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What is Google Glass Technology? The magic of Google Glass

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by on ‎09-12-2022 04:34 AM


The most talked about topic in the world of technology right now is Google Glass. So the public is much more interested in Google Glass. The smart glass that will be launched later this year may change the whole concept of the smartphone of the future. Although the name may sound like it would usually be a glass like glasses. However, there is nothing wrong with glasses like glasses. A small display glass on the frame only the shape of the glasses. It would not be wrong to call it a computer Android system This glass has the opportunity to connect to the wireless Internet and smartphones. So the technology lovers of the world are facing to get this glass in advance. Now the question is what is in this glass?.....Read More

The magic of Google Glass. What is Google Glass Technology?

·         In the blink of an eye

The biggest advantage of Google Glass is that the user does not have to touch any of the options to control it. It can be managed with eye gestures or voice control. ?.....Read More

·         Audio Video Calls

Video Audio Calls can be easily made using this as it can be connected to a smartphone. When making a video call, the face of your loved one on the other end will float in the glass in front of your eyes. But the most significant and interesting thing is. You can also show your friend what you see in front of your eyes through this video call. This is why many are expected to use it for various intelligence purposes. ?.....Read More

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