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best buy needs more activities.

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by on ‎08-25-2012 02:00 PM

 While I have had my share of problems with best buy, your store is still my favorite electronic store. I would hate to see it close, as I hate shopping online; it's not any fun or engaging. Anyways first of all, I think you guys should seriously improve your customer service. I know some stores are better than others, but it seems tons of people have problems with your employees all over the country. I mean it's pretty bad when you type in google best buy and it autocompletes horrible customer service. For instance, it shouldn't take 4+ times to fix a computer. I mean 3 repairs are okay, but it's pushing it; however, I'm not going to focus on personal experiences here. Also, when someone is schedule to show up at your house for a repair geek squad should be on time. Also, you should know the information about products you are selling. I know sometimes you have new employees, and they may not know everything; however, you need to tel lthem to ask another employee to be sure. I'm syaing this b/c I have worked in an electronics retail store, and I didn't always have an answer for every problem; therefore, my manager said to ALWAYS ask him and he never minded questions. Another way to improve best buy, experience is is through enagaing classes. I think yall would benefit from offering computer classes to customers. Ofcourse, there should be a fee, but I would charge more than $30 and senior citizens should get discounts. It is mainly senior citizens or "baby boomers" who don't know how to operate technology efficiently. Some of these classes, could include how to operate microsoft word, excel etc. For the younger crowd you could focus on creating apps, building websites, photoshope (adobe). Those would be things I would be interested in. You guys could offer one-on-one help as well by setting a time to meet them at their house. I mean things like Microsoft word, and building websites could help a lot of business, and plus you might be taking away some money from colleges that offer these classes, wouldn't that be cool? Another way to be more customer friendly, is being able to skype with an agent or employee. Since the internet is going away anytime soon, and people say your website needs more work, I would suggest installing some type of button to where if you arne't sure about an item the customer could show it to the employee via skype. Or maybe you could do a remote login while your on the phone with the customer;however, I think skype would be more customer friendly since your talking face-to-face. The last idea i'll mention is selling refurbished phones. Why not? the place I use to work at use to sell them all the time, and we also gave college students a discount.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input.
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎08-27-2012 12:57 PM
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It seems like there is more than one idea here, but I have to admit I like most of what you have to suggest. I would like to hear what other customers and employees think about any of these ideas?
on ‎09-23-2012 10:43 AM

I posted on another idea earlier that was very simliar, so I will reiterate what I already said.  Classes/seminars would be great - I think having free seminars that are simple and to-the-point, that lead to paid classes if the customers wants, would be the best way to go.  I also posted that the customer could possibly receive 25 Reward Zone points for going to the class and filling out a survey.  Perhaps the free seminars could be led by a "Smart Friend" with special appearances by employees from each department, and the classes could be led by Geek Squad personnel.  As someone who is passionate about technology and a student who is pursuing a degree in education, this is definitely something that I would love to do if Best Buy ever created a "Smart Friend" position in-store.  Basically, just a passionate person showing interested customers the ropes of a product.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎03-26-2014 05:22 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input.
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