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bring back the option to call a local store

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by on ‎12-29-2022 12:08 PM

I know this is already out on this board a number of times.  My hope is one more comment might make someone at corporate realize you are losing business because of this.  If I cannot call a local store and talk with someone that knows what is going on at that location then I might as well be shopping with Amazon where thier support people can actually solve a problem.


This no calls to a local store has been in place for awhile now and I have to say the level of frustration it creates has caused me to not shop there.  My time is worth more to me.  If I have to spend time and money driving to a store to find out something I could have just called for then I'm not going to buy from you.


Bottom line your national call centers that are located who knows where suck.

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