the member can return the item for a refund and purchase another.  Alternatively offer competitive pricing if the member chooses to purchase a comparable item from BestBuy online instead. 


Recommendation D: Offer A/V classes on how to properly set up your home theater, what to look for in speakers, receivers, HD TV's and projectors, seating, wall paint, and other items the boutique showroom can be used for to provide an enhanced service to showroom club members and get them exposed and familiar with BestBuy "recommended" products.


Exhibit B: Wedding Registry - as another user already mentioned.  More women are becoming tech-dependent and savvy.  More couples are registering at multiple merchants offering more variety to their wedding guests.  This should be obvious.  The 10% off coupon alone on all remaining unpurchased registry items is enough alone to clear some inventory.


Recommendation A: Offer wedding, sweet 16, and Quincinera registries to take advantage of the youth and growing Hispanic population.



Exhibit C: Secondary Game market - as another user also mentioned.  The Gaming industry is HOT and no longer only for kids.  Many Gamers do have to have the game as soon as it comes out.  However, with shifts in the pricing models of console companies and online package add-ons, as well as online rentals, more are delaying purchase in lieu of cheaper prices.


Recommendation A: Enter the used Games market and compete with GameStop.  The arbitrage for used games is huge.  Buy/trade in low and sell for 75% or 50% off the original price.  Turn a low margin product into a high margin product. 


Recommendation B: More adults are into gaming as they are the grown up kids from the original gaming generation.  However, not all have the time to buy and play the latest games so they delay purchase or seek to rent.


Recommendation C: Negotiate with Microsoft and Sony to allow online Map-packs to be sold in stores.  While it is convenient to download them straight to my xbox, I hate that I have to first buy MS points which never match up to the cost of the item and then browse through the horrific menu looking for the download and hope to have a fast enough connection to download and install the pack.  I also hate how I have to have a credit card stored and can't just pay cash making my account vulnerable if xbox or Sony gets hacked...again.


Exhibit D: Lens rentals and increase your photography portfolio.  Another user mentioned increasing your brand name lenses for photography equipment.  Seeing as Ritz and some other photography places have shut their doors, Best Buy is a prime location for serving the growing prosumer photography and professional market.  Just about every mid-20's bachelor I know has gotten into photography (not only as a way to meet pretty women) and every new mother I know has also gotten into photography and videography.


Recommendation A: Expand your photography line to include more lenses and adaptors for popular brands.  Note: Olympus is going bankrupt, stock compatible lenses or of stable brands.


Recommendation B: Rent lenses.  Again, take advantage of the try before you buy market.  The difference here is you can't

try it out just by looking at it.  A good trial requires taking it out for a day or two, hooking it up to your camera, and taking various indoor/outdoor day/night shots with your camera at different settings.  Most of us in the DC/VA area have to drive into DC or at least 20 miles to the nearest lens rental area.  What if BestBuy offered such a service.  Hey now there's a good way to get us in the door and have us paying for something for a change.


Recommendation C: The Home Depot DIY effect.  Offer beginning/intermediate/advanced photography courses at your stores.  Surely there are some photography enthusiasts among your employees or just pool from your local social sources such as facebook and local singles sites.  It's a great way to generate a virtuous cycle of new customers that increase their buying/renting interest that can also become a social forum for people to meet, make new friends, and even date.  Best Buy could become the coffee shop of the 20-teens.


Exhibit E: Get a real online store.  Your online store has an identity crisis.  Is it an online catalog or an online store?  Why should I go to when I can get the same thing Tax free and free shipping everywhere else.  The reviews are usually the only thing of value.  Again, people are going to your site just to do research but not actually buy anything. The tax free option may be difficult to overcome but your inventory should be 10-20% cheaper online than in store.  Find out if there are ways to resell and to sell items online without paying taxes in states that don't have a sales tax as well as to states that do.


Recommendation A: NewEgg approach: offer black-Friday style discounts on specific items each day.  Whether they are overstocked items or items you are able to pass on deeper savings.  We may not need an extra 8 GB thumb drive right now, but if you offer one up cheaper than any one else, I might be tempted to buy it from you now instead of someone else down the road. 


Recommendation B: Train your customer.  This daily deal discount works on the converse side as well.  As with, which sends daily eBlast deals via email, after viewing these a few times you start to see items that frequently re-appear.  If I know that various quality brand subwoofers that are regularly listed at discount on these emails appear, I may put off purchasing from another online store or big box store because I know it'll show up eventually. 


Recommendation C: Quarterly BlackFriday -Give a little to get a lot.  Occasionally take an item that is really in demand and surprise-hit your Showroom club members with a "guerrilla discount" or "discount ambush" (I'm trademarking those if available).  Without notice, send out an email at 1AM PST/3AM CST/4AM EST (possibly randomize the release times) listing a limited time/limited quantity offer of 50-60% off for 24 hours on a specific high demand item.  Something like a Definitive Technology SuperCube I Subwoofer (reg $999) for $499 (100 available - limit 1 per customer). Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (reg $59.99) for $30 (500 available limit 1 per customer).  Sure you'll take an initial hit but like a lottery, you'll make up for it in showroom club memberships once publicity gets out.


Recommendation D: The double-dip.  If legal, as a follow up to Recommendation C above, allow unlimited purchases of a limited offering high demand product at 25-30% discount and allow your showroom club members to resell the item on your online store for about the same commission or Amazon or ebay might impose for resellers with free shipping to stores and boutique showrooms.  This adds further value to the Showroom club membership, allows BestBuy to recoup some margin on the sales, and gets more people into it's boutique and showrooms to pick up their new items and anything else they might have happened to forget to buy.


The last and most important reason why anyone still actually would buy something from BestBuy as opposed to online is the simple necessity of "I need it right now and I can't wait for shipping".  Boutique and in-store inventory should always be low but only swell during times when this might occur for a particular product.  Hint: new TV's the day before and day of the SuperBowl or other major televised events.  Another option would be to offer more of those airport kiosks near red-box kiosks to capitalize on the after-hours "oh-crap" my disk broke, controller broke, ipod broke, battery died moments.

I have other ideas but this is all I have time for right now.




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Similar to premium Airline lounge, or goodies offered at Bloomington BMW Motorwerks dealership.


Enough said.

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Company wide CPR/BLS training

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by on ‎05-16-2012 11:56 PM

I am a paramedic/AHA instructor by trade in Louisville, KY.  In addition to that job I am part of the product process team at #440 in Bowling Green, KY.  After several conversations and unofficial polling, I have learned that as a company we have failed to give our employees the training to recognize and handle medical emergencies.  While I would never expect a Best Buy employee to know how to handle every emergency, it is both alarming and disheartening to know that there is no opportunity for employees to be trained at even the most basic levels of medical response.


My idea is simple.  As it stands, the American Heart Association offers a computer based training program for CPR and basic life support.  This program is not timed and can be completely at your own pace.  The best part of this this training is that upon its completion, the only requirements to complete it is a hands-on skills check off that can be completed any time as long as an AHA instructor is present to grade you.  The skills portion only takes 30 minutes and can be done anywhere.


To implement this idea, Best Buy would only need to offer the on-line course via learning lounges.  The training costs $65 but in the event that bulk licenses are purchased, a discount is given.  Employees would only need to log in as usual and then complete the course at their leisure.  Upon its completion the skills portion would be scheduled and when done, the employee would be trained in CPR and BLS.


This program would give our employees an added tool to not only use should the need arise but also would give them the ability to be able to save a life of someone they know or love.  Even if Best Buy did not officially sanction this training to be offered while at work, simply buying the licenses for employees to use on their own time would do wonders.


My goal beyond this project is to make Best Buy a leader as a corporation and have AED's in every store.  There are very few places outside of many malls that have an AED and by making them a common sight, hopefully others would follow suit and deploy them as well.

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Emails to Customers

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by on ‎04-15-2012 11:16 AM

So as a Best Buy Employee from the moment I have joined, I never stop finding myself creating things that not just have benefited my district but my store. 


With the great success of all my ideas, I've had a primary focus of the customer end of our business. Its what drives me. However this idea, isn't something I can start at my store level like everything else. It pretty much has to come from above. 


My Idea is the emails to customer about weekly deals. The concept is that we tailor our emails to the customer and provide services based off that purchase.


Similar to Apple's and Amazon's Model, we have what they don't. Solutions. For Ex. 


I purchase Macbook Pro at Apple Store. I am sent an email specifically tailored to my purchase with info and start guides about it. 


If we followed that model we could better achieve customer satisfaction not just online but instore with these emails providing information and what other customers have bought with it and quick guides we have on our site. This can go hand in hand with tablet video trainings we have when some one buys a tablet. (Makes sense doesn't?)


Following off that Amazon's great model is its special deals. However Best Buy won't be able to match some of those offers and lets face it. However If we tailored customer purchases with deals they could get for their product in an email. That, would be a great benefit for the customer.


I don't shop for TV's. So when I get a "Great Deal on TV's". Frankly, it doesn't tailor to my benefits. However sending me emails about deals on External Hard Drives and Flash Drives. Well then as a customer I would know more deals for something I would want.


Problem with our current model is that its generic. That sucks. If I treat customers I interact with a unique tailoring to what they need then why not their emails? 


Bottom line, my proposal is we change our email delivery system not by generic email's but by purchases and services based off the products. Even more importantly services. 


Tech Support for a purchase of 2 PC's and a tablet and it isn't on the reciept? Either it wasn't what a customer wants or they didn't understand its great benefits, regardless giving them the option to see their choices is us as Best Buy saying " We care, so heres how we can show you"




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How to get Best Buy back on track.

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by on ‎04-10-2012 03:27 PM

Best Buy is stuck, they are trying to do to0 many things. They need to simplify. They have what it takes to beat amazon, new egg, and other online retailers but they are using them incorrectly. There brick and mortar stores need to become shipping warehouse that allow for customers to still come look around. Shipping should be near free for all customers with a best buy within 30 miles. You could use local hot shots or train current employees. Set up self-checkouts for people buying media and quick buys. Focus on hiring persons with a background similar to that of geek squad. Focus on "wal-mart" business plan, mark all products at the minimum mark up for a profit, plan on selling more at a lower price, have a better social media and viral plan. People are going to miss you when you’re gone; you need to remind them why. Make all of your inventories available (and updated daily) on places like google shopping and your own website. Bundle. Make sure your weekly sales are making it on sites like slickdeals.

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I am only writing this because I care about stores.

It is a real plus for shoppers to window shop at your expense. I do not know how you can keep your doors open.

Why not charge a membership fee to "window shop" and refund it as things are purchased?


Maybe charge a $20 annual fee to come in-- like REI., and give people twice the fee back when they buy. There are lots of schemes for this. I went to REI and go a $10 discount, and had not bought for over a year. Will I be back there to buy? Yes.


Why not let customers shop online while IN the store, and give a 2% discount or something-- for the gasoline expense or whatever.


Why not provide some services at a reasonable expense, or live mini-classes on how to use APPS, or to be more efficient, or fixing wi-fii problems at home, or comparing cable TV providers- saving people time and money?


I do not go often to Best Buy because I feel treated like crap-- a second class citizen -- when waiting in the check-out line. Who wants to feel like a watched criminal? I guess I do not go shopping much anymore anyway because of this. (Now you have what you deserve, perhaps.)


I KEA sells FOOD. It is FUN to go there, usually.


I hope you survive, but as long as those creepy check-out lines are there, I probably will not be back.


Did any human read this? please reply.






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At least print about them on the reciepts! Store #364 don't have a clue about them and I'm sure the other stores follow suit. I thought companies were supposed to know all about the inner workings of their companies but some do not?


I hope I'm making sense, perhaps integrate the forums experience into part of their training and make them aware that these forums exist and what their purpose is. 

Status: We Did It!
Hi hockeycanuckjc, Since launching Best Buy Unboxed in 2008, I have worked to champion the Community among business teams, our retail locations and customers. The Community annually assists millions of customers and has had over half a billion messages read on it. Best Buy posts information on the Community about our latest products and answers customer questions; superusers like you help drive a lively and robust conversation. To help raise awareness of Best Buy Unboxed, I attended an annual company event and spoke with hundreds of BlueShirts and Geek Squad Agents about the Community and how they could “Be a Link” in the online customer experience by joining the online discussion. Our internal communication team also has published several Employee News articles, and last month in our internal magazine, we had an article about how employees can be more involved in the Community. In June, during trainings that occurred at all our stores, information about Best Buy Unboxed and our other social media channels was highlighted to all BlueShirts and Geek Squad Agents. My team and I will continue to work with internal partners to message the importance of Best Buy Unboxed to our business, employees and customers. Thank you, hockeycanuckjc, for all the work you have done in the Community over the years. You have had over 4,000+ posts, read over 68,000 messages and been 100% awesome. Gina
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