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Vender to Partner

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by on ‎09-30-2012 08:26 PM

Convert your vendors such as HP, Samsung, HTC, and etc into partners, invest into them. Best Buy sells their products and should flex it's muscle a bit to set some standards and change the quality of the products and processes. One example, many of the products carried at the store have unnecessary packaging why? Make the packaging smaller. That would allow for more space on trucks, which could lead to more deliveries per truck even more warehouse space and smaller stores or making the warehouse smaller. Another thing is to share information. If the customers dislike a certain product share that information with your vendors/partners., This would let them know what they need to work on to make a more sound product. This could on on....

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Thanks for the idea.

Working at a big box store In Austin (store 204) I have noticed that over the past several months we have had an extreme influx of open item appliances  sent to the store from not only our store but surrounding stores in the area. The problem is so bad that no matter how many and how aggressively we price them we receive more open items faster then we can sell them. Resulting in open items prohibiting us from correctly putting out new appliances designated on plano and violating sop for not having appliances on the race track the majority of the  items we receive  are through no fault of our own in terms of not selling the item correctly the first time but rather physical damage that occurs upon delivery.


My suggestion would to be to open a stand alone best buy open box outlet store in central Austin, San Marcos or  the new branfeuls AREA where the best buys in the surrounding area could send primarily their open item appliances with the option to expand to  home theatre televisions and possible computers but with the main focus being appliance open items/ end of life or deleted items.


why this would work:


1 . South and central Austin especially have  a market of clients that rent houses, flip houses that are always looking to buy cheap but really hate the hassle of traveling to different stores to get the various open items the cheapest they can.

2. It would relieve the strain on our store as well as others with the constant overflow of open items prohibiting us from putting out new product and causing us to violate sop

3. Save time and money spent by the employees trying to spit their time from receiving tagging and putting out open items while trying to sell new products and handle customer issues in regards to the open items

4. The store would not need as big of staffing as a regular bby store in that it would just have to focus on employees familiar with appliances and the oms system with some customer experience employees


5. The inventory of the store would be solely open items and at risk/ end of life product which would help with the sale of those items before we send them back at a significant loss\

6. The idea can be extended to other markets with the similar situation

7. It gives the customer who is looking for discounted appliances a clear and unified place to look vs. Driving everywhere to find the one open item they are looking for decreasing the chance they will give up and go somewhere closer and more convinent that is not best buy.


I think if you take into consideration all the pros in this idea that you will find it is a great solution for the problem we have

thanks for your time and consideration

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Thanks for the idea.

A couple of ideas

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by on ‎06-08-2012 03:25 PM

1. It's not a smart thing to ask your customers to register so they can provide you with ideas. It's actually a pretty stupid thing to do.


2. How about somebody finally makes these stores work like a retail store and not like an internet order display gallery?

Here's the deal. I am only using BestBuy for things that cannot wait. If it is something that I need today I'll go to the store and buy it at any price. 

If this is something that can wait a day or two it gets ordered online. Not from BestBuy online but from places like Amazon, Newegg, Ebay etc. You know why? Because the choice and the price are so much better. 


So the only reason I would use your website is to look up products that I want to go and buy in the store. And I mean right now. Not pick up from the store in a week or two and not order by mail. Go and buy. This is why there are retail stores. So that people can go and buy things.

Now to the bad part. The website simply doesn't serve this purpose at all. So is the store. shows you hundreds of products but won't let you filter just the products that are available in the stores as of right now. It shows you some idiotic marketplace. Why - I have no idea. If I wanted to get something from a random seller, why would I go to I'll go to amazon or ebay instead. The same with the products that are actually sold by bestbuy but only available online. Let me filter these out. 


Now, the actual retail locations. How about they start having things in stock for a change? Last thing I want to hear in the retail store is "I can order this online for you". What kind of answer is this? I don't need some half trained teenager to order things for me when I need it today. If I wanted to order it I could perfectly do it on my own and choose the best product at the best price. If I walk into the store I want to be able to pay and walk out with whatever I needed. 

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Thanks for your feedback.

Similar to premium Airline lounge, or goodies offered at Bloomington BMW Motorwerks dealership.


Enough said.

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Thanks for the suggestion
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Please update On Display info for Google Pixelbook

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by on ‎12-08-2017 09:59 AM - last edited on ‎12-09-2017 12:20 PM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist

Two weeks ago I went to my local Best Buy in San Carlos CA.


Was surprised to see a Google Pixelbook on display.


Product web page shows no Pixelbooks on display in the SF Bay Area.


Please update product webpage to reflect true On Display status in all Bay Area stores.


I'm a big Google Chromebook fan.  Check UR records.  I have purchased two so far and may buy

another one next year !



Alvin {removed per forum guidelines}

Foster City CA

Status: Tell Us More

I'm a bit confused. Where on our website do we state that a particular item has a display model in a particular Best Buy store?

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Expanded Recycling Program

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by on ‎06-14-2015 01:55 PM
I was recently disappointed to find that the Best Buy Recycling program would no longer accept... well, a lot of what it used to. In some states, Utah for instance, recycling programs that responsibly take VHS tapes, small kitchen appliances, regular batteries etc are few and far between to say the least. Best Buy was my only recycling option within 50 miles for these sort of items.
I propose that in less densely populated areas that otherwise don't have a recycling option, Best Buy expands its availability of items that the store will take. Nothing large appliance (at least without a fee) should be accepted due to size and cost of shipping, but taking small items doesn't seem like an outrageous request.
Status: Tell Us More

I think this is an excellent idea. Who else would like to see Best Buy expand recycling options?


Remember to vote for an idea if you like it!

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A demo gaming station should be set up at atleast one TV in all Magnolia Home Theater stores. These would consist of Xboxes and Playstations and games that are particularly rich in graphics. While many home theater owners primarly watch sporting events and other programs/movies on their televisions, there is still a large consumer base that enjoys high end equipment to play video games. Customers would also want ther children to use their home theaters too, which presents another large reason to include gaming systems in Magnolia sections in Best Buy.

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see us set up gaming displays in our Magnolia Home Theater stores? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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Mystery Shopper - In store

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by on ‎01-15-2015 02:54 PM

Now that I have your attention Smiley Very Happy...


I saw a while back on the IdeaX a decent idea for more certificates/gift cards or something to be able to help get people to buy stuff. Well I wanted to take another approach to this idea. Let's call it a game or something...


If a person buys a product at the actual store they are handed a sealed card/or something similar. inside this card/whatever is a chance for a $5-10 gift certificate. The chances of course would have to be pleasurable but also rare enough to make it worth buying stuff. In other words...not every 10th person or something will win...maybe every other 250th or 500th person will win.(could be alternated to a number dependent on the monthly sales or something for that store)


$5 off would be a small amount to a nice additional purchase. It's like playing an instore lottery. 



Status: Tell Us More

Interesting idea. Does anyone else want to see us put this in place? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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I went to two Best Buy locations looking for an item last night and I needed to print a coupon from online.  Both stores only had about 2 kiosks and in both cases there were issues with both.  At one location, the screen was basically going out so you could only very faintly see things on the display. The only other kiosk I was able to locate in the store the printer had random letters and numbers on it and was flashing.  At the second location, the only kisok I was able to locate was in the back and the printer was very low on the toner so it only printed the top half of the page. So to summarize, it was incredibly difficult to find customer kiosks in the store.  In one case one was on the end of an aisle and in the other it was in the far back corner of the store in the car installation area.  In both cases, the kiosks were not cusotmer-ready.


The actionables I conclude from this are (1) Customer kiosks should be easier to locate. Clear signage or maybe better (more central) re-locating in the store could fix this.  (2) There should be a schedueled maintenance program on these.  At a set interval, a technician is dispatched out to repair/replace defects and toner is also mailed specifically for these units on a set interval as well.  

Status: Tell Us More

Has this been the experience of other customers? Any other thoughts on this idea? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

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So I just posted a rant in the forums about a recent best buy purchase attempt and part of my frustration dealt with the in-person service I received at the store.  The lady who was trying to help me must have gotten interrupted more than a dozen times by incoming phone calls to the store while she was trying to help me place an order.  At one point, the distractions caused her to lose my order just as it was about to be placed and we had to start the process all over again.  Each time she would appologize and I could tell that even she was getting frustrated with the situation.  When she asked for another associate to help out by taking the incoming phone calls so that she could focus on getting my order completed, they just gave her that look with a "you want me to do what" expression and were very hesitant to assist because it wasn't part of their job.  As we all know, it is impossible to have two meaningful conversations at the same time.  You either need to have your employees dedicated to helping the customers in front of them or dedicated to answering customer calls on the phone.  Not both, especially at the same time!  This really pushed me away from wanting to come back and shop in the store, especially if I was going to get second or third rate service even though I have a representative right in front of me.  And to be honest, if I have to shop online there is a high likelyhood that I might not shop at for my intended purchase...  I observed a number of other customer service issues as well while I was standing at the customer service for an hour trying to get my order processed.  If I were in a management position at your company, I would perform the old "mystery shopper" technique on your customer service counter approaching them with different types of questions at different times of the day to see major inefficiencies, inconsistencies and opportunities for service improvement.  The same can be said for your customer service line (which I also had the painful experience of investing over 2 hours of my time to end up with no resolution).  Your customers are what keeps your business alive and if you don't make an effort to serve them better than the competititors will, you are going to lose them and end up as just another struggling retailer with a grim outlook.

Status: Acknowledged

It sounds like this store was understaffed that day. We already have a dedicated person for phone support in our stores. This person does sometimes help with other tasks, but they shouldn't be trying to do both at the same time.

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by on ‎06-14-2014 05:29 PM

Most people go to a brick and mordor store because they want an item NOW, They don't want you to order it for them. They could do that themselves at home if they wanted to do that. Increase your inventory on new items and hot items. I'm nat talking about keeping every tech trinket ever invented in stock. That would be impossible. I'm talking about things you have on display. If I can see a live unit of something and a price tag next to it, I should be able to buy it right then. I understand that some items are in such high demand that you may have to wait a few days for another shipment to come in, but when an item is on display and ready to sell and the next shipment has come in with said item not onboard, it's inexcusable. Stop trying to save a small fortune and up your inventory of items you have on display!

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for your feedback. I can promise you we work to have every item we carry in our stores in stock at all times.
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Possible store location.

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎06-12-2014 12:50 AM

Ok, so there used to be a Circut City store in our local area. It almost always seemed to be somewhat busy. Of course a few years back the whole chain of stores was closed so unfortunately this one was lost as well. Since then there hasn't been a decent store specialising in electronics/ computer components. Radio Shack and Gamestop only sell so much. I think it would be awesome to go to Best Buy. Unfortunately with the nearest one being about 85 miles away, it's inconvient. Any chance of building a Best Buy in the Vienna, WV / Parkersburg, WV / Marietta, OH local area?

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion, and given how far the nearest Best Buy store is I can of course understand you wanting us to build one closer to you. With our current business strategy it is very unlikely that we will be opening any new Big Box stores.
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BB in Griffin, GA

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎03-20-2014 11:44 AM

I would like to suggest that BB consider opening a store in or around Griffin, GA. As some of the more active members here knows I am a digital fanatic because of that issue of there not being a near by BB. I wasn't entirely sure where to post this but I guess it's a suggestion overall so posted here.


I doubt this will get enough votes up considering well... probably not that many georgia forum viewers so yeah. I just wanted to throw out the suggestions either way cause I really do get sick of hearing people say "just go to BB store" the thing is... I CAN"T and I WON"T go to one with such a far distance away. 



Status: Tell Us More
I have to agree that it's unlikely posting this will result in us opening a new store in Griffin, GA, but it never hurts to put it out there. Given our current business objectives I really can't see us opening new stores anywhere, but I would love to hear from other people in this area if they would want to see a Best Buy store near them. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Deal of the Day offers

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by on ‎03-06-2014 09:13 AM

When Best Buy offers Deals of the Day, which normally is a deal for it is priced way lower than what it normally is, should the product be available? Why should a customer have to wait 5-7 days on a product that could easily be carried in the store? Product shouldnt be offered as a deal if the customer is going to have to wait for it. Offer deals on products that are ACTUALLY available, and if not be willing to offer rainchecks every once and a while, ecspecially to MyBestBuy members who are loyal shoppers.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for your thoughts on our Deals of the Day offers. We already should be offering these sales on items we have in stock, but I can say they do often sell out fast.
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I am writing to submit an idea in changing the way that you create and manage your lines for big event type sales. I have noticed that the last few black Fridays as well as the PS4 opening date, have created this "camping out" idea in front of the store. Last year I went about an hour after the store opened and was shocked at how big of a mess this creates as people just don't care how they leave the front of the store. The smell of urine and feces was overwhelming! There aren't any bathrooms located within a two block radius of the store that is open from Pm till Am, so these great customers are just using the bushes. The garbage's were all overflowing, and the parking lot was littered with garbage. Last of all I live in a cold climate, people had propane heaters, generators and propane grills to eat from set up in front of the store. By condoning this action Best Buy is taking on a liability nightmare in the event of an explosion, death, or health code violations. 


Prior to ticketmaster and stub hub, I worked for Kroger and we had a tickets that would go on sale for various concerts and sporting events. It used to be first come first serve and the same problems would arise. We changed to a wristband system and it completely changed how these events occurred. My idea would be to go to a color coded wrist band type system. Have up to 10 different colors for the items that are a doorbuster items, good only at the store that the wristband was given out and then have random computer based drawings for the items 10 minutes or so before the item goes on sale. Must be present to earn the right to buy the item. Not only will this bring more customers in, as they have a better chance to be able to buy the big items, but it will also get rid of the problems associated with people camping out. 

Status: Tell Us More
Interesting idea. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Online and In store ordering

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎11-25-2013 09:49 AM

(to my knowledge) 


In store orders can only be looked up via the consumer by calling a representative or by going to the store. 


Online orders though you can already view your ownself online, over the phone, or in the store doesn't really matter!


I would like to suggest that in store orders also are shown on the orders section of the website. As a person who normally purchases maybe 20-30% of my products in store and the rest of it online it can be frustrating at times. 


Reasons I can think of:


-let's be honest the receipt paper/ink fades fairly quickly

-some people may wish to keep it as more or less of a "history" page for easy access. 

-can be useful as it would list how many year of a warranty you have

-could print your own receipts instead of getting the store to email/print one out for you!


Things people could aruge the idea about:

-possibly somebody could state that the item wasn't shipped but picked up so how can it have tracker information?


my response: who says it needs to have a tracker bar? Just have a line that says something like "this item was purchased in store and so it was not shipped"



Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea. My Best Buy members should already be able to view their store purchases via their My Best Buy account as long as their membership is associated with each purchase made in one of our stores.
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Buying warranties

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎10-23-2013 10:20 AM

I was kind of shocked about this the other day my own self but apparently it's true.


At the current time you cannot purchase a warranty via the internet (after purchased/shipped) and you can't purchase a warranty for in store purchased good items afterwards online/over the phone.


My suggestion is well two things really.


1) In store purchases should also show under "orders" on your account if you sign in on the Best Buy website. 

2) Make it so you can order warranties within the 15 day policy window of course for different things that have a warranty over the phone, over the internet, and in store purchases. There is no excuse if a geek squad agent is able to actually look up my order, and  even get to the warranty information but they can't edit my  order with the warranty information. That's just silly and redundant. That would be an easy additional power for the geek squad team over the internet/phone. 

Status: Tell Us More
I guess I'm not entirely sure what you are asking for. A customer should be able to purchase a Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plan for any eligible product within 15 days of making the purchase. Any purchase made in store can have a GSP added in any of our stores. Any purchase made on can have a GSP added after the fact online, over-the-phone, or in one of our stores. Are you stating you would like to be able to add a GSP to a purchase made in a Best Buy store online or over-the-phone?
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Give Geek Squad a 22nd Century Make Over

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎10-22-2013 02:01 AM - last edited on ‎10-22-2013 02:26 PM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

I'm not trying to insult the Geek Squad workforce, but it needs to be taken to the next level.


Best Buy should start hiring people to actually do repair work on-site. Most things are currently sent to the manufacturer. The only thing I see Geek Squad excelling in is installing bloatware and antivirus software. Everything else is sent out. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Best Buy should be a viable option for those graduating college. Why not? There are thousands of students entering the technology field each and every day, why not make Best Buy a competitive Tech environment to work in.


With colleges fast tracking degrees, why not offer competitive jobs to those graduating from them. Best Buy has the opportunity of a lifetime to create kind of service to it's customer base that no other major corporation does. Instead of outsourcing repair to the manufacturers. Do it in-house. It's cheaper, and keeps the money in Best Buy. In-house repair, of everything electronic.



Here's what I propose:


Geek Squad agents should be Technology professionals. Not entry level, on-the-job trained electronics shufflers.


Geek Squad should have 5 levels of personnel available at each Best Buy location:


  • Geek Squad Clerks:. These are entry level personnel who do not perform any work on any equipment. These personnel should be trained in taking proper Computer Triage Reports from customers for a diagnosis to be made by the PC Repair Specialist. The clerk should also be trained in Computer Hardware and Components. A Geek Squad Clerk should know the difference between a Sata Hard Drive and a Solid State Hard Drive and other hardware that goes into a computer, and be able to make sales accordingly. Geek Squad Clerks will be the grunt force within Geek Squad. They should be the ones that deliver.


  • Audio/Visual SpecialistThe Audio/Visual Specialist ideal candidate shall hold a certificate or higher level degree in Electronics or have cable or satellite television installation experience. In-Store training can be allowed in this position.


  • Geek Squad PC Repair Specialist.: The PC Repair Specialist will hold an Associates level degree or higher and Best Buy should prefer candidates with International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET) OR Electronics Technician Association International (ETA-I) Certifications. This position would be available at each Best Buy store. PC Repair Specialists shall have training responsibilities for Geek Squad Clerks.


  • Geek Squad Computer Support Technician The Computer Support Technician will hold an Associates level degree or higher and Best Buy should prefer candidates Associates Degree or higher in Information Technology. The candidate should have in-depth knowledge of operating systems,understand the concept of Desktop Support and programming languages. The Computer Support Technician shall have training responsibilities for A/V Specialists.


  • Geek Squad Leader (Information Technology Manager): This is the manager of Geek Squad Personnel in Best Buy Stores, and the person who hires, trains, and checks repair work. The candidate should have a Bachelors degree or higher in Information Technology Management, and desires to continue education to Masters Degree or higher.

So, now that we have these positions, what should we do with Geek Squad? MAKE IT A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION! Yep. Put it up there with the likes of CDW, Xerox and other technology professional organizations who take care of the total technological needs of the business.


In-Store Changes Required for this change:


In order for this idea to be successful, Best Buy will need to change how it operates at the retail level. Currently in most, if not all Best Buy stores, customer service and Geek Squad are inter-twined and indistinguishable. It feels like Best Buy threw a penguin costume on it's former Customer Service personnel. Here's what I propose:


  • Like the Magnolia Home Theater and Best Buy Mobile, Geek Squad needs its own dedicated portion of the store, complete with it's own POS system, appointment management system for it's PC Repair Specialists.
  • Geek Squad should specialize in Technology as a whole. Technology is the core of what Best Buy does; professional-izing that in the services it provides solidifies this core value.
  • Becoming a technology professional would require hiring knowledgeable, educated staff who have the ability to create and retain a customer base. Hiring a PC Repair Specialist for a local Best Buy Store who knows their stuff brings repeat customers.
  • Compete with New Egg and Tiger Direct directly. Sell a wide variety of Video Cards and Memory, Mother Boards, Processors and other PC components of all types IN-STORE.  People go online to buy things because it's not available in store. Simple as that. The Geek Squad section of the store should showcase components, not computers. Displays should be dedicated to the latest NVIDA Video Cards, top of the line Corsair Memory and the Coolest Cooling Systems for computers. It should inspire and awe customers. The PC Repair Specialist should do a "Build of the Month" display where he or she builds the perfect computer.
  • Reduce the amount of repair orders that leave the store and go over-seas to the manufacturer to be repaired by providing professional, on-site computer diagnostics and repair. Simple.
  • Geek Squad service should be professional, geeky, and tech-y. Staff should be knowledgeable.


I see Best Buy's Geek Squad becoming SO much more. Let's get this suggestion to the right Corporate big-wig!





Michael {removed per forum guidelines}


Status: Acknowledged
I should start by saying that most items brought into our stores are not sent to the manufacturer for repairs, but are instead sent to our own service centers to be repaired where highly trained Geek Squad technicians repair the units. I think the biggest reason we don't locate these technicians in our stores is due to the sheer floor space this would require most stores. As with any retailer floor space needs to be used for selling items. I can also state that we do our best to hire the most qualified Geek Squad personnel. Thanks for sharing your insights.
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Don't get me wrong I am 100% for security and Identity Confirmation. It comes to a point though where when you have been on hold for so many hours on end and keep getting transferred to different people that you have to ask "Why are you asking me the same thing he/she did"


So I am suggesting this: You confirm with the person your identity and somehow this profile of information/confirmation is then sent to the person who is being transferred to. This way you can get right down to business and do not have to worry about wasting another 2-3 minutes on the details...



Status: Acknowledged
To be honest this should already happen. When a customer contacts us each agent should be creating a detailed case under the customer's identity, and each following agent should have full access to previous agent’s cases.
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New Store Model

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎05-07-2013 10:46 AM

Smaller Neighbor hood stores with product centered around the local market, with employees who can get to know their customers persoanlly. Smaller stocked amounts but with product geared to that specific market. One store geared to media, another to Mobile electronics, another to TV Stereo, another to Car audio and so on. Each contributing to the company over all but not dependent on the performance of the others.

Status: Tell Us More
I would have to assume we already do market to the specific area in most stores, but probably not as specific as you are getting at. Would anyone else see the value you in this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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