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VIP Treatment - Auto Pickup

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by on ‎05-19-2015 03:12 PM

A co-worker of mine is actually credited for this idea...personally I doubt it would ever happen but I told him I would suggest it for him.


So pretty much his idea is to have a VIP treatment charge. I.e. person A calls up and says they wish to order "make list here", the list would then be forwarded to that store who would in turn send one of their lovely associates to start putting those items in a cart that are available of course. 


So the purchaser would come in a certain time frame then and pick up all of those items and are charged a vip treatment charge as everything is already waiting in one little area for them. 


-makes extra money for BestBuy

-happy customer who didn't have to do a lot


I'm sure there are several angels that have to be looked at with such an idea but hey just throwing it out there. 

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How would this be different that just placing a order for in-store pickup?

on ‎05-19-2015 04:06 PM

Erm, that's pretty much store pickup as it currently is... Smiley Tongue

on ‎05-20-2015 07:14 AM

Ah but that's the point, store pickup it's you are on BB time, VIP Treatment would be on their time. Smiley Wink



by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎05-20-2015 12:22 PM
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How would this be different that just placing a order for in-store pickup?

on ‎05-20-2015 03:09 PM

As I'm not an employee I don't know the general internal procedure itself however I guess it woudl be fair to assume that one of the counter attendants is in charge of looking at store notifications and then sending out people? 


What if the number the person called instead of entering and waiting on the store attendent they called the store directly and went from there? I assume that would be faster? 


Again, I am not familiar with the internal procedure there so I am just guessing at this point. Smiley Frustrated

on ‎05-20-2015 05:36 PM

That's exactly how store pickup works Smiley Tongue

on ‎05-21-2015 06:55 AM

Oh...well... I may had just got trolled by my friend then and didn't realize it LOL

by Community Veteran
on ‎05-23-2015 01:33 PM

I've noticed that Best Buy staff at my local store have lots of things going on at the store pickup and return desk so often one trades off roles to make sure the line goes quickly even if their primary purpose is to work returns and not the customer service desk. 


Best Buy already does have VIP parking for those who are just picking up stuff at the store but this rarely gets enforced and I've seen people park in that space for 25 to 30 minutes on end. 

by Valued Contributor
on ‎05-25-2015 03:50 PM

Hey AWBrown,


As a Store Pickup associate, I am well-versed with handling quick transactions for customers. What you've suggested is already in play in our stores. When you call your local store, our Multi-Channel Sales Associates (the nice people who answer the phones) are able to place orders over the phone using a credit card or gift card in real-time, and designate your order for Store Pickup for ship-to-home.


Many customers wish to use this over-the-phone purchasing method as it is often quicker than ordering online, and you get to speak with an expert who can answer any questions about the products you are purchasing and can verify that the items are indeed in stock. Ordering by phone also allows you to price-match eligible products with approved retailers as detailed by our Price Match Guarantee.


Next time you call the store, ask about free store pickup and we can get the order started for you in seconds! You'll get confirmation emails along the way updating you on the status of your order, and we'll alert you when your product is ready and waiting for you. Hope this helps!



by Valued Expert
on ‎05-29-2015 07:14 AM

Similar idea to what some grocery stores in my area offer.  You send your list to the grocery store and say you will be there at such and such a time to pick it up and you drive to the pick up window and they load it in your car and you don't even get out of the car.  


You pay for the groceries and you pay for the associates time.  The grocery store in my neighborhood charges 15% of the value of the groceries at a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $15.


I think the idea has merrit but may have a hard time selling.


Most BB shoppers probably buy 1 to several things at a time.  Grocery stores 1 to several dozen.


Also, BB may frown on it as it gets away from personal face to face customer service.  



by Community Veteran
on ‎05-29-2015 05:36 PM

It appears this idea is implemented now. You can specifiy a time you want to go there and they will be ready for you at the specified time you get there. 

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