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Here is yet another collectors edition that needs to be on for pre-order.  I know I want this along with many other customers.  I hope this comes through as a pre-order sooner rather than later!

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Would anyone else like to see us allow pre-orders for this collector's edition? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

At E3 2011, BestBuy was the talk of the show now 4 years later with Gamer`s Club Unlocked(GCU) even stronger and improved it`s time to make headlines again. "Showcase" GCU from the ground up 20% off pricing, $10 certs, $10 giftcards, highest trade in value and hopefully some newer upgrades/perks/promos. With all the promos dedicated to increasing the total GCU install base I`d have to assume GCU has many more members now than 3 years ago. It would be nice to see this information "showcased" as well in the same way Gamestop does. You may actually have more free, paid or both GCU customers than they have free/paid PUR members. If that`s the case it`s majpr news that needs to be shared PUBLICALLY look at how good positive P.R. has benefitted Sony`s PS4 and hurt MS Xbox 1.

Build an ad campain around the financial struggles of the "average" gamer then show how GCU`s 20% off combined with high trade in values in a "play n trade" fashion allows gamers to buy lots of games on budget. Show how much better GCU is compared to just trading into Target/Walmart and expose how GS attempts to match the $10 certs/giftcards with only DLC. Don`t forget to boast your more frequent used game B2G1, better Nintendo used game prices(MAJOR), welcome kit coupons(hopefully upgraded since it`s 7 months away) and always 100% perfect refurb game quality.

You`ve already established a huge base of GCU fans who have been behind you from the start, now you continue to build on the good things and advertise them effectively. The stronger the club the better the deals. Also, have some sales/promos during E3 2015 month plus geared up plently of amazing pre-order offers for the big wave of newer games announced

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What do others think about this idea? Would other customers like to see us have a bigger presence at 2015 E3? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

It's 2014 and I cannot fathom the reason why you cannot purchase an open box item, such as a laptop, online and pick it up in store.  Here's some reasons why this would be beneficial:


(1) Increases store sell-thru:  it's probably not good for a store to sit on a bunch of open items.  When I check my local store's open item page they show they currently have 251 open items.  Offering online purchasing with shipping would help to move product that is just sitting in a store into a customer's home.  With the speed that technology moves, it's never a safe bet to sit on anything too long because before you know it, a refresh is occuring and new models are coming out and the stores have to sell these open AND now older items at a steep loss to move them.  Looking at the dates on some of the open item labels in-store some stores sit on open items for excessive amounts of time (the laptop I'm using now I just purchased a few weeks ago and it had been open item since February!).  


(2) Increases customer satisfaction: Online accuracy is sketch;  I've had times where online it shows "in-store only" and after commuting to the store I've had associates tell me the items been sold or even worse, they don't know where the item is but they're aware it's still showing up as available online (but have yet to fix it). 


(3) Better pricing accuracy: you don't know how many times I've been inside of Best Buy and seen an item that's on sale and there happens to be an open box, yet it's priced at MORE than the item is NEW on sale.  Allowing online purchases Best Buy could have a system that auto-updated prices.  This would not only ensure pricing accuracy but would also ensure that pricing was uniform across stores.  For instance one item I was viewing earlier had 6 different price points at various locations even though all of the items shown were in the same condition level.


(4) Demand generation: Best Buy could use open boxes as a demand generation engine.  I remember way back when my local Best Buy store would have an open box night where all open box items in-store were an additional 5-15% online.  With competitive drive-times at NewEgg like Shell Shocker Deals and similar offerings at Tiger Direct, Amazon, B&H and other online competitors this could give customers anothe reason to choose Best Buy.  If you want to save margins on open boxes instead of direct product discounts why not offer double or triple reward points since you can only use them in Best Buy - recycling the revenue while taking care of the customers that keep your stores open.


Status: Acknowledged

At this time we will not be adding any additional tiers to the My Best Buy rewards program.

I was just thinking how trading games in awards the customer with a gift card, but purchases with a gift card don't reward the customer with RZ points or money spen towards Elite and Elite Plus. Since trading in games awards RZ points, I don't see why these same trade-ins don't allow us to work towards new membership status. The gift cards we receive insure we spend the money at Best Buy so we are still shopping and doing business with the company. I believe this may also promote more trade-ins as well. Thanks for the consideration.

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I'm aware that you are running a promo where college students can save up to $150 on select MacBooks and iMacs;  I happen to be "passively" in the market for one; However, just a quick suggestion:  the last few times I've been to the store the student deals promo has not been working.  I get the first email but not the second and the store-level people seem hopelessly lost at what to do in this scenario so I've walked out empty handed twice now.  Could you please talk to someone up top and give them instructions for what to do in these scenarios - In my paritcular case, I can see this hurting Best Buy quite a bit as there is an Apple store less than 10 miles up away from my local store and there's also a University also less than 10 miles away.  That gives students the option of buying on campus or at the actual Apple store when Best Buy experiences these glitches.  


Also, you should have an alternative method for verifying that someone's a student. What if someone goes to school abroad and their student email ends in '.mx' or another suffix.  It seems kind of nationalistic to require just a '.cc' or '.edu' for a company that has locations in Canada and Mexico too. Just a thought. 

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Thanks for the suggestions, and I would love to hear from other students on this idea. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

price match - microsoft

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by on ‎03-01-2014 08:40 PM

I would like to suggest that BestBuy price match the Microsoft store ( at least for their games ). I have seen several awesome deals as of recently on their store and it would be more accessible to purchase them at BestBuy. 

Status: Tell Us More
We're always open to suggestions on how to expand our Low Price Guarantee. I am assuming you are referring to the online Microsoft store? Our local stores should already match lower prices at a physical Microsoft store that is in their local area. Would anyone else like to see us offer a price match of this online retailer? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
Why are there no tv/radio ads promoting GCU? Walmart/Target/Gamestop/Amazon/Sears/Kmart/HHGregg all promote themselves thru tv/radio and their respective benefits/programs are showcased. If you wanna "Be #1 in Gaming" how can you expect to get there without advertising it. Gamestop is already #1 so they don`t have to advertise as much since everone already knows what to expect from them. But with the new GCU costing 4X as much the competition you need to be on the offensive showing all the benefits of GCU to the masses.

Letting people know you offer the cheapest day 1 purchase price period & showcasing that with the biggest titles like COD & Nintendo 1st party titles.

It`s too late for a BB GCU SuperBowl commercial but it sure would be nice for GCU to be the official game club of the NFL promoting the newest Madden games. And you missed the boat for the 2013 holiday season along with the CES buzz too. Don`t sit out E3, TGS and the 2014 holiday season as well.

I don`t believe you can overcome the $120 price point as it stands now and if this fails to grasp enough new customers (that will pay $120 & not just the discounted $30 upgrade) then it`ll mean even more changes(probably further downgrades). Fortunately, there are a # of good of ideax threads that along with this can greatly improve GCU chances of success but no matter how great the program is if no one knows about how far can it grow.

"How far can it grow if noboby knows".
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Would anyone else like to see us have a commercial air around our Gamers Club Unlocked? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

There is a store that has a logo of a Bullseye that has an app where people could scan their phones with a barcode for savings.


However I think Best Buy could invest in a digital app where people who have cell phone could have their gift card sent to their phones instead of purchasing a plastic gift card. All Best Buy would have to scan the phone and the balance would be deducted from the gift balance. No need for plastic cards. Perhaps coupons and reward zone certificates can benefit this new technology and not have to print RZ coupons. And even have a digital RZ membership card. that would save on paper.

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I find this idea intriguing, and could see a lot of people taking advantage of this. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

The only place I can find your weekly sales is at  Well, no offense, but that site sucks.  The ad doesn't fit on my screen so I have to scroll around as well as changing pages to see what's on sale.  Most other stores I shop at have a flash or PDF version of the same ad that comes in the paper.  I can choose to view each page so it fits on my screen, or can choose to download a PDF and just scroll through it at my leisure.


Please consider a better way to show your ads on your website.  It should be a duplicate of what I get in the paper, it shoudl fit on my screen all at once, and I should be able to easily flip between pages and see everything without any scrolling.

Status: Tell Us More
I know we used to provide something like a PDF of our weekly ad on, but have now changed to Would anyone else like us to provide a PDF of our ad each week? Any other feedback on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Gaming Computer Sector

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by Valued Expert on ‎04-09-2013 03:21 PM

Like some Best Buys have a Magnolia Home Theater area in their stores I think it would be a good idea to have a Gaming Computer Center. 


Some of the best machines you carry are only available online.  I recently purchased a new gaming laptop from Best Buy and was going to stick with what you had on display.  Then I noticed the MSI and iBuyPower machines. 


Set up a Gaming Center in an area of the computer department (similar to what you have done for Apple Computers).  There is a vast niche of people looking for these types of machines and typically my local store only carries a few options.  


I think it would draw buzz and excitement.  But perhaps a drawback would be a slowing down of sales of less expensive machines with people being drawn to the more powerful ones.

Status: Tell Us More
I could see this working in the right markets. Does anyone else have any feedback on this one? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Video Game prequels

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎10-28-2012 12:35 AM

Its kind of dissapointing when I go into Best Buy, before the new video game season, and I can't find prequels to any of the new games. It would be cool if they carried more of those or even threw a coupon or two in the @gamer magazine. One good example is hitman this year. I really wanted to pick up a copy of blood money before absolution came out, and they're were none to be found, not even online. I had to settle going to gamestop and paying $23 for a fairly old game without a case. 

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion.

Please Carry Pentax DSLRs

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎10-20-2012 12:18 PM

Recently, the Pentax K-30 was featured on Pop Photography magazine as a top consumer pick, praising the camera's sub $1,000 price point, weather sealing against dust and water, incredibly quick autofocus and impressive low light capability. The editor was so impressed the review was on the cover of the magazine. It is available only on


The Pentax K-5 ($1250), which obliterated the Sony A77($2000) in a high ISO torture-test by, has a successor, the Pentax K-5 II and the Pentax K-5 IIs. With a newly redesigned autofocus system promising low-light performance down to -3EV autofocus (rivaled only by the forthcoming Canon 6D), 77 weather seals, and a new LCD panel that is without an air-gap between the panes of glass, leaving a sharper, higher quality screen, it looks to be a very high quality follow up. The "S" model of the camera is without an Anti-Aliasing filter just like the Nikon D800/D800E which results in sharper images for certain types of photography. The sensor benchmarking company, DXO Mark listed the older Pentax K-5 at a score of 82/100 which sounds low but actually is 11th in their rankings of all the cameras they have ever reviewed- The top 10 is dominated by medium format monsters and full frame professional cameras. These two follow up cameras are not even on the website- yet and are already shipping units.


These cameras are performance driven cameras. They have special triats designed for different tastes and currently Best Buy isn't even carrying the best that they have to offer. At least have them on order from the website, I want to use the financing, I want to get Rewards points and most importantly, I don't want to go to Amazon to have to get what I want. Please see what can be done to get the products better in stock on the website, but also maybe even test them in stores.



Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion.

i cannot tell you how many customers come in and they're shocked to see us in a best buy location. This needs to be advertised, customers are asking for and employees are begging for it, maybe not TV ads but somehow  Magnolia, Appliances and Mobile are growing because they're being marketed and we're not because noone knows that we are even here.  I'm not asking for anything too crazy, but a bit more then what we're doing now i'm certain would make a big impact on our business.

Status: Acknowledged
We no longer have these departments in our stores. Thanks for the input on this idea.

Revive & Invest in Employee Expertise

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-06-2015 08:51 AM - last edited on ‎08-06-2015 04:53 PM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

Back in 2006 (while in college), I worked at the Best Buy in Covington, LA as a "Wireless Sales Expert". Yep, Apple iPhones were just entering the mobile tech scene at the time. We had an amazing GM (Tom) who emphasized the importance of maintaining each employee's ongoing training, ensuring our specialized/ technical expertise within our respective departments. He inspired and encouraged us to learn as much as possible about our merchandise, the new market trends, and our competition. When our customers entered our doors, they came with high expectations... They chose to buy from the experts... From our store... Even if it meant spending a little more . They trusted us.

I love Best Buy but I don't see the employee expertise or the strong leadership like it once had. I think it's a mistake to commoditize yourselves like Walmart'll lose. You'll lose the heart of your brand if you continue to sacrifice your employees' training and team building.
As a former employee and a BBY Elite member, I extend this feedback to your company because I believe in your company .... In your ability to revive the strength behind your brand recognition ...and your capability to invest in your greatest resource - your employees.

For what it's worth,

- Brittany {removed per forum guidelines}

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for your thoughts on this. All our stores should still be making sure each of our sales associates are as knowledgeable as possible with the products they sell.

Use a different email please

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎05-06-2015 08:00 AM

I just realized that the BestBuy email for marketing/advertisements in your email is the same email used for actual information such as, when your order is ready to be downloaded in your digital library, order confirmations, etc. 


I would like to suggest two different emails the reason for this is very significant. People are lazy and are going to sweep important emails unintentionally cause it's the same email. below is the email I am referring to.

Status: Tell Us More

This could be purposeful given a customer that realizes this would need to check all emails from this address causing them to at least see our marketing/advertising emails. Would anyone else like to see us use different email addresses? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

It's a 'Best Buy' brand, so why can't we use our gift cards or store trade in credit with them. Same company, right?

Status: Tell Us More

I hear where you are coming from on this, and would love to see if others would like to see this happen? Make sure you vote for this idea if you like it.

Wedding Registry for the fellas!

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎11-01-2014 09:22 AM
Hi my name is Cristy, I worked for Best Buy for several years and I still bleed blue, love the company and I'm a loyal shopper! Recently I got married and when doing the whole gift registry thing with my now wife we hit the usual spots, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware... You get my drift. And though those places were great one thought kept entering my head...why doesn't Best Buy have a Wedding Registry? I mean I'm a girl but I would much rather have gotten a Big Screen TV or Xbox One vs. the bread maker and new sheets. I would imagine a lot of guys must feel the same way! Heck, I can see the commercials in my head now ... Guy running through store with a cool scan gun, zapping things like laser tag having the time of his life! I mean it's like making a wish list and having the possibility of getting it or at the least getting a bunch of BBY gift cards to go towards it. I can see the little registry cards in wedding invitations, Linda is registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, Bob is registered at Best Buy. Weddings are made out to be her day, but what about the fellas? They shouldn't be forgotten! And with all the legalization of gay marriages in many states there will be a significant increase in weddings for 2015, my career now is a marketing manager and I gotta tell you in my opinion this is an untapped gold mine BBY is missing out on. This is one way to cater to a growing industry and grow as a company. That's my idea, thanks for your time.
Status: Acknowledged

Back in 2012 this same idea was posted here, and on 10/22/2014 I updated that idea to We Did It status after we recently launched our Beta Wedding Registry.

Redo the recommendation emails

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎10-20-2014 05:34 PM

If you're a MyBB member and have made purchases, then you've gotten the emails a week or two later telling you to check out other related titles or to build your better experience.  Unfortunately, rarely are these any helpful.  The TV ones are decent as they recommend HDMI cables, surge protection, screen cleaners, GSI services, and the like.  Definitely good to have if you don't already.  However, a lot are terrible.  For my PS3 game purchases, it's recommending Google Play and WoW cards.  When I buy anime, it tells me that I might enjoy Saw and other bad movies (or at least ones that don't have any related genre).


My suggestion?  Have these emails tied to your purchase history to more accurately reflect items purchased on the same day/purchase (If I bought 4 HDMI cables, please don't tell me I might need more unless I bought 5+ HD sources).  For music, movies, and games, have the system recommend similar titles based off of genre, producer, studio, etc... 


Emails can pile up quick and I read through most all of them, but I usually delete these ones within 1-2 seconds because of how non-helpful they are.  Would love to see them change!

Status: Tell Us More

I'm confident this is already our goal, and it's disappointing to hear we are meeting these goals. Has anyone else had similar experiences with these emails? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Any chance you can do bigger packs that have more then 25 discs in them? I love the price but would love to see an offer from Dynex competitive to what other manufacturers of blank media have at BBY, 

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see Dynex do this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

60 Days of Gaming Promotion

Status: Tell Us More
by on ‎08-16-2014 12:17 AM
A simple daily promotion designed to make customers check BB every day for deals & alert others. This should be done as a 30 or 60 day promotion based upon major release windows for max value. For example, starting on Oct 1 thru Dec 1 each day have a GCU gaming deal. Each day the customer must at least login & checkout that days deal along with a facebook like or tweet. At the end of 60 days each customer recieves 5 MyBB points per day so 300 MBB points. If they or someone they alert makes just 1 purchase they recieve 10 MBB per day totaling 600 MBB points. If both customers make just one purchase each they receive 900 MBB points. If more purchases occur beyond that then 20 MBB points totaling 1200 MBB points will be issued on Dec 15th.

Put this promo in effect during 2015 E3 month & expand it to include pre-orders that way with each exciting game reveal you get a manufactured boost in pre-orders right when they become available. Take those huge pre-orders directly to the decision makers & secure some $10 pre-order bonuses, swag & BB exclusive DLC. Also, make companies pony up to have their release week game be apart of the promotion during the fall peak season. I`d suggest this be a GCU only promotion as a way to bring further awareness & value to GCU by having existing members becoming compensated sponsers. There`s more of them than you & a member will have better luck selling the promotion to a non member than a store rep. The only way a non GCU would get in on the deal is if they are alerted by a GCU member thus a non GCU customer wouldn`t be able to just click on the deal or recieve the promo MBB pts.
Status: Tell Us More
What do other customers think about this idea? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.
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