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Don't Keep "One Day Sales" a Secret

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by on ‎09-27-2014 12:42 AM

If you want to really have a positive response to your "One Day Sales" you might consider promoting them a bit differently so as to inform the perspective buyer of the sale before the day of the sale instead of the day of the sale. More than once I have checked my email to see that Best Buy has offered a "One Day Sale" and it was yesterday or a couple of days ago, that doesn't make the customer, me, real happy to know that I have possibly missed out on a sale item that I have been wanting to purchase. In fact, it really makes me rather frustrated to find out that Best Buy is waiting to the last possible moment to tell me of a sale. Why? So they won't sell as much? I really don't know. I see no purpose to not promoting your "One Day Sales" earlier other than a great opportunity to irritate your customer base. Job well done! Mission accomplished! "New Idea", bring on the "You Missed the Secret Sale" and don't list the date.

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I hear what you're saying and would like to hear from others on this one. Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

Is there anyway that EA Sports UFC can be added to the pre-order list for the $10 certificate? After Watch Dogs, I really believe that's one of the next popular titles upcoming. I know for me personally, this would guarantee that I would be picking up the title from Best Buy on release day. Thanks.


(Sorry, I had posted this in the wrong section earlier.)

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Would anyone else like to see this title added to this promotion? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Coffee shop in store

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by on ‎09-26-2012 02:26 PM

Lease out a small space inside the store, maybe only big box stores or maybe all, and call the coffe shop Best Joe. With our customer base a lot of people would probably enjoy the ease of access to decent coffee, especially during long consultations, complex sales, or Geek Squad service times. At my store we have a Panara Bread and a Starbucks withing a 2 minuet walk of the front door and customer constantly come in and out with their products.

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Thanks for all the input on this idea.

Expand 10% Back in Rewards Promotion

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by on ‎05-31-2015 02:50 AM

I would like to start this rant by acknowledging that Best Buy does not have to offer a rewards program and I appreciate the fact that they do, but they have all but removed all of the value out of the rewards program over the years. Before MyBestBuy, you would receive 2% back for top spenders (this has now been reduced down to 1.25% back in rewards); 60-day returns and price matches (this has now been reduced to 45 days); and you had other perks like a free home theater consultation or calibration, online backup and even rewards members only event nights. Most of the latter have been discontinued or are non-existent. Yet the amount you have to spend to be in the top tier increased $1,000/year.


Best Buy could really add some value to the top tier of the rewards program by making the 10% back in rewards promotion an everyday promotion for Elite Plus members purchases totaling $599 and up on a My Best Buy credit card or 5% back for any other form of payment with non-credit rewards account.  In my experience working for Best Buy a few years ago, these kind of promotions would spark a lot of people to impulse buy and it also indirectly is a way for Best Buy to compete with places like the Army & Air Force Exchange where customers don't pay taxes (which is equivalent to a 8-9% savings in my state) or even Employee Purchase Programs offered thru various manufacturer's directly to certain employers. It also led to increased attachments because people will spend more if they know they're going to get more back in return (that's the whole value prompt in financing in the first place if you're just going to pay it off). 


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We're always looking for new, better, and more exciting ways to reward our customers. Who else would like to see enhanced benefits such as these for My Best Buy Elite Plus members?


Remember to vote for an idea if you like it!

I would love to see Best Buy take on a more proactive approach to encouraging people to recycle used ink & toner. I understand that, as of now, Best Buy currently does offer a recycling program, but I would love to see them roll it into their rewards program to really encourage people to take advantage of it.  This could implemented in a few different ways:


(1) Offer a coupon for an extra 5% off ink and toner for recycling.  This would be the easiest to implement because if one is recycling ink or toner one would most likely be looking to purchase replacements, so for Best Buy this would offer the quickest ROI on this type of program.


(2) Offer 250 points for each toner or 50 points for each ink cartridge.  This is based on the fact that ink cartridges need to be replaced quite a bit more frequently than toners and in most cases, people are replacing sets of 2 or 4 on ink cartridges, depending on if the machine is a tri-color or individual ink model.  At the end of the day, every toner or 5th ink cartridge would equate to a $5 rewards certificate, which for most inks or toners is a very small discount, but it's still something to encourage people to do the right thing when it comes to disposing of used ink/toner.  


Lastly, the largest benefit to either method you decided to implement would be that you would lock the customer into buying ink/toner from Best Buy and handily pull customers from office store competitors.



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I really like this idea, and I can see both versions working. Would anyone else like to see us implement this idea? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

It can be frustrating for customers to hear about promos that they would be eligible for but were unable to get in on because the promo wasn't well promoted enough.


The reg. RZ coupons packs are only sent out to "some select" RZ customers why not all of them? For the # that goes unused there would surely be several customers that didn't get them that would now make s purchase because of the coupon.

Same goes for the RZ silver coupon packs which only "some select" silver members get again why not all of them. Especially since them having earned silver status one way or another generally means they're a loyal BB shopper.


I've even noticed that some stores regular have "thank you" or "appreciation" coupons that other BB stores rarely/never have. Why does one store appreciate or feel the need to thank their customers but not all of the stores?


This is a GCU specific coupon request...since there will always be games left off the $20 pre-order promo list can there be some new coupons geared towards customers who get more diverse games that maybe niche or overlooked but with the right promo BB would be the place to pre-order it at. A universal $15 GC or 750 RZ pts coupon would suffice that can be used on any title & it could be included in the GCU welcome kit(which should be avail. in-stores).


Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea.

I read in your ads that you say you can upgrade to "X" amount of ram and a bigger hard drive for a little more money. That is fine. But it seems more of an upsell then to customize a computer.


But some customers who may walk into your store may be intimidated by prices and or specs. At least group your desktops into sections, one for Gaming, One for Basics , One section for business use , etc.


And Insignia , by entering into the PC monitor market, lets hope you can expand this to entry level desktops and deliver even more value on the solid brand you already have in the store.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for all the input on this idea.


This commercial will include the well know actor Charlie sheen And will attack Just Because Best Buy Has too Show The World Who Is Boss..  And We are not Scared Of Any One..


Commercial will start out like the End of two & a half men with Charlie in a coffee open casket.


The coffee will have a giant best buy logo on it. All of the people in the funeral home will be bby employees dressed all in black with the men wearing yellow bby ties And the women  yellow flower on their dresses  And Charlie will have a black suit on with a yellow bby tie also.


While an employee is giving their respects over the coffee all of the sudden Charlie will jump up out of the coffee A woman screams  And Charlie says " So you all thought I was Dead didn't you ! "  Then he will run out of the funeral home And outside will be the best buy race car Charlie will jump threw the window of the car And peel off.. The owner of the race car. Matt Kenseth will run after the car with is hands in the air yelling "Stop that's not your car ! " Then he will say " I don't believe Charlie sheen just stole my car" - Well that's the last time I leave my keys in my car" . Next scene is Charlie driving threw the the city And cops are chasing him passed a bby store. And the cops are setting up a road block ahead the road block consists of hundreds of Amazon boxes that Charlie just drives right threw in a dramatic fashion. Then he happens to see traffic ahead And he drives up a parked flat bed toe truck in the angle of a ramp And the car fly's threw the air into a giant Amazon billboard.




Then the car lands on a race car track during a race And he is driving next too a Amazon race car And dives pass the checkered flag just passed the Amazon car And their is a close up of Charlie And he says is famous line " WINNING" .. End of commercial. Or so you think ..


Next scene Charlie is sneaking around near a Amazon helicopter in the middle of the race track that is about to take off Charlie is putting yellow bby labeled grenades pulling the pins out And putting them under the helicopter's rail. Then Charlie runs away And the helicopter starts to take off And it EXPLODES!!  Now That's the real End of the commercial..

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the video suggestion.

"Best Buy Advertising "should put product and service placement in one of the most popular Shows on TV. ( The Big Bang Theory ) Since the show is about Geeks and Technology & from what I have read the people who watch the show are interested in both electronics &  computers plus Hott Blonds LOL.  Hundreds of Company have been placing product and services in shows and movies for years so I believe this incredibly popular show would be a great too advertise our  Geek Squad Brand. Possible suggestion  would be that we could even have one the shows characters get a part time job as a Geeksquad agent or have the Female character Penny Date a Geeksquad Agent or something funny like that .

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Thanks for the idea.

iPad optimized app

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by on ‎03-21-2012 08:24 PM
I am shocked that our iOS app is not optimized for the iPad. This should be a number one priority for us as multi channel sales become a larger part of the business. High resolution product pictures and even employee presented educational videos would be extremely useful. The interface could also be updated for iPads to allow a lot more comparison and presentation of information. Considering how many iPads we sell, we really should be taking advantage of the opportunity to grow our brand and further connect with our customers.
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Thanks for the idea

I went to pre-order the Borderlands: Handsome Jack Collectors edition and was sold out.  can notifications be sent out in the future for customers that subscribe to a specific game or product?  i think this may reduce the amount of unhappy customers who weren't able to pre-order that particular product.  is there any chance as well to boost availability to elite plus members or an early pre-order event??  hope other elite plus members chime in on this idea!

Status: Tell Us More

Who else would like to see this as a reality? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

While the name should probably be something less of a rip-off of Xbox the idea is similar in a way. Think achievements on Xbox 360, in that a reward is given for accomplishing a certain task. This could even be a largely holiday based promotion; though year round would be better in my opinion. 


The range is pretty grand on what these "accomplishments" could be. Some ideas: Make 10 purchases (say over $10) in a month and get 500 bonus points. Spend $500 in one month and get 1000 bonus points, reach “Elite Plus Status” and receive 1500 bonus points, etc. Some easy low fruit as well to get people started like, "Share to Facebook" type stuff for 25 points or 50 points, “check in” to a store on the Best Buy app for the first time and get 50 points, first “In Store Pick Up” order for 30 points, etc.  Kind of like how Best Buy gives points for a certain amount of product reviews per year.  My Best Buy bonus points that are often related to, but not directly the result of a specific purchase. They don’t have to be all points either. For example, maybe buy 5 games and get a 10% off coupon for a single video game purchase that would work with sale prices or the GCU discount. Another idea, spend over $300 in a single purchase get coupon for 5X points on a single purchase. Achievements could even occasionally be product based, similar to current offers like "500 bonus points when you buy Beats." So on, as the options are pretty much endless.


Basically, little (to maybe even some big) bonus achievements built into My Best Buy's current system that customers can "unlock" for extra rewards.

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I can honestly say I like this idea. Does anyone else have anything to add? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Allow customers to create birthday wishlists and when their brthday month comes send them a standard set of promo coupons good for the month. And special email offers that can be used on items from their wishlist. A "hint" pack of offers should also be sent that way the birthday boy/girl can give it to someone who will buy them the item off their wishlist.

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I like this, and would like to hear if others do to. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Gift Bags

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by on ‎12-19-2013 09:43 PM

I was at the store on Atlantic Blvd in Jacksonville, FL looking for a gift bag for my purchase, but I did not find one, so I just gave the gift in the blue plastic bag it was placed in by the cashier. I asked the store workers about gift bags and one searched for me, but determined that there weren't any gift bags sold by Best Buy, but said that a gift bag was a great idea. I think that Best Buy should partner with a greeting card company, or allow a vendor to set up shot in their stores so gift giving can become more touching with gift cards and gift bags. 

Status: Tell Us More
As a last minute shopper myself I can of course see the value in this. I would love to see if other customers would like to see this. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Let's incent customers to share thier ideas, vote and comment by offering them RZ points! We know that points  increases loyalty and engagement and provides an element of gamification which people love.  I read a comment on a "we did it" idea that someone had over 4,000+ posts, read over 68,000 messages which is awesome! How many other voices are out there waiting to be heard but just need a "wifm" to engage. 

Status: Acknowledged
Just wanted to say thanks for the feedback on this one. I think the real challenge would be to protect against members that merely post to get points and not to actually add value.

I know it sounds silly but think about it - a lot of the ideas and frustrations people express in these forums and what not, could easily be discovered if you just went in and talked with your employees and customers.  


PLUS it gives Best Buy positive publicity. 


Just a thought. 

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion.

Gaming Developer Live Chats

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎12-14-2011 11:32 AM



Over the past several years, Best Buy occasionally hosts live chats on the Best Buy Community with gaming developers from games such as World of Warcraft, Modern Warfare, Star Wars: The Old Republic and other popular games.  This live chats and the transcripts that are posted on the Best Buy Community following the chats are a great opportunity for gamers to connect with gaming developers.  I think it would be a great idea if Best Buy hosted more live chats for gaming and other product categories.


Status: We Did It!

Thanks to great work with our entertainment partners, over the past few months we have hosted more live chats.  We have featured gaming developers from some of the hottest games including Prototype II and Diablo III.  We hosted a live chat with Yvette Nicole Brown, star of NBC’s television show “Community,” which offered a fun perspective for the show’s passionate fans during the season finale.  Just last month, rocker Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue connected with his fans through a Best Buy live chat.  Each event brings thousands of fans to together for an exclusive interaction with an expert or celebrity and then produces a transcript that fans continue to read on Best Buy Unboxed.  We are dramatically enhancing and differentiating our customer experience with this unique offering.  I look forward to more to come!

The Blueprint Lounge is a web application design center where customers can configure their ideal spaces using the existing Best Buy products. This idea is similar to the IKEA’s planner with the focus on Best Buy. The customer will have the experience of building their dream living room, home theater and even kitchen. For Best Buy, interactive information bubbles will inform the customer about GSP options, tech support, financing options and installation information.


Once the customer has completed their design they can save it on their personal systems, print or even email it. They will also have the option to share with friends using social media such as Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram and Pin-it.


The idea will help driver internet traffic to Best Buy’s websites while promoting Best Buy’s products and services all the while creating a greater experience for the customer to interact with the best Buy virtually.

Status: Tell Us More
I really like this idea! Would anyone else like to see this become a reality? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Advertise IdeaX/Forums more!

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by on ‎07-23-2013 03:15 PM

Maybe it's just me but the IdeaX/forums section is like NEVER advertised. I've been a BestBuy silver member for two years running and I am just now even finding out about this place. I am one of these type of people who believe a company can only expand/grow by the feedback that is provided to them. I think that the forums/IdeaX should be advertised more so. This could also benefit BestBuy in the "customer service" area as then it would show that BestBuy is actually listening/taking the time to pass the feedback onwards. 


I know I have heard several people in the past say that Best Buy has bad customer service ( personally they have been excellent...) but I feel like BestBuy should take that extra mile step.

Status: Tell Us More
Does anyone else feel like we could do a better job of making people aware of this forum, and particularly IdeaX? What would be some specific ways we could do this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

Location of commercial : the actual super bowl game at the very beginning of half time just before the half time show is about to start . All of the sudden the TV's and jumbo trons in the whole stadium go hay wire with static and distortion and the PA. System starts to get feedback  and distortion as well Then all of the sudden a geeksquad car drives out to the 50 yard line and the geeksquad agent gets out  of his car and talks too the ref. As he points to the scrabbled TV picture.(the audience can here their conversation). Then the agent pulls out his tablet/PC. Touches the screen a few times and all of the sudden the TV's and jumbo trons are now fixed along with the audio feedback and all the jumbo tons all show a geeksquad logo and then they play a best buy commercial on all of the screens. Then the agent shakes the refs hand and gets back in his car and drives off the field.



Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea.
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