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Xbox Series X/PlayStation 5 Back Order list

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-25-2021 11:44 PM
I’d like to propose that BestBuy create a back order list by invitation only to My Best Buy members, starting with Elite Plus and moving down from there. Too may of the consoles being released through and other retailers are being poached by scalpers, and resold for sometimes twice the retail price. I have literally been checking every day for almost a year to get one. It seems like Best Buy would want their best customers to be the first to benefit from their new stock, rather than a bunch of scalpers. Thoughts?
Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the feedback here. I am confident that the appropriate business teams are aware of this feeback.

on ‎09-26-2021 01:41 PM

We get an idea like this nearly every week, yet Best Buy in-store restocks are still first-come-first-serve, favoring overnight campers who'll never shop at BB again while giving the cold shoulder to loyal Elite/Plus customers.


I genuinely don't understand that business model. An idea like this would only encourage people to become myBB members, would it not?

on ‎09-26-2021 02:49 PM
Exactly. I run two separate businesses that buy all computers, electronics, and appliances almost exclusively through Best Buy. Last year alone I know that we spent over $25k at Best Buy. If Best Buy really wants to create value for loyal myBestBuy Elite/Plus customers and increase participation, exclusive invitations to back order/reserve/get on a list for hard to get items like these would be the way to do it.
by Valued Expert
on ‎09-27-2021 07:28 AM

You are aware that if you are buying electronics for a business that it is against the policy that you agreed to, to get Best Buy Rewards on those business purchases?




on ‎09-27-2021 08:26 AM
I don’t see how. I’m an individual US resident. I own my businesses 100%, and I buy for my personal use and my use in my businesses. The only limitation I’ve ever seen in regards to what you are saying is if I were to be a Reseller of some kind, which I am not. And it would seem insane for Best Buy to limit me from using my account (which is intended to reward me for my purchases) from making more purchases. But trolls gotta troll I guess.
on ‎09-27-2021 08:45 AM
BTW, this is from Best Buy’s business FAQ:

Does an online business account also include My Best Buy® membership benefits?

Yes, you'll receive rewards points and have access to regular and member-specific sales and pricing, and your purchases will count towards achieving higher tiers of membership. You also have the option of converting an existing My Best Buy personal account to a business account in order to maintain your current status. Learn more about My Best Buy membership benefits.

Also it would make no sense for Best Buy to issue me a MyBestBuy Business Advantage Card if I couldn’t use it for business purposes, would you not agree.

May be best if you leave the Best Buy policy comments to the actual Best Buy moderators.
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎09-28-2021 08:57 AM
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thanks for the feedback here. I am confident that the appropriate business teams are aware of this feeback.

on ‎10-02-2021 05:09 PM

Good luck trying to get best buy to listen to there membership holders. The PS5 where in stock on 10/1/21 and the best buy website and app logged me out and would not let me sign back in. After speaking to a agent from the Elite Plus Members concierge call center I was basically told that they will not do anything special for the there members and that it is first come first served for EVERYONE to all new consoles, So good luck getting one.

on ‎01-12-2022 09:49 AM
A back order list is something I wouldn’t be good with as it still opens to scalpers to utilize multiple accounts to then back order hundreds of them. I feel that the up address should be captured and if a vpn utilized to block customers and any rewards accounts that attempt to login to more then 3 my rewards accounts at least as a soft van and to create a review if it happens too often and then hard van people that are verified scalpers!
on ‎01-12-2022 11:25 AM

Interesting thoughts. I was thinking more like a single invitation to an Elite/Elite Plus member where they can actually verify the amount spent by that member. I would assume that they wouldn't send them to Zombie accounts where nothing has ever been ordered/purchased. As it turns out Microsoft did this exact thing prior to Christmas and sent me a special invitation to order an Xbox Series X based on the amount of my previous purchase history as part of a customer loyalty promotion. I ordered it on Thanksgiving and it was delivered on December 24.

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